Lots of Pizza and Friday Favorites #10

  Dec 9, 2016  |  #Favorites

Hey friends! I hope you’ve had a great week! I’m just popping in today for some typical favorites from the week. Please share some of your favorites in the comments below!

Christmas Card + Decorations

Obsessed with our Christmas card. I ordered them from Shutterfly and I was happy with the way they turned out and shipped pretty quickly!

Christmas Card

We finally have the new house spruced up with Christmas decorations. And Tater has helped quite a bit on the inside…kinda. We went with the fake tree this year in hopes of it being a little less messier with her, but we shall see.

Friday Favorites, Christmas tree

Morning Happiness

I love my mornings, and Thursday turned out to be even more spectacular because James Taylor was on the Today Show. If you’ve been reading my blog long enough, you may know he is my favorite artist. I’ve seen him in concert close to 10 times, and his voice is still beautiful.

Friday Favorites #10,

Yummy Dinners

I’ve had some tofu laying around for a few weeks. Originally, I was going to make my sesame almond meal tofu, but decided to try this sweet and sour tofu recipe that I found on Pinterest and loved it.

Friday favorites #10

Tons of veggie burgers.

Strawberry Balsamic Veggie Slider, Veggie Burger

And boxed pizza one night, because CONVENIENCE.

Friday Favorites #10

And, on a separate night, ladies pizza and wine night. So glad Sara came! We made a red potato, red onion, and bacon pizza with a chipotle drizzle, a balsamic caramelized pear one with gorgonzola cheese, and an italian style with chicken sausage. My friend Deb is a pizza mastermind!

Friday Favorites, pizza night Friday Favorites, pizza night

Food Blogger Meetups

We had our Christmas meet up for the Charlotte Food Bloggers at Tupelo Honey. I’m pretty sure if you feed me brussel sprouts and put moscow mules in my hand, we can be besties.

Friday favorites #10, Tupleo Honey

tupleo honey, Friday favorites #10

Half Marathon

It was sort of a spur of the moment decision, but I’ll be racing in the Huntersville Half Marathon tomorrow morning. I’ve sort of enjoyed a low key month of running since my marathon, meaning I’ll just run when I feel like it, so it will be good to get a feel of where I am now.

Huntersville Half Marathon


Favorite Reads:

Carbs During Workouts May Help Immunity <– Fascinating. Basically, since having enough carbs can stabilize blood sugar, there is less “stress” on the body and immune system to try to normalize the altered state.

The real Paleo diet <– Interesting. The paleo extremists today are so anti grain, but research shows that they may have consumed grains and something more similar to the Mediterranean diet.

Self Care During the Holidays via Avocado a Day. I love everything Rachael puts out.

Lessons in Letting Go <– Cora writes so beautifully. It is an interesting thought – is it harder to let something go, or cause stress trying to hold on to it?

What are your favorites from the week?

Real or fake tree? I much prefer real!

19 responses to “Lots of Pizza and Friday Favorites #10

  1. I go for a fake tree because im allergic to pine! That sweet and sour tofu recipe looks so good! Last night I made veggie and tofu fajitas and they turned out great! Ive been on a tofu kick lately too!
    I actually love frozen pizza–i know its not the best but i love how easy it is! There;s often GF options too!

  2. That is such a fun idea for girls’ night. Everyone loves pizza. THough I may agree with Cora that frozen can sometimes be better than take out. It’s usually more saucy, in my opinion.
    Love the Christmas cards too!

  3. I have ALWAAAAYS wanted a real tree… but nope… we have a fake tree and currently have a fake snow tree even though we live in Australia and it’s SUMMER, haha!

    My favourites from the week… hmm! Lots of time with loved ones! Nothing beats that!

  4. Multiple things:
    1. I love James Taylor too. When I was in the little local crafty shop near my apartment the other day, they were playing James Taylor Christmas songs. It was lovely. 🙂
    2. That tofu stir fry looks awesome, as do all those pizzas!
    3. Your Christmas card also turned out awesome.
    4. Real tree. I’ve always been the one who insists on it in my family. Sigh.

  5. Long time reader first time commenter! I found your blog when I was applying to grad school, and now I’m in my first year of the MPH-RD program at UNC. Just wanted to say I love following along and reading your perspective on life and health!

  6. Never had a fake tree, Sarah, though I understand why may choose to do that. I love the smell of a real one….
    Merry Christmas to you, Ed and Tater.

  7. I love that you got to go out with fellow food bloggers again; that’s such a fun experience. Your Christmas card is so cute. Tater just has that face that you want to hug. Your veggie burgers are totally gourmet looking too.

  8. Love James Taylor. My mom and I are still trying to figure out which house it is that he’s building on the island we live on haha he belongs to the yacht club and his kids go to sailing camp there in the summers so basically that makes us best friends. I’m ALL about the carb life. I personally will never be an advocate for the paleo diet but this is really interesting that true paleo is very different from what people believe it to be.

  9. You know, think I may actually prefer frozen pizza over take out. I’ve got to have one in the freezer for convenience at all times. That being said, oh my GOD pizza mastermind is right! That is the most epic pizza/wine night I have ever heard of. You ladies do things riiiighhhhttttt.
    Thank you so much for sharing my link, Sarah. Its a really hard question to feel and ask ourselves – for everyone. Have fun at the race tomorrow!! You’ll still be a champ. <3

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