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Friday Favorites #29 and Recent Holiday Eats

Hello my friends,

I hope you’ve had a nice week and have gotten some downtime, whether you’re back to work or not. Personally, I took this whole week off from seeing clients. I’ve still been working on some freelance stuff remotely, but I needed some time away from the office. I have to say, taking whole days off completely from work makes such a big difference in coming back inspired and re-energized. I am feeling so motivated and ready to tackle 2018!

We’ve been spending the latter half of this week at the beach, which has been great for relaxation and decompression. We got here late Tuesday night after driving 9+ hours from Pennsylvania. The drive took forever because we had to stop and get a new tire for Ed’s truck (he got a nail in his back tire), and we hit lots of traffic near DC. Apparently, traveling on the day after Christmas is busy! Lesson learned there.

Here are some favorites from around the week!

Non-Diet Resolutions

I love this post from fellow RD, Kelly Jones. She talks about not dieting and ways to focus on yourself instead. I also wrote this article for My Fitness Pal about  things to ADD to your diet/lifestyle, not remove in 2018.

You may be starting to hear about other peoples’ New Year diets, or sugar detoxing, or other food groups they are looking to take out in 2018. There’s a lot of diet talk going on around us, so it’s up to us to mentally remind ourselves that diets don’t work. Diets don’t help connect you to your body and intuitive needs and desires. Diets dictate needs and wants for you, and disconnect you from your body. Furthermore, diets require your mental strength and attention, which means less focus on being present and enjoying what you have in life right now. There are other options to “be healthy” aside from dieting. If you’re looking to get off on the right foot in 2018, I am taking a few more virtual clients in the coming months, before I put things on pause to get ready for the baby.

Also, looking for another resource to tune out the diet talk? Heather Caplan, the host of RD Real Talk, is starting an Intuitive Eating podcast series, where each week she will hone in on one of the principles of intuitive eating. I’m really excited for it!

Beach Runs

I’ve enjoyed some (cold) beach runs. I love zoning out on the sand, looking out at the ocean while listening to my favorite podcasts. Max is about 3-4 miles right now, which is the perfect time for me and the babe. Sometimes I take Tater, but she makes running a whole lot harder. Ed took her for 10 miles yesterday though – maybe she is a running dog afterall!

Friday Favorites Friday Favorites

Cookies for Breakfast

Because when no foods are off limits, you can enjoy them as much as or as little as you’d like, without any guilt or pressure! Personally, I love having something sweet in the morning. I tell my clients that if they are thinking about the cookie all day long, add it in with breakfast and see if it makes a difference. More often than not, they don’t end up bingeing on them later.

Friday Favorites

Actually, breakfasts all around have been delicious.

Friday Favorites
Christmas Morning Pancakes

Friday Favorites

Lunches have been pretty good too!

Grilled cheese with tomato soup – forever the best cold, rainy day lunch. We also added some mussels.

Friday Favorites

Salad + grilled chicken + rice cakes with hummus  and raisins + an orange

Friday Favorites

MOD Pizza for our roadtrip lunch

Friday Favorites

Also, Talenti gelato is where it’s at!

Friday Favorites

Exciting Gifts for Baby

Like, honestly. How cute is this jean jacket? I just can’t. Little girl clothes are just so cute and I can’t wait to put together outfits! We also got some necessities from family members, like the Nose Frida, The Frog Seat (a hand-me-down) and a WubbaNub.

Friday Favorites

Christmas Table Set up

Nothing big, but I just love the idea of setting the table all nice and fancy for holiday meals. I helped my mother in law get out all the china and decorate the centerpieces. I wouldn’t say creativity like this is one of my strengths by any means, but this was enjoyable.

Friday favorites

Around the Web:

I haven’t been great about rounding up posts but here are a few I’ve bookmarked for your weekend reading enjoyment!

Your Body Can Be Trusted if you Stop Fighting It via The Real Life RD

Postpartum Body Thoughts via Imma Eat That

How to Care About Your Eating without Caring Too Much (podcast episode) with Paige Smathers


What are your favorite things from the week?

Best Christmas present you gave or received?

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  1. I haven’t eaten anything yet and now I’m starving. o_o All those food photos look so good! <3 Congrats on your post on MFP! :]

    Happy new year, and I hope you ha're having fun on the beach!

  2. I can’t get over how cute the baby denim jacket is, haha!

    I am always so frustrated at people quitting/eliminating/removing everything at the start of a New Year – it’s almost like people feel compelled to eliminate something or lose something just because everyone else does.

    Meanwhile I’m over here eating all of my leftover Christmas chocolates and living my best life 😛

  3. Eh congrats on your post with myfitnesspal! I’m glad they’ve recruited you. Lots of good reads and podcasts to look forward to – especially excited about the IE series. Lord knows we need to be louder than ever at this time of year about non-diet talk. The gym is sure an interesting place to be right now…. (snort).

    One of the things I love most about Christmas are those little extra things like putting out the nice china or setting up a beautiful table centerpiece. The things you only really do once a year.

    Enjoy the beach! Holy smokes – wanna trade for some of my -30C weather?

    1. It’s the perfect time to launch this IE series, isn’t it? I’m so glad Heather is doing it and look forward to listening! Your weather does not sound appealing, but hopefully it will be warmer on your upcoming trip?!

  4. Thanks for sharing my post! Love that you got that message out to the my fitness pal community, too – all about adding versus taking away! And baby things are certainly accumulating in our house too 🙂