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Friday Favorites #39

I hope you all had a wonderful week!

It was a longer one here since Ed was out of town for work but we got through it and now we have a weekend to look forward to!

I started back seeing clients in person at one of my contract jobs this week. I’ve seen a few private BLT clients already (some in person and some through skype), but this was at my gym job. It was nice to reconvene with old clients and even meet some new ones. I’ll be taking it slow as I get back into it, but I did feel like a real human again!

I bought all these groceries from the week and barely used them because I had so many friend dates this week – it helped with Ed gone, and I”m so grateful to have girlfriends to spend some time with!

Theme Nights

Monday night was wine/cheese/charcuterie night. Some girlfriends came over and we made this. It was fun.

Wednesday night was pizza night with another friend and her toddler.  Cam tried some sauce.

Recipe Testing

It’s been a while! Hopefully I’ll have some recipes to share soon.

The Mischief Face

I’m calling this, the mischief face. I’m not entirely sure how she got under there. She back rolled then got back on to her belly. Sneaky little thing.

This Onesie

Verde just came to Charlotte, and they were kind enough to send a little V I Pea onesie to Cam (get it?) I’m surprised at the lack of food pun onesies I have for Cam (I never purchased any) so it’s nice to have at least one, in case she attends any food events with me!


I ordered this letters and numbers mat for Cam and can’t wait to use it. She is already very intrigued by colors, patterns and textures so I am sure this will be a hit. I think it’s cool that you can even make blocks out of it.

A Fall Morning

I don’t know about where you are, but yesterday in Charlotte saw a morning in the low 60’s – it felt amazing! I wish I could have go run all them miles, but coffee and some work on the back porch sufficed.

Good Reads

So, this article is NOT a Friday Favorite but I came across it the other day. It makes me very angry that an editor wold even think of publishing an article like this. As a country, we are undereating vegetables. To bring this to the table and invoke fear…it’s a downright dumb article.

Kylie’s food challenges are always good and this one is about challenging your tastebuds. It’s okay to be full before you get bored and vice versa. I’m curious to hear your thoughts and what you’ve experienced.

My friend Cara at Streetsmart Nutrition just started a podcast – you can listen to the first episode here!

This is a good journaling prompt to help with body image.


What fun plans do you have for the weekend?

Are you ready for fall?


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  1. That charcuterie board looks incredible!

    We had some fall weather as well this week, and I’m really hoping that it sticks around.

    That article is mind-numbingly silly and incredibly irresponsible. That is restrictive eating gone even more awry than usual. Reader’s Digest should seriously consider taking it down.

  2. Alright so that is the most unintelligent article I think I’ve ever seen published. And that is saying a lot. I mean…. no, I’m not even going to say more.

    Rachel’s support around body image, however, is beautiful. Thank you Rachel.

    Oh my gosh I wore a sweater at work this week for the first time in MONTHS and it felt sooooo nice!! We’ve actually had a couple “fall feeling” days – still warm – but with a slight cool breeze that actually makes walking outside all sorts of pleasurable again. Dan and I went out for an evening stroll and it was incredible. The shift in weather has definitely been my top favorite of the week.

  3. It was 58 degrees when I left for work today. I needed a sweater which felt ridiculous in August!

    That mischief face is just too cute!

    The article about vegetables is just plain stupid. Cucumbers are making us fat? There’s so much water in them. Guess I need to throw out all of those vegetables I have in my house that are on that list *rolls eyes*