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Friday Favorites #40

Hi all,

Happy Friday! Today is the last day to enter to win a free instant pot! I’m hosting this giveaway with some other dietitians. I actually don’t have an instant pot but it’s on my bucket list because I really want to make yogurt and have an all-in-one piece of equipment.

I feel like I accomplished a lot this week, personally and professionally. I added a testimonial page for BLT clients, knocked out an interview, some freelance articles, a recipe (though I need to re-make it one more time before sharing), and a full day of clients on Wednesday. I was out all day which mean I had to pump throughout the day (not fun, but worth it). I feel like I had no time with Cam (aside from the morning) because she was already in bed when I got home. I have SO MUCH respect for working momma’s who work out of the house. It’s so tough to balance it all, but it’s really hard not to see your baby all day long.

Stroller Workout

This week also brought my first time trying the local stroller mom’s workout. It’s been on my list to do and this week was a free week for going back to school so I gave it a go! I loved that there was a mixture of cardio and strength. We used resistant bands and did some cardio things like jump squats, sprints and running or walking with the stroller to different destinations. There was also some ab work at the end that I was very careful with – I haven’t fully delved into core work just yet.

I enjoyed the workout and getting to know some of the new mom’s. They even blow bubbles and sing songs for the kids, and if your child gets fussy, they have someone come help so you can do the workout. I’m going to think about signing up.

Munch Mitt

Cam is still loving sucking on her fingers so I purchased this munch mitt per someone’s recommendation. It seems like she’s liking it! It’s easy to throw in the wash, too, which is a huge plus.

Friday Favorites

Baby Shower Yums

We went to a baby shower last weekend and I devoured a fluffy bojangles biscuit with jelly. Forgot how good these are! Alongside some coffee and a greek yogurt parfait.

Friday Favorites

Running Stroller

Earlier this week, I took Cam out for our first run together in the BOB Running Stroller. People who talk about how much of a workout it is weren’t lying. It is heavy! And my upper body and arms were sore for a few days after. We managed about 3 miles and I was a sweaty mess!

Sunday Family Day

Last Sunday, we had a little family day. We took Cam to Birkdale (an outdoor shopping mall type place) to walk around, got smoothies at Clean Juice (ugh I hate writing that name so much, but I do like their smoothies), and then took Tater to the dog park.

I love this face from her – doesn’t it look like the biggest smile?! It’s hard having a dog when you have a new baby because we obviously can’t give Tater the same attention we used to. She has so much energy so one of us tries to run with her or take for a long walk every day, or we take her to doggy day care often. She’s happy there. 🙂

Tortilla Pizzas

One night last week I wanted an easy dinner. Ed was out of town and I didn’t feel like cooking much, so I took all the leftover veggies we had, added some cheese and marinara sauce, and threw them in the toaster oven over a tortilla. It was like a thin crust pizza – very delicious and easy!

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Speaking of, I’m adding this slow cooker pesto chicken tortellini to my must make list.

I need to get my hands on these harissa cauliflower wings!

It’s getting to be apple season – so I have my eyes on these (because you guys know about my cinnamon bun loveee). And I want to make my quinoa apple pie crumble too!


Do you plan to go apple picking this year? What’s your favorite fruit to pick? I LOVEEEE apple picking! I’ve only ever gone blueberry picking so I clearly need to add some more variety. Hopefully strawberries in the future!

Tell me about the best thing from your week!

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  1. The stroller group class sounds SO fun!! And really convenient too! Gotta try that pita pizza…

  2. Yay big excitement on getting back to so much work this week as well as trying some new fitness outlets. If you do decide to join that class, I’m sure it will be a nice social outlet too? Must be a nice way to get out and talk with other moms going though similar things. But yes, I don’t think I even understand how a full time working mom does it. That would be so hard!

    YES to making your quinoa crumble again oh my goodness. That recipe is SO good and so perfect for this new fall weather that is starting 🙂

  3. The stroller workout company sounds awesome! Especially since they have help if your child gets fussy.

    If you want to amp up your tortilla pizza even more, try it on the grill. So good!! That was a staple lunch in my house growing up and so easy.

    I can’t wait to go apple picking!! I can’t decide what I’ll bake with them yet though…so good thing I have time to think!

    1. It is REALLY hard. I’ll let you know if it gets easier ? Or, maybe I get in better shape haha