Friday Favorites #24

  Sep 29, 2017  |  #Favorites

Hey guys, happy Friday! It’s been quite the week over here. One of those weeks where you’re slaying all week and not prioritizing sleep. Didn’t even get many homemade meals in this week. I used to stress about that stuff, but no need to anymore. That’s life. Each week is different and you just gotta adapt, ya know?

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Okay, let’s look back at the week and some favorites.

I love this picture of Ed and Tater. He took her to the beach for a few days a few weeks ago (I couldn’t go because of work stuff) and it makes me smile.

Ed Tater

Campfire S’mores Ice Cream

You are probably aware of how much I love ice cream. My usual go to’s are cookies and cream or cookie dough. But, s’mores is a really close 3rd. It’s actually my favorite Kilwin’s flavor. We had gotten this flavor a few weeks ago (may be out of season now), and boy is it DELICIOUS.

Friday favorites


This is a new book that was recommended to me in one of the dietitian facebook groups I’m in. Like I’m sure many people can relate, I get so excited about starting projects and things, but it’s sometimes hard to stick through it till the end. I even do this with books! I have 3 started on my nightstand and not finished. Guilty.

Now, I’m being held accountable by sharing this with you guys. I’m 2/3 of the way through and enjoying this book so far. Basically, he talks about finding ways to make your goals fun (otherwise, why would you finish?) and some other totally doable changes of mindset that really help!

Finish, the gift of done


I came across this little library bookshare on the greenway I frequent. I never really noticed it before, but I’ll have to bring a book and check one out next time. How cute is it?!

Friday favorites


I had the chance to go to a popular restaurant in Charlotte this week with some colleagues to talk about an upcoming exciting project I hope to share more about soon. I walked away full as a balloon but we had so many goodies. My favorites were the skillet corn bread with molasses, and the fried chicken with truffle mac n cheese. I couldn’t eat all of it (wanted to save room for dessert) but the leftovers made dinner the following night easy.



RD Real Talk

Heather Caplan, the dietitian behind the RD Real Talk Podcast, is hosting a round table event discussion soon. Actually, multiple discussions. While the podcast and round table topics are catered to dietitians, dietitians to be, and nutrition students, anyone can benefit! Especially if you’re someone who has an interest in Intuitive Eating or Health at Every Size. All 5 events are open for registration, so come join us.

Topics include:

Dietitians taking the Anti Diet Approach (featuring Anne from Fannetastic Food, Robyn from The Real Life RD, Kim from KH Nutrition and Christy Harrison from the Food Psych Podcast). This is next Thursday, October 5th!

Dietetic Internship Experience – Tips and Guidance

RDN Job Searching and Networking (yours truly is a panelist)

Eating Disorder Treatment and Alternate Recovery Therapies

Amenorrhea and Women’s Health

You can join us here (affiliate link)!

Around the Web

Admittedly, I wasn’t great at gathering articles from around the web for you this week.


25 Creative Ways to use Leftovers via Kara Lydon –> We can all use this, right? I love the kale and squash pita pizza and enchilada quinoa bake ideas!

Recipes to Celebrate Better Breakfast Month via Chere Bork –> So many yummy options here. So honored that Chere included my Cherry Chocolate Chia Pudding recipe.


The veggie van –> An ice cream truck for veggies. Love it!

Diet Chatter –> I love Kylie’s water colors.


Any fun weekend plans? I have a coffee date with a friend, and will be watching the Patriots/Panthers game on Sunday!

12 responses to “Friday Favorites #24

  1. I’ve never seen one of those little book share libraries; that would be such a fun idea for a neighborhood. It might help build some community. And I love that picture of Ed and Tater. She seems like such a sweet dog; and she’s got pretty sweet owners. We’re going to be in Thessaloniki Greece this weekend, so I’m hoping to try some more Greek food.

  2. Ahhh I LOVE the little book share library! What a wonderful idea!! Anywhere I see any sort of “pay it forward” mentality it makes me really happy.

    And yes – I think you should submit that pic of Ed and Tater to some sort of dog or park or outdoor magazine. It’s gold!

  3. We have one of those little libraries in our neighbourhood too! A local mum made one out of materials she found around the area (we have these scheduled clean ups where you can put out furniture pieces and the council recycles them) and installed it in one of the kids playgrounds and filled it with kids books – which then grew to books for everyone!

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