Friday Favorites #45

  Apr 19, 2019  |  #Favorites

Happy Friday! We are heading to the beach this weekend for Easter, so by the time you read this (I’m writing this on Thursday afternoon), hopefully we’ve had a smooth morning and we’re on our way!  I hope you have a wonderful Easter and have some fun plans with friends and/or family, or however you like to spend it. 

I have some favorites to share from the week and as always, I hope you’ll share yours in the comments. I love seeing comments as a way to connect with you guys, so it makes me so happy when you share what you’re loving too!

Date Night

Ed and I had a date night this week. It’s been a good 6-8 weeks since our last one. The weather was beautiful and we wanted to find a patio for an outdoor drink before dinner. We headed down to Merchant and Trade wanting a rooftop drink to overlook the city. BUT, Ed was wearing sneakers (like nicer-ish ones) and apparently they have a strict dress code and wouldn’t let him in.

I went up to get our parking ticket validated (LOL, I wasn’t going to miss out on that) and snagged a picture, but sadly we didn’t get to enjoy a cocktail at this view.


We headed next door and had a cocktail and some brussel sprouts at Angeline’s instead.

Angeline's brussel sprouts


Then, we met up with my friend, Sam and her husband at The Stanley for a double date. So much delicious food. My favorite was probably these steamed buns. 

Steamed buns at The Stanley

New Local Bakery/Cinnamon Buns

After church last weekend, we stopped into a new bakery, where I obviously had to try a cinnamon bun. No shame in saying that frosting is my favorite part and I typically eat most of that first (with some bites of cinnamon bun). 

Picture of Ed and Camryn

Love this photo, not much else to say here. 

dad and baby girl

Podcast Episodes and Books

I listened to this podcast episode on Food Psych with a social psychologist about how dieting doesn’t work and it was a great episode!

I loved this quote from Dr. Hunger: “It takes effort to undue the diet culture that has been damaging people for decades. The benefits of being on the other side far outweigh any of the challenges that come with adopting an intuitive eating practice.”

Food Pysch episode


I also just picked up Daring Greatly and I’m hoping to read it at the beach this weekend.

Also on my to-read list:

Roar by Stacy Simms

168 Hours by Laura Vanderkam

The F*ck It Diet by Caroline Dooner (Do you follow her on instagram?)

Neighbor Pizza Date and Playground

Last weekend we got pizza at Mandolino’s with my neighbor who has a three year old. If you’re in the Davidson/Lake Norman area, we love this place in downtown Davidson. It’s family run and the pizza is GOOD. This is a white sauce one with eggplant. 

Eggplant pizza from Mandolino's

Then we went to a “new” local playground and Camryn loved it.

Mini Reunion

Lastly, some of Ed’s friends from college got stuck in the Charlotte airport and had their flight postponed until the following day. So, we had a mini reunion with some of his other friends in the area. I should say, my friends now too!


But, everyone in this photo (minus me and one of the husbands) went to school together and ran cross country and track. And now, one of the couples has twins that are about Camryn’s age. So we got together and tried to squeeze in a group photo 🙂

Okay, time to go finish packing so we can get to Camryn’s swim class this afternoon.


What are you loving this week?

Do you have any Easter plans?

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8 responses to “Friday Favorites #45

  1. Love the favorites you share every week! My daughter’s birthday is on Easter this year so we are having an Easter/birthday celebration on Sunday. I’m loving a recent episode of the well fed women podcast with Dr. Jolene Brighton; so informative!!

  2. That’s kind of crazy they wouldn’t let Ed in even with nice sneakers on. I get the point of it though so you’ll have to head to the rooftop next date night for a drink! The podcast sounds good so I’ll have to give it a listen – thanks for the recommendation. Enjoy the beach!

  3. Enjoy your weekend at the beach, and happy Easter!

    That looks like a gooooood find of a cinnamon bun. I’d keep that place in the rotation. I have definitely never been somewhere that would actually turn me down for wearing the wrong shoes. I feel like I should put that on my bucketlist. Looks like you still managed to find some delicious eats though, and some lovely hang outs with friends. Oh the weather it looks like you are having…. mmmmm.

    1. We weren’t expecting it, but now we know I guess 🙂 Places with strict dress codes aren’t in our usual rotation.

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