Friday Favorites #3

  Apr 29, 2016  |  #Favorites

Hello, friendly faces!

It’s time for another Friday Favorites, the lighthearted post for the week. As usual, tell me your high’s and low’s in the comments!

This week was a busy one for sure. I had some new clients, some follow up clients, and a meeting for a new worksite wellness project (fingers crossed)!  It’s funny because I can barely remember what happens each week. At least by taking some pictures, I am kinda reminded of things I did and ate, because otherwise, I’m like a lost puppy.


This picnic spread and reading outside on Sunday. Such a relaxing way to enjoy a sunny day.



Kind bars sent me some new flavors to try! They are really good at reaching out and working with RD’s 🙂

KIND bars

My First Produce Box delivery! Produce from local farmers sent straight to my door. This week, we got sweet potatoes, radishes, strawberries, strawberry goat cheese, iceberg lettuce and beets!

Produce Box

I was accepted into the Charlotte Food Bloggers group! I’m looking forward to starting to network with other bloggers in the area.


Losing a book of stamps I recently bought. I think I threw them away? So, I had to go buy a whole new book. Speaking of stamps, I’m still changing my name in the millions of places you have to do that (including RD licensure), and I sent the wrong form to the wrong place, so it’s been a hectic week dealing with the mail system, to say the least.

I did a sub-par job of meal planning this week so I’ve lost a lot of weeknight time making meals and/or I’ve spent more money eating out. Goes to show that even the most well-intentioned people can’t meal plan every week!

But hey, if those are the worst things that happened to me this week, I can deal with that!

Best Bites:

Grilled bison tongue  – I can’t even describe how amazing this was, guys. Don’t be freaked out. It was like a pot roast of flavors. bison tongue, Asbury

And that was just part of it – I also loved the roasted chicken and lamb…

Asbury, Charlotte

I’ll be doing a restaurant review on this soon, as many of you mentioned that you liked the idea of a Charlotte Restaurant series. And if you’re not in or near Charlotte, all the reason for you to come visit!

Tropical beet smoothie from my kitchen! Hoping to share the recipe soon – it was delicious!

beet smoothie

Homemade breakfast sandwiches are rocking my world right now.

breakfast sandwich

Recipes that have me drooling:

Baked Chipotle Sweet Potato and Zucchini Fritters

Lentil Shephard’s Pie – yes please

These BBQ chicken tostadas sound amazing

Steph’s easy Chia Mug Cake Recipe – nice and quick!


Since this week turned out to be so busy, sadly I didn’t get to read and comment on as many blogs and articles as I’d like. Hope to catch up soon 🙂

What are you doing this weekend? We are house huntingg…wish us luck!

Tell me the best thing you ate this week or the best recipe you tried!

26 responses to “Friday Favorites #3

  1. I tried to comment on this with my phone yesterday but it wouldn’t let me… ergh.
    Anyways, the picnic looks so good. And the weather looks like it was perfect!
    I groaned with you when you said you lost your stamp book. I so rarely buy stamps I would have been so annoyed if that happened to me.
    I am really excited to hear about your job and all the cool things happening. Looking forward to our breakfast date in the near future!

  2. That produce box!!!! *-* Strawberry goat cheese sounds amazing! <3 I wonder if they have something like that where I'll be!

    I've never tried making a beet smoothie, but I need to try that sometime!

    Congrats on being accepted into the Charlotte Food Bloggers group! :] Good luck with the house hunting!

  3. I want in on the new Kind Nuts and Spices! Love those! I will pass on the bison tongue. I love bison, but I’m not a big tongue girl (TWSS? Idk). I really want to join a CSA this summer. Or live at a farmer’s market. Hows that for house hunting?

  4. House hunting!? Oo this is an exciting bit of news…
    SO jealous of that box of produce. I’ve always wanted to belong to a co op/farmers market share. Its a bit too hard with only one person, but one day I’ll get in on that action.
    Ugh dealing with mail and legal name stuff is such a headache I’m sure. Doesn’t help to lose those stamps either. Blerg!!
    Have a wonderful weekend Sarah! Hope you get in another picnic.

  5. ooo that box of veggies looks so delicious and fresh! i did something like that for a little while, but it ended up being not enough food and a bit more expensive than we would have liked. still – it was all organic and locally grown!!

    1. It’s so fresh – It’s like getting produce directly from the farmers market, except delivered 🙂 It’s a little more of a premium and I can’t shop like this all the time, but every once in a while is great!

  6. Bison tongue? I would definitely try it, but just wish they would have cut the rounded edge that makes it look like a tongue off. It would do a lot to help me not be so afraid. Haha

    The best thing I ate // made this week was pulled pork. Literally just cooked it with not even a single spice on it in the crockpot & it’s damn near about the best I’ve ever had (at least in the past few years)!

    This weekend was supposed to be low key + the Pittsburgh half marathon.
    Then all of a sudden like 5 friends are going to randomly be in town & now it’s crazy. Haha

  7. I am never good with meal prep so that struggle is real. I feel ya. This weekend I am working and enjoying the new computer I got yesterday. I hope we get some sunshine too 🙂 Have a good weekend!

  8. Happy house hunting and congrats on being accepted in to the charlotte food bloggers group–so fun! I need to check out the produce box–ive never seen that!

    Also, I am convinced nothing is as delicious as a nice homemade breakfast sandwich!!

  9. Changing your name is seriously the worst! I legally changed mine in September and I just updated it on my license a few weeks ago 🙁

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