Weekly Food, Friday Favorites #12 and Nutrition in the News

  Jan 20, 2017  |  #Favorites

Good Morning, friends and Happy Friday! I hope you’ve had a great week. Ed was gone for 10 days last week and finally got back early this week. It’s made life a little easier with having him back to help with Tater and around the house!

Also, Tater turned 5 months old! She’s getting so big.

tater 5 months

Sharing some of my favorite yums from the week..

Pitaya Bowl at Clean Juice

Acai Bowl

Avocado Fries and Brunch at Namastay

avocado fries

Lattes at home


A Juicy Tuna Avocado Sandwich

There’s nothing like a good sandwich, amiright? Love this combo.

tuna sandwich

I also joined the neighborhood book club on Monday night.  We read The Art of Racing in The Rain and it was a tear jerker. Loved reading it, especially since we got Tater recently. It really goes to show the emotional connection between humans and animals.

The Art of Racing in the Rain

And some fun articles/news:

The Whiplash of changing medical advice – This was interesting and I have to admit, true! So many times, news report studies that aren’t scientifically sound, or conclusions from ill regimented studies spread. There is so much misinformation and it doesn’t help when nutrition flip flops. It also doesn’t help when non credentialed people are spreading nutrition advice.

Top 5 worst celebrity diets to avoid in 2017 – You guys, please promise me you don’t commit to any of these. Don’t fast for a whole day, you’ll disregulate your hunger signals. Don’t just survive on green juice; you’ll miss out on protein and key nutrients. Have one as a snack but not as a meal. And please don’t take diet pills under any circumstances. Sometimes, celebrities just portray ridiculousness.

New urine test can test whether a person has a healthy diet – Ummm, what? This could be life changing, if true.

Millions with Metabolic Syndrome not getting enough Vitamin E – This is a nerdy one for all you RD’s and RD’s to be out there. But fascinating.

Yes, spicy foods and capsaicin in hot peppers pack a punch, but it also provides anti-inflammatory properties. Interesting that they did an observation (meaning, no clinical intervention so results can’t show a conclusion) study showing that eating peppers may help you live longer.

Friday Flashback

15 delicious ways to use nutritional yeast


Anndddd happy weekend! Make it a good one, eat something delicious and make these bars.

Chewy Pumpkin Hemp Granola Bars

I’ll be back on SUNDAY with a special treat!

What’s the best book you’ve read recently?

Best thing you ate this week?

30 responses to “Weekly Food, Friday Favorites #12 and Nutrition in the News

  1. I haven’t read any books in awhile- I tend to only read when I am on vacation! These look like some interesting articles that I will have to take a look at this weekend. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yay for a special treat on Sundays; I love new recipes. 🙂 And your weekly eats look yummy! Tater is so cute; how could you resist such a fluffy adorable face? I’m totally going to check out those 5 Worst Celebrity diets.

  3. Ah that book was SO good. Such a tear jerker though- you are right. It definitely made me appreciate our dog more. That is so fun that you joined a book club. I’d love to find something like that (once I’m out of this internship, of course).

    Have a good weekend!

  4. Yay for joining a book club! What a nice way to diversify your time and meet new people! And get some extra “forced” downtime in. I love that NY roundup and still have to plow into it – thanks for the reminder Welcome back, Ed! Have a great weekend m’dear.

  5. Happy birthday, Tater! (So adorable! <3) And ahh, so much delicious food! I love smoothie bowls and anything with avocado is awesome in my book! *-*

  6. Yesterday, I started and finished a book called “The Perfect Neighbors” by reading for a few hours straight, so I’d say it was at least an A in my mind! And the best thing I ate? Probably the homemade granola I’m eating right now…

  7. I don’t read “real” books, lol. But I respect people who do! Best thing I ate this week? Nam Sod from one of our old favorite Thai places. it was exactly what I wanted at the moment.

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