Weekly Eats + Friday Favorites #18

  Apr 28, 2017  |  #Favorites

Happy Friday!

Truthfully, I love doing Friday Favorites as a recap of the week when my weeks are worth recapping and/or I have things to share! This was one of those weeks where every night was filled with a social obligation (not a bad thing!) but I’m feeling the lack of slowness and rest. Hello Sunday lounge day in my PJ’s, I’m looking forward to you. Except that we might have to go furniture shopping, so that might be postponed.

Anywho, one fun thing this week was a Charlotte Food Bloggers Meet up at Unknown Brewing. Rather than a wine and food pairing, we did a beer and food pairing. The menu included

Ginger Wheat Beer (my favorite) paired with mango salsa
Pre Game Pale Ale paired with assorted flatbreads/pizzas
Over the Edge IPA/Scratch N Sniff IPA paired with buffalo chicken bites
Dirty Commie Heathen or Krash the Kremlin Russian Imperial Stouts paired with brownies
Raisin the Roof Belgian Quad paired with bacon wrapped dates

Charlotte Food Bloggers Charlotte Food BloggersCharlotte Food Bloggers

I did some speedwork! 1.5 mile warm up, 6 x 1 mile with 400 m recovery, then a mile cool down. I’m not sure I’m where I need to be speedwise, but I’m making a consistent effort of doing those workouts.

Friday Favorites

My favorite lunch of the week was a messy fish burrito from Carrburitos, followed by a refreshing bowl of fruit.

Friday FavoritesFriday Favorites

Starting to plan excursions for when we’re in Utah! If you’ve ever been to Salt Lake City or Park City, please let your girl know! I’m looking for excursions and recommendatinos for after the Ogden Marathon.

Park City Utah Park City Utah

I wanted to share this article up here rather than below in case you didn’t make it to the bottom. This is a great article written by Tina Muir, and she talks about not having a period for 9 years, and how that affected her decision to stop running.

9 Years without a period and I’ve stopped running. I have had quite a few clients dealing with amenorrhea, many of them being runners. I hope to do some more posts on this in the future, but I want to clarify that it is NOT necessary the running that causes amenorrhea. It’s usually low energy availability, which basically means the amount of energy your body has left for daily living, growth, health and functioning after training is subtracted. Remember, we need fuel, even if our body isn’t always hungry!

Yum’s to Make:

Jalapeno Shrimp Veggie Bake via Cotter Crunch

Asian Quinoa Salad via Two Peas and Their Pod (so colorful!)

Peanut Butter Hummus Brownies via Eating Bird Food. I’m intrigued, and I have a whole bunch of hummus to use!

Around the Web:

I drank unicorn frappuccino’s for a week and here’s what happened <– Praise Alexis. I have so much love for that Hummasapien chick. Let’s stop freaking out and focusing on sugar and fat all the time.

Myths of Intuitive Eating – One of them in here is that you have to use your BRAIN sometimes, too. Not just listening to your body. Exactly what I talked about when thinking about intuitive eating and exercise.

You may want to lay off frozen hash browns for the time being <—ummmm, how does this even happen?

If you like the idea of meal delivery systems, here are some unique ones! Think exclusively burgers, wine, and even local Italian ingredients! Sign me up for the wine deliveries!

Friday Throwback:

Banana Peach Oatmeal Bake, great for meal prep!


16 responses to “Weekly Eats + Friday Favorites #18

  1. I’ve always wanted to ride a hot air balloon- do you think you’ll get to do that?!
    PS I’ve enjoyed all your posts this week- hopefully I’ll be a better commenter soon! 😉

  2. Ok wellUnknown Brewing totally wins for interesting beer names. “Dirty Commie Heathen?”…. what does that even mean? You get the best blogger meet ups and tasting opportunities. Jeal=ous. Also. How do you even get “pieces” of golf balls!? Enjoy that day of rest on Sunday!!

    1. The owner has such a personality, and the beer names totally reflect that. If/when you ever come visit, I’ll try to make sure we have a blogger meet up planned 🙂

  3. I’m really thankful Tina wrote that article; that’s really encouraging and helpful for me as someone who has loved long distance running too, but I can do a ton of it right now. Right now my body is healing, and I’m hopeful that it will help return to running, but most of all be healthy over all for life.

    And your track workout looked fun; those always leave me feeling really . . . accomplished, cause I rarely ever sprint or run really fast. :oD Also, food blogger meet-ups just look so fun. All that food is beautiful.

  4. I really wish there were an NJ blogger meetup!! I don’t know very many people here and it sounds like it’d be a lot of fun! All that food looks delicious!

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