Friday Favorites #14 and off to Austin

  Feb 17, 2017  |  #Favorites

I had every intention of getting a post up on Wednesday; a new edition of Wellness Wednesday, actually. But, Tuesday was Valentine’s Day, and we went out after work, and I couldn’t finish it in time. I lived in the moment and took time away from the computer. I remind myself that this is good and okay, and I there will be some days where I just don’t have time to get a post up.

Just a reminder that being present with the people in your life and enjoying that companionship and those relationships is the most important thing.

live in moment

Menu Gazing for Austin

Gimme all of these tacos and one of these bowls, this mushroom pasta, one of these cocktails…and the list goes on.

Tea Dates with Macarons


Nutrition for Marathon Training

If anyone is training for a marathon (or even a half) or wants to someday, this book is a great resource for discussing pre, during and post run meal/snack options, hydration, energy, recipes and so much more!

Nancy Clark is very well known and knowledgable in sports nutrition – my idol!

food guide for marathoners

Frozen Yogurt Bark

I made this for our monthly cooking class for work this week! You just take full fat yogurt, add some toppings (we did raspberries, chocolate chips and peanuts on one, and bananas and chocolate on the other), and stick it in the freezer. An easy, healthy snack!

froyo bark

Alino’s Pizza

Guys, this is a true, brick oven Italian style pizza. I love the thin crust style. You can’t order pizza by the slice, you get large, delicious pizzas. And of course, I had to try the italian cannoli and cheesecake too. A great Valentine’s Day well spent with good friends, and their adorable little baby.

Alino's Pizza


Puppy Naps

Melts my heart.

tater napping

Link Shares

Beyond the gluten free gimmicks

Step away from the scale

Jobs for chocolate and candy taste testers –> this sounds great but I’m not sure I could do this!

Are you going meatless for the right reasons? <–Couldn’t have stated this better. Like Rachel, I have many clients who are transitioning to vegetarian/vegan lifestyles, some for health/moral reasons, but some because they think or have heard it’s healthier.



High Mileage Runners Expend Less Energy

Cardio and Strength Interval Circuit via Mile by Mile. Intervals and circuits are my favorite way (read: only way) to incorporate strength training. I’m not the type of person who can just lift weights for 20 minutes straight. I need some sort of interval and this workout looks great.

How base training can help you run faster


Thick or thin crust pizza?

Fun weekend plans?

22 responses to “Friday Favorites #14 and off to Austin

  1. Living and enjoying life is always more important than getting a blog post out!

    I love that Tater curls herself up into such a tight little ball to sleep – Chanel does that too – but Trixie lays with her belly up and legs spread out, hahaha. Not at all lady like 😛

  2. I really like thin crust pizza, but I also miss thick. Really good thick crust gluten-free pizza is hard to come by.
    At first I thought it said “ten dates with macarons,” and I thought that would be awesome. But a tea date with macarons is also awesome. 🙂

  3. Woah, I seriously need to try that yogurt bark; that’s a genius idea. It looks like chocolate but you have your probiotics in there too. I love it. And I totally agree that LIVING life is so so much more important than pumping out posts. I’m every so slowly learning that lesson.

  4. Glad you enjoyed Valentines Day without the computer! 😀 Looks like some delicious pizza was involved too! I love a nice thick crust for pizza but its hard to come by with gluten free crusts these days.

  5. Thick or thin.. that is a tough one. I really love good authentic thin crust, but nothing really beats the thick chewy crusts of cheap Delissio frozen pizzas.. or a thick chewy sourdough. Just give me both?
    That yogurt bark is brilliant! All you need is the yogurt and your toppings?

    1. I’m with you – give me half of each and I’ll be happy as a clam! And yes, for the yogurt bark, just yogurt (we mixed some honey/cocoa powder depending on the flavor you want), and toppings, and put it in the fridge for a few hours!

  6. I miss a thin crust person, but I’ve never had deep dish so I can’t be sure. Weekend plans include grocery shopping and trying a new lunch place. Have fun in Austin!

  7. puppy naps are the best <3 that frozen yogurt bark sounds so good. gotta check out that article on going meatless … have a great weekend sarah!

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