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Friday Favorites #33 (Before Baby)

Morning, happy friday!! How has your week been? This was really a bit of a slower week for me as I finished up some big projects and finalized some loose ends for maternity leave. We’re in the middle of a minor renovation at our house (we’re adding a mud room) so that’s been progressing quickly, which makes me super excited for the finished product.

Let’s delve into some highlights from the week and please share some of yours in the comments!

Chic Fila Milkshakes

We made a stop at Chic Fila among our errand running last weekend and all I could think about was one of their milkshakes. I got the cookies and cream with whipped cream and a cherry because is there any other way to have a milkshake?

Oh, and I got new glasses too! I’ll have to snap a picture of those for you guys when I pick them up.

Date Night

I posted about this on Instagram last week, but people have told me over and over to get our date nights in now. So, we are doing just that. Last week, we went downtown to grab dinner at Fahrenheit. I use OpenTable to book reservations whenever I can and I finally accumulated enough points that basically covered this meal.

I also treated myself to a haircut and style that day – self care!

Friday Favorites

My favorite dish of the night were these potato nachos that we split as an appetizer! And I enjoyed my alcohol-free moscow mule.

Fahrenheit, Charlotte

That’s It

I’ve had That’s It bars once or twice so I’m familiar with them. I love their fruity flavors and the fact that they just have ingredients like “1 apple, 5 blueberries.” So simple yet tasty. So when they reached out and offered to send some samples, I was on board. I can’t get enough of the chocolate covered truffle fruity snacks. Those will not last long.

Friday Favorites


Weekday Brunch Dates

Yesterday, I met up with Sam for a lovely brunch dish at Haberdish. This was my second time eating at Haberdish and I loveee that they started weekday brunches. I went with the quiche and got a biscuit on the side, as well as a cinnamon bun. I’m a sucker for cinnamon buns so I couldn’t not get one. I saved some to take home because it was too much food at once, but all so delicious!

Aren’t their tables beautiful? They make food photography look easy 🙂


Before the Fall

In between all the pregnancy reading I’ve been doing, I’ve also been enjoying some non-pregnancy, non-nutrition related reads as well. I’m currently reading Before the Fall right now and really loving it. It’s about a private jet that crashes into the water, but as the book goes on, you learn more about the characters who perished as well as the story behind the crash. I’m into it.

Friday Favorites


Around the Web:


Animal Style Paleo Meatloaf via Hungry Hobby– legit drooled when I saw her caramelized onions.

Lemon Herb Cheesy Quinoa (yours truly) – give this a try!

Instant Pot French Dip Sandwiches via Streetsmart Nutrition – makes me want get an instant pot ASAP

Chai Spiced Carrot Banana Bread with Cream Cheese Frosting via Hummasapien –  drool.


5 Reasons You’re Always Hungry –> This is one of those “quick tip” articles that I don’t necessarily agree with. Sometimes, you are hungry for NO reason at all, or because you had a hard workout the day before, or maybe you underate at a prior meal. I would say, try not to think too much into it because overthinking it can become harmful.

Kelsey Miller’s Final Anti-Diet Post <— Amen.

Is the Anti-Diet movement leading us astray? This is an interesting piece written by another RD. Basically arguing that nutrition doesn’t have to be divided into 2 camps – dieting vs. anti-dieting. I completely agree about that and finding the middle ground. It’s definitely a difficult topic to broach.

How to handle a changing body image via A Lady Goes West


Why Runners Should Care About Magnesium <– This one is often underlooked!

How Intense Exercise Affects Fertility <- Great read!

Questions on getting faster  –> love the point about varying inclines for hills and intensity for interval workouts!


Adding Herbs and Spices to baby food –> You have my attention. Taking notes.

Do the macronutrients in a mother’s diet affect baby’s birth weight? Interesting, but these are not randomly controlled trials, which are the most reliable. These are based off of 24 hour recalls, which aren’t always accurate, and I’m sure vary by person and time of year. I’d be curious to see results for these for women in different locations and populations!


Ed’s mom is here for a few days helping us with some meal prep and just for a fun visit 🙂 I hope to get out and enjoy some sunshine this weekend. What are your plans?

Tell me the best part of your week, share any highlight or something you’re looking forward to!

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  1. That cookies & cream milkshake looks amazing! Cookies & cream is definitely one of my top ice cream flavors and I just grabbed a pint of Nada Moo this evening so I can’t wait to have some myself 🙂 .The best part of my week has been my track time trials. It was so nice to finally get to race outside again after the indoor track season. I love the adrenaline rush after races too. I also have really been prioritizing sleep and relaxation this week. I’ve been shutting down homework and screens by 8:30 and getting a snack (pumpkin pie+whipped cream because of Pi Day – so good!) and reading my book until I get tired, then going to bed. Usually I’m asleep a little before 10. It feels so good to have finally stuck to my goal of getting to bed earlier! I’ve felt so much better too because of it 🙂 . Have a great weekend!


    1. I’ve never tried Nada Moo and I consider myself an ice cream connoisseur! I bet running outside must feel good. And girl, you’re doing it right by prioritizing sleep!

  2. Definitely glad you are being proactive in getting some date nights in now. So smart! I worry some soon-to-be parents live too much in the stress and prep of things that forget that what they are doing is building THEIR family. I hope I can find potato nachos like that offered somewhere here… those are incredible. As is that brunch! Gah I’m a sucker for beautiful naturally lit tables. #foodbloggerheavennoshame

    Have a wonderful weekend with Ed’s mom. Hope there’s lots of sunshine!

  3. Great post Sarah. Before the Fall sounds like an amazing book ! Enjoy the sunshine this weekend.
    We are in for a rainy weekend 🙁 but that is okay, so I guess I will just take it as it comes, maybe do some cooking and baking 🙂 Happy Friday ! and have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Just finished it yesterday – really enjoyed the book. I hope you got some cooking and baking done, Lynn, and enjoyed your weekend!