Friday Favorites #34

  Mar 23, 2018  |  #Favorites

Hi there! I hope you had a wonderful week and you have a fun and exciting (or lowkey) weekend ahead of you. In recapping my week, I’m finding that most of my Friday Favorites are food-related, but then again, what else is new?

I’ve been eating out often and crossing some places off my list that I may not get to for a little while. So, it’s a great lesson in intuitive eating in getting whatever sounds good in the moment!

1. Lunches Out

This was a good week to get some last minute stuff done. Monday, I went to the chiropractor and dentist. It was nice to get my teeth cleaned and walk away feeling sparkly clean. I then treated myself to lunch at Whole Foods and I had cravings for all the veggies.

I did wait a LITTLE BIT because don’t you want to savor that clean mouth feeling after the dentist? But, hunger always kicks in.

Friday Favorites

Later in the week, I got lunch with a friend. After a large cinnamon bun for breakfast, I was feeling some greens. This salad from Local Loaf was pretty epic. It was a cobb salad with fried chicken, corn, red onion, avocado, tomato, black beans, HB egg, tortilla strips, and the best chipotle ranch dressing. May need to recreate this one.

local loaf

And speaking of the morning cinnamon bun, this is one of my favorite’s in Charlotte. If you’re local, nothing at Sunflour will ever let you down. Their cheddar biscuit is also super delicious.

Sunflour cinnamon bun

2. Easter Basket

We have not been focused on Easter AT ALL this year because I figured we’d have a baby by then! Though technically, her due date is Easter Sunday! So, I’m hoping for a baby. But, Ed’s mom brought us this cute Easter basket with all the goodies. It’s pretty safe to say there’s no way this will even last until Easter.

Friday Favorites

3. The Marriage Lie

I’m a sucker for these types of books, shows and even country music songs. Ed teases me about it all the time, but I love the DRAMA. This book sucked me in from Chapter 1. The Marriage Lie (affiliate link) is about a woman who seemingly has a loving relationship with her husband (almost too perfect), and then something happens and it turns out he is not anything like the person she knew or has been married to for 7 years. Gotta love these twists. Although I will admit I’m losing precious sleep staying up reading this book.

The Marriage Lie

4. Milkbread

I’ve mentioned eating at Kindred before here on the blog. It’s an adorable restaurant in our town that is actually pretty tough to get into.  They opened a few years ago and have been the talk of the town ever since. My favorite thing about dining at Kindred is the complementary milkbread, which is so so good. Ed and I actually ate this a little too quickly (love the sea salt on top and on the butter) and filled up. Don’t worry, we still enjoyed our meals.

 Friday Favorites

5. Running

The last few weeks, I think I only ran maybe once. Most of my runs are run 10 minutes, walk 5 x 2, or something like that now. I got 3 good runs in this week that felt pretty decent. I can’t wait until I’m back to my normal running routine, but again, in no way will I rush it.


Not a favorite from the week but just something to share. I am looking forward to some weekend rest and reset. Sleep has not been easy lately! I think it’s so funny when people tell women in their 3rd trimester to “get the rest now,” because it is anything but easy, with moving positions to find something comfortable, to getting up to pee, to actually falling asleep. I think I should be prepared for the first few nights with a newborn!


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I hope you guys have a fun weekend ahead!

Book you’re reading currently?

Do you have any Easter traditions?

Do you like to wait a while to eat after dentist appointments?

22 responses to “Friday Favorites #34

  1. I’m reading Throne of Glass, recommended to me by my good friend and it’s one of those fabulous guilty pleasure reads I need in my life right now. It’s fast paced, shows female empowerment and gives me something to think about and do when I want to escape for a bit. Luckily, it’s a series, and I have the second book waiting for me at the library!
    Easter this year will be spent at my sister’s place with her and her boyfriend. They invited me up and I’m really excited! I haven’t done anything for Easter for a few years. It’ll be fun! I hope you have your baby on Easter! How exciting!

  2. I need to check out The Marriage Lie from the library. It’s been on my to read list for a while but I haven’t bit the bullet. I’ll check this weekend for it.

    Also the Easter basket is adorable! Maybe you’ll have an Easter baby if she comes on her due date. So exciting!

  3. I’m actually going home for a week and will be there over Easter. I haven’t had a good easter egg hunt for years and years and years, so I’m secretly hoping there may be one waiting for me. If not…. I’m sure just a buying a load of store-bought chocolate will suffice. That basket looks fab. Go Ed’s mom.

    And that cinnamon bun……… no words.

  4. Aw I love when parents still treat us like kids and get us things like Easter Baskets. One year my husband and I made each other ones, I think we need to do that again. And I just finished reading Final Girls, I’ve been on a huge mystery kick lately. I love any story with twists. Your due date is so close! Can’t wait to meet your little one here soon 🙂

  5. currently reading “the poisonwood bible” by barbara kingsolver. it’s amazing! so thought provoking and a real page turner. highly recommend it!

  6. Hi, Sarah.

    I laughed out loud when you mentioned that you waited a LITTLE BIT because you want to savor that clean mouth feeling after the dentist. That’s exactly how I feel every time I go to the dentist. That cheddar biscuit looks so tasty!

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