Friday Favorites #41

  Sep 7, 2018  |  #Favorites

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How is it ALREADY Friday? Short week for the win.

I traveled up to Rhode Island last weekend for my high school friend’s wedding. It was my first overnight without Cam. I felt super guilty going and leaving her, but on the other hand, I knew it would be good for me to get away. Thankfully, everything went well and she did awesome with Ed – took all her bottles and everything.

I think it’s kind of a bummer that there is such thing as mom guilt. There’s just so many reasons you could feel bad or guilty for every decision you make (or don’t make). Every mom has different circumstances to consider and every mom is just doing her best. The majority of moms I’ve met and communicated with are all super receptive and supportive of one another. I hope we can continue to lift each other up as moms because honestly, we’re all in this together.

Now that I’ve got that off my chest, let’s talk about some highlights.

Nespresso Machine

I stayed with my sister and her fiance last weekend just outside Boston. They have a fancy nespresso machine that I’m in love with. I enjoyed a fair share of fancy espresso drinks all weekend, it felt so luxurious! I still need to get better at latte art though. Better when enjoyed in bed in my pj’s.

Lansinoh Breast Milk Bags

I used these to bring back all the milk I pumped from this weekend away. They were so convenient. I froze them before I left, and just kept them on ice and used my ice pack while on the plane and traveling back.

Blueberry Muffin

I haven’t had a blueberry muffin in forever. I tried a new coffee shop, and when I do that, I like to try some of their food or baked goods if they have them. So you know, I can get a better understanding 🙂 Americano and blueberry muffin – I love muffins and need to eat them more.

Run Group Brags

I ran with a running group on Tuesday night after giving a sports nutrition talk. They were doing intervals, so I jumped in some. These were my first form of any speed work/intervals since last summer. I hit my fastest mile that I’ve seen in forever. That’s not the norm around here right now and I’m probably a while away from even running sub 8’s right now. But it felt good to see that! I cut this out of my Garmin app that connects to my forerunner.

Publix Subs

I forgot lunch on Wednesday (Wednesday is my long office day). I packed a few snacks but not nearly enough to get me through the day. So I picked up some groceries and a Publix sub that was filling and satisfying!

Anyone else like olives on their sandwiches? A great source of satisfying fat! Plus, my nut butter jar that comes everywhere with me.

Cam and I have a little roadtrip today for a fun project coming up! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

What are your favorite sandwich toppings?

Fun weekend plans?

4 responses to “Friday Favorites #41

  1. That blueberry muffin looks so good!! I agree that when you try a local coffee shop you need to get something aside from a drink to get a good read on the place.

    My favorite sandwich toppings are lettuce, spinach, pickles and cucumbers with mustard. So tasty.

    Have a great weekend Sarah!

  2. I get very specific cravings for blueberry muffins. They come fairly frequent. But they are so specific. No other muffin will do. I’m glad you got yourself one! And big congrats on your run speed Sarah!! That must have felt soooo good 🙂

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