Friday Favorites #35

  May 18, 2018  |  #Favorites

Hi friends!

Thank you for your kind comments on Camryn’s birth story. I can’t wait to put part two together. I didn’t mean for it to be a cliff hanger (although it felt like a good place to stop), but it was already getting so long!

We’re back to Friday Favorites after a longish hiatus. This edition has lots of “firsts,” which are high’s for the reasons you’ll see below.

Dessert Hummus

Splurged on this when grocery shopping because it sounded good. I won’t buy it often because it’s expensive (I need to make it) but it is SO DELICIOUS. I’ve been eating it by the spoonful, but my personal favorite is on graham crackers. Graham crackers are SO underrated and such a lovely memory from childhood. Add peanut butter too for a match made in heaven.

Friday Favorites

Home Brunch with Mimosas

My sister and her fiance came to visit last weekend and we made our own little home brunch on Saturday. Well, actually, we made mimosa’s and Ed picked us all up some goodies from Great Harvest. We split a few sandwiches, muffins, cinnamon bun, loaf of cinnamon chip bread (their homemade version is so so good). I’m really on a kick with their cinnamon buns lately. Have you tried? SO GOOD.

Friday favorites

First Cocktail Since Pre-Baby!

Friday favorites

First Walk/Jog

I waited about 6 weeks and my first “jog” was very much slow and steady. I probably jogged just over half a mile and walked the other half mile. I hope to do a post about ramping up exercise after birth, so I’m trying to do this right.

I felt pretty good though. I wouldn’t say running felt “unnatural” but it definitely felt a little off. Probably because I was trying to go extra slow that it didn’t feel completely normal. But, no real pain so that was encouraging. I may add in some yoga/weights in the next few weeks (if I can find the time to work out)!

Snuggles with Auntie

Caroline is Camryn’s godmother so it was so exciting to have her finally meet her! Camryn loved snuggling up on Caroline, too.

Favorite Reads:

Sorry ya’ll – I’m VERY behind on my reading, including some of your blogs!

For all you mom’s out there –> The 4th trimester struggle is real

I like reading Ben Hardy’s stuff –> 8 Things To Do Before 8 Am

How to get the food police off your back

Freezer Cooking Tips via Lean Green Bean


First Wedding

So, we’re heading to a wedding this weekend for our first “night out” without baby. And you guys, I feel like it’s going to be weird! I have to figure out my strategy if I’ll need to pump at all. Any ladies deal with this before? I guess it depends how long we’re out for but I want to be prepared just in case!

And I’ll leave you with a smiling photo!

Camryn_Friday Favorites

How did you handle your first night out from baby?




10 responses to “Friday Favorites #35

  1. Oooookay that brunch of yours is my idea of heaven. Going out and bringing back some baking and sandwiches.. and then pairing them with MIMOMAS? I continually say this but your family does things right.

    I wish you the best on your first night out this weekend. I can only imagine how strange this will feel.

  2. I handled our first night away from baby by texting my mom to check in every 20 minutes lol. Our first night out was actually a wedding one our first was 2ish months old. It is a little strange to be away, but good to have a little grown up time. Hope you have a wonderful time and congrats to the couple!

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