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Friday Rambles and Favorites #15

Hi, my favorite virtual friends! How was your week?

We had a good week over here. Ed and I did two nightly runs, followed by beers at local breweries. I mean, it doesn’t get better than that, right? We took Tater to one. I did the one mile loop with her, and I’d give her a B+ overall. She started out much too quickly, and despite wanting to go faster, was panting heavily. Which ended in us pulling off so she could drink water from a puddle. Good times.

I think I cooked once this week. We still had leftovers from the Roasted Chickpea Cauliflower Pitas which lasted a few lunches, we ate from a food truck one night (nachos and tacos, yes), or we went with the easy breakfast for dinner route.

nachos and beer

The recipe I did make from Run Fast, Eat Slow, a lentil, cauliflower cous cous bowl, was delicious as all of their recipes have been.

Friday Favorites

And I treated myself to lunch at Whole Foods for RD Day. They had spiralized butternut squash, chicken fried tofu, and maple mashed sweet potatoes. I could eat this every day!

Whole Foods

Other Fun Highlights

Does anyone watch Chicago Med? Well, my sister was in the episode last night! She was the coma victim. We joked with her that you’ve got to start somewhere, right?

chicago med

Naturally, I made some brownie bars to celebrate.


I got a recipe published on! It’s one of my favorites too – this Quinoa Chocolate Chip Apple Crumble. I’ve  had like 10 rejected, so seeing an acceptance was lovely.

Food Gawker

I’m still snackin’ on these donuts..

And still teasing you that they are coming soon (I promise!)


Tater donut

I ran 36 miles this week. Last Saturday, I got 15 miles in at the beach, and then I had three 7 mile runs this week plus a strength training session. Overall, I felt pretty good. It actually felt REALLY good to do some strength training for 30 minutes and I really do want to be more consistent about including it twice a week.

long run

I am supposed to run 17 on Saturday, but instead, I’m doing warrior-type race (I make really good decisions during marathon training).


I can’t believe my little cool cat is already 7 months old!



I’m heading off to Jacksonville, NC. I’m running in a 5 mile obstacle race tomorrow (more about that next week) – should be interesting!

Will you do me a favor?

Read this amazing, inspiring post from Alexis at Hummasapien. By far, my favorite read from the week.

Nutrition Links

Prebiotics may help cope with stress

Health fads that may not be all that healthy

Dietitians are not the food police <—- Yup. Kind of like this.

Running Links

A body positive message for young runners <– there is no such thing as a perfect body!


Have you ever done a mud run/obstacle course race before? Tips?

Any fun weekend plans?

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  1. Those brownie bars look delicious! And hoorayyyy! Congrats on having a recipe published on foodgawker! That’s so awesome! :]

    That’s so cool that your sister was on an episode of Chicago Med! :O

  2. Have fun with the obstacle race! I’ve never done one… they look like so much fun, but also pretty intense! And I’m drooling over those donuts!!

  3. WAHOO!!!! I’m so glad you got to take yourself out for RD day; what better way than Whole Foods. I always kind of drool over everybody’s boxes from Whole Foods. 🙂 And it sounds like you had a good beginning run with Tater; I think that happened with every one of our dogs when we started running. They start out a bit too fast, and then they get tired, but now our male husky, Apollo, really knows how to gauge his energy. He can go about 8-12 miles; and he still seems to have some energy left? It mystifies me; I guess that’s how they were made.

  4. MMM so much yum! 😀 Cant wait for that doughnut recipe! The other week a co-worker brought in doughnuts for us and at least 4 people told me that they didn’t want one because they “weren’t much of a doughnut person” I looked at them in disbelief… how is that possible?! haha!

  5. Yes you are teasing me with those donuts. I actually have a tab up on my computer for a donut pan I’m about to order online, so maybe by the time you share the recipe I’ll actually have a pan to test them out with! Congrats on the food gawker acceptance! Yeah, they are some tough critics over there. I think getting rejection after rejection is like a blogger’s initiation. But when that acceptance comes it feels that much better. Also – perfect way to treat yourself on RD day. Have fun at the run this weekend and give the pup a scratch for me!

  6. So many miles! Also those nachos look like perfection to me.
    I would’ve been flipping out if my sibling or friend made a cameo on a TV show. Go sister!

  7. Hi Sarah. Do you publish nutritional info for your recipes if we wanted to track sugar/protein/fat etc? The quinoa apple chocolate chip recipe looks really good.
    It was fun watching Becca on Chicago Med!!