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Friday Favorites #47

I have so many posts in my queue that are almost ready to share with you guys but I just can’t finish them because xyz so you’re getting a little catch up today!

Camryn is starting daycare in July so that will be a transition for us, meaning I will have much more time to work on projects I’ve been wanting to do. I almost feel like my whole life has been on hold and I haven’t wanted to start things.

Almost like, I need one door to close (this moving transition) before I can open another and begin new things. I don’t know if that makes any sense but I’ve sort of felt like I’ve been stuck in quicksand and that’s the only way I can think to describe it. 

I’m looking forward to the transition but also a little uneasy. I know everything will work out!

So, anywho, here are some favorites from the last few weeks. 


I mentioned on Instagram that I’ll now be within distance of a Wegmans grocery store, which I’ve heard so much about! I was already impressed with their play area, available while parents can eat. 

I haven’t grocery shopped there yet (just stopped for lunch after getting the keys to our house) but I’m itching to go there. Do you shop at Wegmans? Any favorite products?

Appalachian Mountain views 

The neighborhood we moved to has beautiful views of the mountains, which I don’t think I’ll ever tire of looking at. We have lots of trees behind our house, but I think in the winter months when the leaves fall off, we’ll be able to see the mountains from our deck. 

Probiotics and Gut Health

I am a huge fan of gut health, as you’ve probably seen me talk about on here alot!

I switch my probiotics every few months, which I heard from a recommended webinar previously. This helps ensure you’re always getting new species. I recently tried this brand after a fellow dietitian recommended it and so far, so good!

I’ll re-evaluate after another few weeks since I have a 60 day supply. 

New Larabar flavor

Have ya’ll seen the peanut butter banana larabars? I’m in loveeee and so is Camryn. They pair greatly with this nut butter – just sayin’! I also love their strawberry chocolate chip. Larabars have stepped up their game!

Summer Time

Hopefully the start of lots of summer pool time. Camryn LOVES the water. In fact, signing her up for swim lessons here is top of my list since she loved the lessons back in North Carolina so much. 

Sweet Potato Turkey Burger Scramble

We made my sweet potato turkey burgers last week but I flipped them too soon and it turned into a scramble. But, this accidental creation was so good! And it’s really such a simple weeknight meal so I think I’ll probably do this again soon. 



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What are some of your favorite things lately?

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  1. Mmmmm that sweet potato scramble looks DELISH> And Cam definitely looks like she’s going to be a water baby. My sister, littlest sister who is now 18, was a water birth, and she LOVES the water. 🙂 Also can I just say that the peanut butter banana Larabar sounds STUPENDOUS? 🙂 HAPPY JULY!

  2. I totally get the quicksand feeling!! It’s impossible to get anything done around here too. THe only time I can is the couple hours a week we hired a nanny. I’m sure the preschool will help you and her!

  3. I’m not sure if Wegman’s near DC would have this but look for Spedie/Lupo’s marinade. I forget what it’s actually called but it’s the best for chicken! The mountains are gorgeous and I would not mind that view every day at all.