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Friday Favorites #46

Hi friends, I hope you had a good week! And I hope you enjoyed the sciency post on Monday and/or hearing about intuitive eating in college on Wednesday! This week I have a bunch of favorite products to share with you.


When I was also at Target last week, I picked up a few cases of Bubly. We LOVE sparkling water in our house. If I’m shopping at our local grocery store, I’ll typically just buy their name brand, but I get bored with the flavors easily. Bubly has some new flavors that we really love. My favorites are cherry, mango, strawberry and raspberry. I always pack them in my lunches or when I’m doing work somewhere!

Bubly sparkling water, iced coffee and water

Of course, I’m having it alongside by favorite Lavendar Vanilla latte with oat milk. 

Gainful Protein Powder

This is a new to me idea that one of my clients told me about. I do think it’s fascinating but also it makes sense to be able to buy a protein powder matched specifically to you. Like, maybe you’re lactose intolerant and you need a protein powder without milk products. Or, maybe you just want a vegan protein powder.

Just take a free quiz and then they put together a protein powder blend based on your health and goals. The idea of creating a protein powder based on your fitness goals is interesting as well, such as building more muscle.

I do see how this could be skewed in the diet world (ie – this protein powder is great for weight loss), but I’m looking at the bigger picture and seeing the need that’s being met. To me, that is creating protein powders that cater to the individual, rather than the masses. 

Renpure Shampoo & Conditioner

I picked these up at Target last week and I have to say I love them. I’ve been using paraban-free  and sulfate-free shampoo + conditioner (Ever Pure) for a while (at the recommendation of my hair stylist), but now that the highlights are pretty much out of my hair, I wanted to try something new. I love how this smells and feels in my hair, and it’s not greasy at all. 


Water Wipes Subscription

Water Wipes

We’ve been using Water Wipes for like the past year, since Camryn has been prone to lots of diaper rashes. Water Wipes are hypoallergenic and made with 99.9% water. They are a little more expensive but if you have a sensitive-skinned baby, 100% worth it! We were buying the Costco brand wipes for a while, but they do have some alcohol in there that we think was irritating her. 

Love the Amazon Prime Subscribe and Save. I do it for a few items and it saves a couple dollars each time. The more items you use it for, the more you can save!


Corn on the Cob and Apples

I had no idea how much Camryn would love corn on the cob but it has been a fun week introducing it to her! She has 6 (going on 8 teeth) so she can bite some of the kernels off. I think moreso, she just loves holding it and biting/sucking on it and feeling like a big girl.

It’s the same with apples – she says “appa” and just wants to hold an apple and walk around with it. She takes little bites into it and I die at how cute the bite marks are. I know raw apple slices can be a choking hazard (because they can be so hard) but the whole apple seems to do the trick.

baby eating corn on the cob

The other way I serve apples to Camryn is by heating them up in water on the stove and adding some cinnamon and nutmeg. So good and smells like fall!

By the way, we have two highchairs in our house. The Cosco one Camryn is in here is SO lightweight and easy to transport from room to room. When we visit my parents or Ed’s parents, this is the one we take because it folds up so easily. Also, if we eat outside or in the kitchen (vs. the dining room), we use this one vs. our heavy duty one. 

Showering When You Can’t Get Your Foot Wet

I’m sure anyone who has had surgery can relate to this that it is a pain to think about showering when you have a boot/cast on! You can’t get it wet or there is a hugeeee risk for infection. S

o, I was on the hunt for something that would enable me to shower and I found this protector on Amazon. It was less than $20, but it really works. It has a suction in the mid thigh area and everything else is covered down to the ankle. 

Thought I would share that in case any of you have any foot/ankle/leg/knee/toe surgery and you have to keep dry. It has been a LIFE SAVER!

A New Podcast

My friends and fellow dietitians, Kelly Jones and Kim Hoban, just came out with a new podcast called “Imperfect Health.” They are both new moms while balancing owning their own businesses and keep it real. I’m excited to listen each week!


Around the Web


What is the Wellness Diet? 

I wrote this post months ago and I feel like it’s been coming up lately. The Wellness Diet is anything that masquerades itself as “healthy” or “wellness culture” or “fitness lifestyle” but is really a diet, with strict rules or protocols. 

Intuitive Eating Workbook for Teens

Did you know Elyse Resch (one of the authors of intuitive eating) just came out with an Intuitive Eating Workbook for Teens? I’ve already recommended it to many of my teen clients, and I think it can be a great, targeted resource!


Healthy Storebought Granola Bars for Kids –  A great roundup from Lindsay!

What is Keto Crotch? A possible side effect from the keto diet! We already know the keto diet (and production of ketones) is linked to smelly/fruity breath but this is a new possible side effect. Instead, just eat a piece of bread!

How Does Climate Change Affect Food Safety? Interesting Read about how pesticides/bacteria and all my come into play with climate change.

Intuitive Eating on a Budget <– It is such a PRIVILEGE to be able to eat fresh food whenever you crave it and that’s not always accessible nor the point of intuitive eating. 


We’re off to hopefully make storytime!

Any fun plans for the weekend?

Do you have a favorite shampoo/conditioner?

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  1. We’re big sparkling water fans but I’ve never tried Bubly. I’m a big fan of Sprindrift and just bought a pack at Target yesterday. Gainful protein powder sounds like a great idea since you can get a powder based on your individual needs instead of a one size fits all type powder.

    I broke my wrist about 8-10 years ago now and I couldn’t get my hand wet so my mom had to help bathe me. I’m totally going to keep that protector in the back of my mind if the need ever arises. I hope your foot is healing well!

    This weekend we have a Kentucky Derby party which should be fun. I hope you enjoy your weekend Sarah!