Childcare, New Books and Friday Favorites #48

  Jul 26, 2019  |  #Favorites

I hope you’ve had a good week! This was our first week with Camryn in full time childcare so it was a very busy one for us. Having to pack her lunch every night and make sure she has her snacks and milk is time-consuming. It has made me more aware of meal prep, though, to make sure I have things on hand for her. 

Here are some things I’m loving this week! I hope you’ll share below some of your favorite things (products, experiences, thoughts, etc) from the week. 

Bentgo Lunch Boxes

I bought two of these on Prime Day since they were $10 off. I am loving them for Camryn’s meals and snacks. I love the little compartments that allow me to separate everything (for example, pretzels, cheese, chicken) and it’s very easy to clean and dishwasher safe.


Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

Where we live in Maryland, we’re very close to both the Virginia and West Virginia borders. Right across the border of WV is Harpers Ferry National Historic park. We’ve been there twice now; once on a family hike and once for longer runs. The town is very neat, with 19th-century buildings, a Civil War Museum and other key sites in history.

It is also where the the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers meet, offering views of Maryland and Virginia, and the Appalachian Trail goes right through it.

Harpers Ferry Historical Park

This is the beautiful thru-trail for running and hiking!

Harpers Ferry Trail

I see plenty of long runs there in my future. 



I just signed up for my first Sunbasket meal delivery. I’m excited. I’m looking to make dinners a little more creative and I think this will help. I love my easy meals but I want to keep exposing Camryn to new foods and flavors and presentations, so I think Sunbasket will be a great option for that!

I’ll report back! Let me know if you’ve tried it. 


I’ve been reading alot lately. I finished this book and really enjoyed the mystery. It’s by the same author as “The Girl on the Train.”

Now, I’m reading Dirt is Good and enjoying it. It talks about the importance of gut health in babies and toddlers and how so many things affect it (food, pregnancy, delivery, medication, environment, etc). It’s science-based and a little hard to read before bed so I skim it for what I’m interested in. 

I’m also listening to Big Magic and really enjoying it so far. 


Skratch Products

My friends over at Skratch sent me some products to try during marathon training. I’m excited to try this hydration mix, it seems comparable to Tailwind, which I’ve trained with in the past. 

I think I’m going to buy some of these energy chews to try out too – I’ve heard good things and they look/sound delicious. 

If you’re curious about what I’ve used in my past two marathons, I’ve detailed my favorite running fuels and products all in one place

Homemade Trail Mix

While this recipe I shared on Wednesday is so simple and easy, it’s been fueling me this week. I’ve been working out of coffee shops since I don’t have an office here yet and it’s imperative to carry portable snacks, like this homemade trail mix!

homemade trail mix on granite countertop | Bucket List Tummy

Around the Web

10 Cheap Toddler Activities – I really enjoyed this post from Lindsay! It gave me so many ideas for easy crafts to do with Camryn. 

Milk and Milk Alternatives for Toddlers – Very informative! I wrote this post a few years ago and recently updated about the differences between dairy and non-dairy milks. 

How to Provide the best care for Trans and Non-Binary Clients – I think this topic is so important to discuss and learn about, as our profession works to become more inclusive within the Health At Every Size Framework. 

Gut Bacteria changes after distance running – As a distance runner training for a marathon currently, this was very fascinating. They took a strain of bacteria from marathon runners and injected it into mice – those mice ran for 13% longer on a treadmill! Perhaps speaks to the importance of probiotics and gut health. This is the one I’m taking currently. 

One takeaway I took from this article was the importance of asking people, “What are your pronouns?” I wouldn’t have known to ask that otherwise!

Friday Flashback

Sweet Potato Cookie Dough Dip – a healthy, fun snack option for kids or even something sweet after dinner. 

Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning if you make a purchase, I will earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. 

What are you reading right now?

Fan of meal delivery services?

8 responses to “Childcare, New Books and Friday Favorites #48

    1. It is super cute and historic, I like it so far. What didn’t you like about the book? I’m about 1/3 of the way through so I haven’t gotten to the meat of it yet.

  1. Currently reading the new Dan Silva book. I love a good spy thriller! Those are really cute bento boxes. I remember how hard it was to pack the kids up and get them and all of their stuff ready to go

  2. Interesting about gut health. I take a great probiotic too, but I can say without a doubt that distance running has been terrible for my GI system. Runner GERD is real!

  3. It’s a long trip and requires a bike that’s up to the task, but you can take the C&O Canal towpath southeast all the way to DC, or northwest to Cumberland (and from there, hop on the Great Allegheny Passage all the way to Pittsburgh)! Amtrak also has options that allow you to bike to any stop on the C&O, throw your bike on the train, and then enjoy a scenic ride back to Harper’s Ferry. Might be a fun adventure once Camryn is a little older.

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