Friday Favorites and Top 3 #5

  Jul 15, 2016  |  #Favorites

Hi friends, happy Friday! I’m loading this post up with fun pictures from the last few weeks and some great reads for you guys as I continue to settle in. Hopefully next week, I’ll have pictures of the house to show. Thanks to the wonderful Kate for hosting this link up!

Top 3 High’s: 

Running on the Block Island Trails. The scenery made my long run go by quickly! Can’t beat running by the ocean, which unfortunately, Charlotte just can’t match.

Block Island running

Spending lots of QT time with Lucy. I miss her so much in North Carolina!



Time with family and beautiful sunsets! Going home was rejuvenating in so many ways.

Sarah and Ed

Top Lows:

The stress and bruising that come with moving. Oh well, it’s done and over with now!

Also, unbelievably hot weather so I wasn’t able to follow my marathon training plan this week. I was probably due for time off anyway!

Along with the hot weather, our air has not been working. It’s been a brutal past few days. No internet yet, either. Living like a caveman!

no wifi

Top Eats:

S’mores campfire ice cream! I could eat this all day every day.


Lunch at Ikea while furniture shopping! I’ve hit up their $3.00 breakfast buffet, but this was my first lunch experience. I was seriously impressed with their healthy offerings! I got a large piece of salmon over a kale salad for $6.00. You go, Ikea.

Ikea salmon

Turkey burger and sweet potato fries. Can’t ever turn these bad boys down.

Bad Daddy's Burger Bar

Honorable mention, Tropical Pineapple Dasani Sparkling Water.


Favorite Reads:

For the Record (about objectifying women) by Jennifer Aniston <–AMEN to this!

A guide to probiotics via Happy Healthy Mamma<– great stuff in here to share with clients.

The Dangerous Lies Your Trainer is Telling You <– Registered Dietitians earn degrees for a reason. Just make sure you know the credentials of who you get your advice from!

Milk Can Help you Stay Hydrated <–Because milk has electrolytes and other nutrients, the stomach will empty more slowly, meaning less trips to the bathroom. I need to remember this for my next road trip!


70 Recipes Using Canned Tuna <– Love tuna, and it’s such a cheap way to get those omega 3’s!

The Most Iconic Restaurant in Every State <– If this doesn’t belong on my bucket list, I don’t know what does! (I’ve been to the ones in Lousiana, Seattle, WA, and Rhode Island, obviously). Funny enough, I didn’t eat at the one in Portland. I remember walking in and changing my mind and going somewhere else – if only I had known!)

Flashback Recipe: 

I plan on making this breakfast pizza on Saturday after my long run!

veggie breakfast pizza

What are you making this weekend? Any fun plans?

22 responses to “Friday Favorites and Top 3 #5

  1. I am not surprised at all that all of your top 3’s were from the beach! Vacation on the coast is the best!
    It has been incredibly hot this week, so no doubt can I vouch that it is way to hot to run long distances. I did a 3 mile run on Wednesday but it felt like 10!
    I’ve been thinking about going to Ikea soon and now that I know I can have that for lunch, there’s no turning back! 😀

  2. Glad the move went well, running on the beach sounds so amazing! Maybe I would like running a a little better if I had a beach haha?
    Smores campfire ice cream sounds out of this world! Thanks for reminding me of that recipe you posted, I had wanted to make it but forgot!!

  3. Okay, so how the heck did you get that picture of your running? So great!!
    Though the heat is taking away from something you’d like to do, I have to say I’m still rather jealous. It’s been cold and rainy and all sorts of poop here. Hope the weekend goes well as you continue to move in!

  4. Ahhhhh those block island trails. Heaven. We walk miles and miles whenever we go (I think we’re heading there in the next few weeks). Such a great picture of you running! And that ice cream… now I’m going to search for it tonight. Maybe I’ll make my parents go off the island with me for some haha I don’t think Spinnakers in Jamestown has that flavor.

  5. That breakfast pizza looks like an AMAZING post long run breakfast. And those Block Island trails? Dreamy. I absolutely love trail running. I did some yesterday, and it reminded me just how much I love being out on the peaceful trails. Also, I hope the stress lessens really soon Sarah. I wish I could be there to help you with your moving. Having friends help usually is a blessing! Ooh, and is that DASANI sparkling water good? I love La Croix.

    1. The trails really are so peaceful. I could run for hours and hours. You are too sweet, Em. Now the fun part is organizing 🙂 I love La Croix – this Dasani is pretty good too!

  6. I love things like “popular foods in each state” or “weird ice creams from each state” Thank you for giving me more click bait <3 I get you about the weather and running. It's hard to breathe out there!

  7. Doggy time is the best 🙂 The weather has been crazy hot lately, I can’t imagine running in it considering I sweat while walking lol. That ice cream flavor sounds amazing!! And I hope the air turns back on and your internet starts working again. I rely heavily on the internet haha but a break from it is always nice 🙂 This weekend I won’t have time to do much cooking because I’ll be out all tomorrow and working Sunday, but hopefully next week!

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