Fuel and Snacks For Moving

  May 24, 2019  |  #Eats

This post was sponsored by GOOD THiNS as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

We are less than a week out from our move out of our current house. I’m trying to prepare for this transition as best I can. We will have a little bit of a lapse between when we move out of our current house and when we can move into our new house in Maryland, which makes things a tad bit complicated. We decided that the best option is to travel up to Rhode Island for that time duration to spend time with my family.

As you can probably image, moving is so stressful. And tiring! I can’t even count how many boxes I’ve packed in the past few weeks, and it’s all a blur as to which box contains what. It’s even harder with an adorable little 14-month-old running around and taking things out of boxes. 

As you probably could have guessed, snacking has played a big part in our packing adventures and our daily lives. It’s made both Ed and me a little more sane and personable when packing. I am not a pleasant person when I don’t get enough food and snacks. 

God Thins Box While Packing

Since Camryn basically thinks she is entitled to whatever I’m eating, I try to keep snacks readily available as well. I mostly try to serve her wholesome snacks that are free of artificial colors, large amounts of added sugar, and high fructose corn syrup, like GOOD THiNs crackers, our most recent favorite!

GOOD THiNs crackers outside

What Makes GOOD THiNs Different?

Well, like I mentioned, they are free of artificial colors and flavorings, high fructose corn syrup and large amounts of sugar and salt. We are not gluten-sensitive in our house, but if you do have gluten sensitivities, GOOD THiNS crackers are all also gluten-free. I know I’m always adding to my list of gluten-free snack options for clients.

Additionally, GOOD THiNs have so many options and flavors, such as The Rice One – Veggie Blend, The Corn One – Sea Salt and the new The Cheese One – Three Cheese flavor. I appreciate how there are so many fun varieties to choose from and ones to meet different dietary preferences. The new Three Cheese flavor is only available at a limited number of stores currently (unfortunately, they weren’t available at my local store). 

Shopping for crackers at grocery store

We typically enjoy them as a snack with hummus or guacamole, cheese or fruit. My favorite flavor is The Rice One Veggie Blend. To me, they taste just like pizza, and we all know how I feel about pizza. 

Good Thins Veggie Blend as Healthy Snack | Bucket List Tummy

They also make a great accompaniment to snack and fruit plates. I enjoy a variety of flavors and textures when eating, so having something crunchy to pair with the sweetness of fruit and savory nature of cheese is perfect. Camryn loves having lots of options too!

I love how GOOD THiNs are a snack that the whole family can enjoy. Tater has been known to sneak a few crackers, too. 

Plate of watermelon, pineapple, strawberries and Good Thins crackers

Where can you find GOOD THiNs?

I prefer doing my online shopping through grocery pickup. Walmart Online Grocery Pick Up is a life saver. Like I mentioned in this post, I love online grocery pick up and it has been such a game changer for my grocery shopping efficiency as a mom.

Plus, I feel like it saves me money because I’m not walking around buying things I don’t need or haven’t figured out how to prep for and less impulse buys. Additionally, I plan to go when I’m already out and about in the area so it’s an efficient use of my time, too. It’s easy to just add these snacks to your online cart and order, and not waste time walking through the aisles looking for every single thing you need.

Another great thing about Walmart’s Grocery Pick Up is you know before you go what is available and what isn’t. You’ll receive communication from the Walmart team when your order is ready for pick up, and what was or wasn’t in stock. It makes planning so much easier to know what you have before arriving at the store!

Have you tried Walmart’s Grocery Pick Up?

Have you tried GOOD THiNs before? What’s your favorite flavor?


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  1. Wow I can’t imagine just how much Cam must keep you on your toes; I’m thankful that God gave us snacks to keep us sustained through those super busy days.

  2. Less than a week away already!? Holy smokes! Moving is HUGE… not to mention an entire house and family. No kidding you must be exhausted. Keep that good fuel going 🙂

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