Link love and Friday Favorites #4

  Jun 17, 2016  |  #Favorites

Hi friends! I hope you’ve had an awesome week. It’s time for another Friday Favorites. I’m linking up with Kate’s Top 3 and Heather’s Friday Favorites today to share some favorites from the week.

Today is the last day to enter my giveaway to Uncommon Goods! They have the BEST, hand-crafted kitchen and house items, and the perfect gift for Father’s Day!

I’ve been going back and forth between my two offices, seeing clients, working on marketing, planning my trip up to Rhode Island in the coming weeks, and running around like a madwoman, basically. My client sessions have been going really well, though, and I’m feeling more inspired to help people achieve health than ever!

I’m actually working on an elimination diet with one client, and while we have our guesses as to which foods may be suspect in causing adverse reactions, we’re going through with the gold standard to really take everything out of her diet and add it back in slowly. What I like about it is that we’re on a search to find the missing piece of the puzzle. I just hope we find it.


Perfecting two delicious recipes in the BLT Kitchen this week. One is a twist on a burger, and the other is an Italian novelty. Things.Are.Happening.

I spent 45 minutes in Whole Foods yesterday, trying lots of samples and talking to vendors. I don’t know why this is a high, but I really enjoyed the relaxing nature of not having to run in, get my groceries, run out, and do the next errand. Plus, I had some beer samples, wine samples, kombucha samples..I mean, what else could a girl want? But then I spent more money than planned…


Marathon Training is going better. I was experiencing very heavy legs the first few weeks and no matter how much foam rolling, stretching and yoga I did, I couldn’t solve it. I’ve been icing my hamstrings and glutes the last few nights, and taking some Epsom Salt baths and I’m feeling good as new.


I’v been getting notifications daily from Jetpack support that my blog has been down, like for a block of time every day this week. I apologize if you have experienced my blog when it was down. I’m hoping to have it fixed soon. I’ve reached out to my host, and while I have no idea what the mumbo-jumbo is, let’s hope for the best.

Starting to think about packing, and moving…Ugh, the stress.

The Orlando shooting. While I can’t articulate everything I’m feeling about this, I’m truly saddened by the violence in our world, and  praying for the victims’ and their families.

Top Eats:

My mango lime quinoa salad. It’s cool, refreshing, and I don’t feel one ounce of guilt eating it all in one serving.

quinoa salad

Some sweet potato turkey burgers I’m testing out. Kinda obsessed with the combo…and using up this cilantro…

turkey burger

Pizza night! I made a kale, sweet potato, mushroom pizza that turned out incredible. We devoured every last bite.

sweet potato kale pizza

Recipes on the Bucket List..

Cookie Dough Ice Cream Cups Via Imma Eat That <– Things I love rolled into one. Drool.


GF Blueberry Greek Yogurt Cake via Dishing Out Health. Need this immediately.


Microwaveable Crepes via Physical Kitchness. SIGN ME UP.


Top 3 Instagrams:

Marathon Training. #Amirite

marathon training


Need this in my life immediately. I’m going “figgin” crazy.

I need to buy these peaches based solely on their name. And they’re kinda cute. 🙂


Top Blog Reads:

Calories Don’t Matter via Emily Kyle Nutrition <– love her point of thinking about calories as an onion.

Is Intuitive Eating Best? via The Domestikated Life <– Agree with so many of her points, here!


Nutrition Reads:

Love this tribute to Whole Grains. Amen.

Philadelphia became the first large city to pass a soda tax. I’m thrilled about this. This is a hot topic in the nutrition world right now because in the past, the American Beverage Association has spent millions on avoiding these taxes (like in NY and San Francisco), but not this time! My public health degree is screaming with excitement.


What the FDA just approved. I can’t believe this is even real. This isn’t going to teach patients anything about eating portion sizes and maintaining a lifestyle.


Running love:

Hill Running Benefits via This Runner’s Recipes <– There’s no avoiding hills in my neighborhood so they are always included in my runs, but I need to start using them as sprints. Maybeeee.

Running Doesn’t Have to Suck . And it doesn’t have to be long or far. You do you, boo.

Handling a Difficult Race via SuzLyfe. Happens to all of us. How do you bounce back?

What are your weekend plans??? I have a dinner date with a friend tonight at Customshop. On Saturday, we may hit up a donut opening, or a brunch and brew at Sycamore Brewing. Stay cool!


Have you ever tried an elimination diet?

Best thing you ate this week?


35 responses to “Link love and Friday Favorites #4

  1. Thanks for sharing my post and can’t wait to check out everything else 🙂 I’m glad to hear the bath salts have helped loosen up your muscles. Have never done an elimination diet, but there are a lot of foods I “ruled out” during my diet that I still stay away from.

  2. I was so shocked when I heard about the new FDA approved device. Your recipes all look amazing, and so colorful! Hope you’re having a great weekend 🙂

  3. All I can say about that FDA approved device: what the heck? seriously, what the heck?
    All your food looks so yummy, as always. You’re such an inspiration.
    Are you moving somewhere in Charlotte?

  4. There’s so much in here, I don’t even know where to begin! Whole Foods… I life 4 blocks from one and I literally go there 5 times a week. i’t s a problem. I need help. LOL!

    I’m checking out that cookie dough bowl and the cake immediately. And the figs!!!! As if I need more excuses to eat dessert… HA!

    Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

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