Friday Favorites #37

  Jul 6, 2018  |  #Favorites

Hi! How was your 4th of July?

In the past, we would always spend the 4th of July on Block Island (off the coast of Rhode Island). It was a special holiday for my family, where we would all get together. There was a parade, we’d drink beer and play fun games, my cousin even proposed to his wife there one year.

This year, we didn’t hype it up. Falling on a Wednesday + having a baby made it just sound unusual. In my head, I thought, “we’ll get ‘um next year.” But, we ended up having a baby-friendly blast with friends!

We went to their house on the lake, cooked out, and got all the babies together. I made Anne’s quinoa taco salad, which was a hit!

All in all, it was a great night out. We didn’t get home too late and luckily, the fireworks didn’t wake Cam at all.

Here are some (other) favorites from the last few weeks.

Humm Kombucha

I think I had tried one of these flavors in the past and wasn’t too intrigued, but I really liked the pomegranate lemonade. Next I want to try the hopped grapefruit.

Friday favorites

Best Ever Enchiladas

Made this recipe from Gimme Some Oven this week and loveeeed it. Ed was traveling a few days so I basically had them all to myself. And Tater ate the scraps 😉

Friday favorites

Solo Coffee Date

Ed gave me a day to myself last weekend, so I took myself out to a new to me coffee shop. It has now become my favorite. It’s in a church and the seating is so wide open – there are couches, lounge chairs, plants. It’s a beautiful combination of modern + cozy + churchy + open and I love it.

And they had a lavendar vanilla latte that was AMAZING.

Friday favorites


Did any of you listen to Raffi as a child (or am I dating myself)? I used to love his songs like “Baby Beluga” and “Apples and Bananas.” I find myself chucking to myself and singing along when I play them for Cam!

Strength Training

I took my first post-natal strength training class this week. I definitely eased into it and started with low weights but it felt good to feel “strong” again. I will say, carrying around a 12 pound baby is so easy task so I think that’s helping too!

Friday favorites

A Great Read

Lastly, here’s a great read about Health at Every Size and Weight –> Tess Holiday’s Health is None of Your Business. I think reads like this are so powerful and hopefully it helps bring more awareness to equating body size to health.

Any fun weekend plans? My sister is visiting (she currently is living in Australia for grad school), so I can’t wait to see her and introduce her to Cam!

Hope you have a great weekend!

3 responses to “Friday Favorites #37

  1. How exciting that your sister is coming back home to see Cam!

    We are the worst Aunt and Uncle ever because we’ll only just be meeting our latest niece for the first time in September and she’ll be 2! Yikes!

  2. Ooooh your sister finally getting to meet Cam! So exciting!!

    Okay I seriously laughed when I saw the Raffi spotify playlist. I mean, of course he’d have a playlist! Just seems so funny to mix something so “old” with something so “new. Oh Raffi.

    So glad you had a lovely weekend getaway with the family. Any picture like that of a lake and a plate of summer BBQ makes my heart swoon. Home. Also huge kudos to Ed for making sure you get a day to yourself. That coffeeshop sounds glorious.

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