Friday Favorites #42

  Mar 1, 2019  |  #Favorites

Happy Friday, friendly faces!

I’m keeping it light today with some fun favorites. I would love to hear some of YOUR favorites in the comments. Let us know what you’re into this week.

Here are some things making me happy this week.

Crime podcasts

Specifically, Dr. Death and Over My Dead Body. I put out a call on Instagram stories last week for some non-nutrition podcasts that you guys loved, and I got so many recommendations for Dr. Death and crime shows. And now I’m very much into them, can’t stop won’t stop.

.Over my Dead Body podcast


Sweet Potato + Tomatoes + Cheese


Yummmm. Sweet potatoes + canned tomatoes + cheese. These were SO simple and so good. I also added salt, pepper, italian seasoning and paprika.

Probably baked them around 375 for 30-40 min, and then added the tomatoes and cheese and baked for 5-10 more minutes.

Sweet potatoes baked with cheese and tomatoes

Parks and Playgrounds

Camryn is full blown walking now and it’s all she wants to do. I’m lucky if I can get her to sit still for a second. You can forget trying to get a picture! But, my mom got this great picture of us on a new playground last weekend.

I am really enjoying this 11 month phase. She’s so interactive and so much fun!

Mom holding toddler on slide

Easy Body Image Exercise

I saw this on Rachael’s stories and found it really helpful. I have all of these thoughts for a body image post that I hope to put together for you guys soon. A post with lots of resources, kind of like the intuitive eating resources. Tell me you’re interested and I’ll get on it!

Cannoli’s and Cinnamon Buns

When in Savannah last weekend, I made sure to stop in my favorite coffee shop for a cinnamon bun. I gave Cam a bite and safe to say she loved it as well. Like mother, like daughter.

Quiche and cinnamon bun on white plate

We also got takeout one night from an Italian place, and had a delicious cannoli.

Cannoli in white to go container

Short Runs

Years ago, I used to think if I couldn’t exercise for an hour, was it even worth doing? A 10 minute workout wasn’t going to do anything for me, I thought. I cringe when I think back to this because now I know and understand how movement affects me in so many other ways. I have so many reasons to run and exercise that have nothing to do with my aesthetics.

Sometimes I enjoy quick, shorter workouts. They are the perfect length for a quick podcast and to free my mind a little bit. A good break in the day to come back to work or Camryn with full attention and focus.

Garmin watch

Good Reads

Intuitive Eating/Nutrition

The Latest Trend is Not Dieting – I think everyone should read this! So light hearted but well spoken.

Check Your Privilege – This discussed some great insight about privilege, specifically in regards to relying on processed and convenience foods. There are still some people who preach that you should avoid all processed foods and xyz, but they don’t consider that not everyone has access to fresh foods all the time. Or storage for food. Or even the ability to transport food. Sometimes, processed foods are all they can get or afford. And we know that nutrition is so much more than what we eat.

Anorexia Knows No Body Type – “Eating disorders come in all shapes and sizes, and you cannot tell who is healthy by looking at them. Weight should not be used as a predictor of medical wellness.”


Nauseous post workout? Here’s why – I wrote this piece for Women’s Running because many of my clients deal with these symptoms

7 Reasons I run that have nothing to do with weight – Throwback from last month.

Race Weight – “I had to do the work of regaining a trusting relationship with food. I had to do the work of divorcing my self esteem from my aesthetic. And I had to reframe race weight.”  <– I share this because even with many of the female runners I work with, there is this thought that you have to be thin to be fast and succeed, which is the farthest thing from the truth. There are so many negative implications that are interlaced with those thoughts, like anxiety around food, restricting, loss of mensturation, bone health, social connection and so much more.


Chicken Pumpkin Crockpot Chili – it’s on our weekend list!


What have you been into this week?

10 responses to “Friday Favorites #42

  1. I know last week you asked about what kinds of posts people were liking…. so just FYI…. I reeeeeallly like your Friday Favorites posts 🙂

    That cinnamon bun…..

  2. Your suggestion of body image articles is good and welcome. I was wondering if you have any resources – links, articles, etc – for dealing with identity associated with looking a certain way. For example, if you are underweight and have been for years, people may look to you as “that person who always eats healthy and is a runner and is naturally very, very thin.” And if you decide one day to actually be healthy and get to intuitive eating, and reach a healthier set point, you may fear that other people, including family and friends, will look at you like “oh, she’s let herself go. too bad. wonder what happened. she looked better before. she’s getting old so her metabolism slowed…” Whether this fear is warranted or not… how do you overcome the fear and get to a point of not caring what other peoples’ perceptions are and try to tie your identity to something other than what you look like? Thanks!

  3. Oh boy I love short runs now a days. And also, my dad just brought back some cinnamon buns from our local bakery. I haven’t had any yet, but now I really need some. 😉

    Also, that’s so cool that Cam is walking a lot now. 🙂 It’s fun and crazy when they get mobile.

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