Friday Favorites #30

  Jan 5, 2018  |  #Favorites

Hey guys,

Thanks for your thoughtful comments on my last post. Sometimes it’s scary to throw those things out there, but I think it’s an important topic to discuss. I hope you all are safe from this winter weather we’ve been getting.

We didn’t get any snow in Charlotte, but we got some brutally cold temperatures and winds, which are the worst part IMO. I’ve had to pull out my New England toughness to brave the cold to walk Tater outside.

This weekend, we’re looking forward to some rest and relaxation, and some football watching on Sunday. Before that, though, let’s get to some highlights from the week!

Subway Cookies

Is it just me or does anyone else think Subway’s cookies are fantastic? I’m so obsessed with how chewy they are. Everytime we stop at Subway (which is usually when we’re traveling), I get one or two. Enjoyed this on our trip back from the beach while planning out some goals.

Friday Favorites

Not Checking Email First Thing in the Morning

I am guilty of being the person to scroll on my phone first thing after my alarm goes off – whether it’s checking instagram or my email. And gahhh – whyyyy? All it does is provoke anxiety for all the things I have to respond to or get working on.

So, I’m working to do less of that this year. And I didn’t do it all week and it’s been glorious to not think about work/email until after my morning has started.

I’m slowly working on tuning out earlier in the evening too. The difficult part about being an entreprenour and not working a traditional 9-5 is that there is always something you can be working on. I’m reading Deep Work  (a great read) right now, and it really talks about how to improve productivity by having periods of intense, non distracted work, but adequate periods of no work at all.


Nuts ‘N More Peanut Butter

Every now and then when I find myself perusing Amazon, I’ll add one of these babies to my shopping cart. This time I chose the Birthday Cake Peanut Butter Flavor, but honestly, all the flavors I’ve had have been amazing. I love the pumpkin spice the most I think. This peanut butter is so melty and creamy, so when the hunch strikes or the timing is right (like when I have an add-on item and need to spend $25 to get it for that price, I’ll add it in).

Friday Favorites

Indoor Workouts

This workout. I did it this week since I was too wimpy to brave the cold for a run. I modified it slightly for pregnancy, but really enjoyed the variety.

Stuffed Squash

I am in a squash stuffing phase lately. After stuffing spaghetti squash with mussels, I did acorn squash with chicken sausage, kale and pomegranate seeds. So good!

Friday Favorites

And here are some fun things from around the web:


Vegan Chickpea Curry via Hurry the Food Up <– made this earlier this week and SO YUMMY. I swapped quinoa for rice, combined spices to make a curry paste, and used canned tomatoes. All still tasted great.

Lemon Raspberry Poppyseed Bread via The Recipe Critic <– This popped up on my Pinterest and now I’m craving this bread like whoa.

Mexican Caesar Salad via Gimme some Oven <– This sounds amazing right now

Good reads:

Your purpose in life is not fat loss via Girls Gone Strong

The top 2018 investment vehicles for your F$cks via Medium <– What I took out of this was stop looking at opportunities and things as “I have to,” but instead, look at them as “I get to.”

My weight has nothing to do with how good a runner I am (written by Allie Kiefer for Self Magazine)

Local Reads:

Charlotte 2018 Bucket List

I visited every NC State Park instead of making resolutions  <– bucketlisting this idea

Sprouts is coming to Charlotte – anyone ever shopped there?


Throwback: Wild Blueberry Sweet Potato Bread – great if you have some extra sweet potatoes to use up!


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Any habits you’re working on this year?

22 responses to “Friday Favorites #30

  1. I also check my Email first thing in the morning! I feel like I need to know if anything will impact my work day, like a rescheduled meeting. However most of the time it just causes more anxiety when I see all things i need to do!

  2. I love that workout from Julie!! It really makes me sweat without doing a ton of cardio. One habit I’m working on is strength training this year! I know it will help me with my running but I just can’t bring myself to do it ever so it’s a goal for this year.

    1. It was tough, love that I can do it without any equipment. I hear you about strength training – I’m always on and off with it, but I’d like to be consistent with it!

  3. I used to do the scrolling through social media and/or checking emails first thing and it was so anxiety reducing. I made that a goal of mine to stop doing last year and I’m so thankful I did!
    My husband’s currently reading Deep Work–he said it’s great. Maybe I’ll have to read it when he’s done!

  4. I go in phases. I find when I am in an anxious phase – about who knows what – I tend to flock to my phone/laptop way more and way earlier than when I’m feeling more relaxed and grounded. How backwards is that? Its like its my fake bit of comfort that I want when I’m anxious, yet I know in the long run it will not help. Great that you are reading this book and making this a goal!

    1. The mind/body works in weird ways sometimes! think what helps me is knowing that it will make my more anxious, and that email will be there whenever I decide to check it.

  5. All your food photos are making me hungry–they look so delicious! Love the article about your purpose in life not being fat loss. Especially when I’m trying to eat healthy, I tend to get really bogged down in my “journey” and it’s always great to remind myself that it’s just a thing I’m doing, not my whole life.

  6. I haven’t been to a Subway in forever, but I always used to go in college because we had one on campus. I forgot about their cookies! They definitely are delicious and super chewy! OMG a sprouts is coming to Charlotte!??! ahhhhh

    1. I love love their cookies – all of them but especially oatmeal raisin and choc chip. I’ve never shopped at Sprouts – is it amazing?!

  7. Oh, thanks for sharing that workout! I often like Instagram workout videos for strength training if I need to see how to do the exercise but this one looks simple enough- no video needed. I love having these saved on my phone for when I need inspiration at the gym!!!

    1. I haven’t tried that one yet – but if you recommend it, that may be the next flavor I try. Daily gratitude is a great thing – I want to work on that too! Do you journal?

  8. OMG Sprouts is the best. They have amazing deals and carry a huge variety of items…organic and non organic. Their sales start on Wednesdays and they honor all of last week’s deals on the following Wednesday. The produce is the best deal. You can get clam shell containers of berries or 1 lb strawberries for $1 or less usually. I shopped there all the time in Arizona, California, and Nashville when I lived there. You will love it! I miss the store 🙂

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