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Friday Favorites #20 and off to the Mountains!

Hi friends!

Just popping in today to share some favorites and a little recap from the week before heading up to the mountains this weekend. Don’t forget – there’s still time to enter the JORD watches givewaway, and get yourself a new, stylish watch!

This girl in her 4th of July attire. She kills me.


I shared some of my favorite things in Chicago, but I didn’t highlight our trip to Indy from last week! Here were some of my favorite things

Ed’s cousin’s wedding…at a winery!

Brunch at Milk Tooth. Sorghum glazed bacon and zucchini waffles are some of my favorite things.

Spending time with my cousin’s 2 year old. She is so adorable, isn’t she?!

Being published

Why do we need Vitamin D? <–I wrote this piece for My Fitness Pal. Vitamin D continues to be one of my favorite Vitamins to research.

I was quoted in this Runner’s World article about ways to stay healthy when traveling for a marathon! Definitely things I did for the Ogden Marathon, which paid off 🙂


Things have been busy with work – we’ve upgraded and moved to a bigger clinic, with more space for our physical therapy patients and more office room for me, too! I’ve been doing a lot of yoga this week, and less running – partly because I’m still enjoying this break from running, and partly because the weather is just unbearable. We’re also trying to plan some summer house projects, so we’ve been researching and getting some things together for that. We just got a new bed and mattress, and now we’re working on upgrading our guest rooms, and discussing kitchen upgrades. The fun things about being an adult!

I have a lunch and learn wellness presentation this afternoon, and then we’re heading up to Boone for the weekend. We have a cabin with some friends. I’m excited for some cooler weather and some hiking!

And, all you females out there, listen to Know your Worth <— Great TED Talk and worth a listen, ESPECIALLY if you’re a woman. We need to be confident in our own worth for others to understand it.

What’s on tap for your weekend?

Have you made upgrades/renovations to your house? What have you done? What worked well?

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  1. Umm so we’re currently renovating a room in our house and turning into an office space… and it is not going well.

    It’s way more work than we expected and we’re currently in that phase where we’re totally overwhelmed so we’re just leaving it and doing nothing… I guess we’re hoping the magic renovation fairy will come?

    But really, I am SO CLOSE to just calling someone to fix it 😛

    1. Oh no, that sounds stressful. I’m sure it will all work out, even if you hire someone 🙂 Sometimes those projects are worth hiring out for!

  2. So excited for you, for your trip to the mountains! I have my honeymoon planned for the mountains for some hiking and we couldn’t be more excited to head out for it in October! Where do you guys usually head to? We are always looking for new hiking trails to visit!

    1. We headed west towards Asheville – there’s a lot of hiking out there – Grandfather’s Mountain and Mt Mitchell are some popular ones!

  3. 1) Deal lord Tater is too much!! What a face.
    2) The color of your dress – and that necklace – is so smashing!!
    3) Very happy to hear you are going to be getting some more office space
    4) Sarah, watching your blog/business/brand grow and grow and grow has been so, so cool. Congratulations on being published… times two!! You are really working hard and getting the results you deserve.

  4. I love that coral dress! Especially with the fun statement necklace. This Saturday I’ll be going to a surprise party for a friend then going to fireworks and a festival with more friends. Sunday I’m getting up with the roosters to fly out to Chicago at 5 A.M. for a mission trip. I’ll definitely be a bit sleep deprived, but Saturday night will be fun so it’ll be worth it.