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Full in Seattle

Hellllo! My mom and I traveled to Seattle this weekend for a little northern Pacific getaway. We actually took the Amtrack train from Portland, which was a nice and easy ride, and saved us from driving and traffic. I finished a book (FOR FUN, not work/school related!), which was so enjoyable.

Union station


So, the trip mostly revolved around food. This shouldn’t be any surprise to you guys. Upon arriving, we checked into our hotel and got ready for dinner at Aqua, a nice place on the water (Pier 70) that a friend recommended. The views of Mt. Rainer and Elliot Bay were top-notch and the food was great.

dinner3 dinner1 dinner4

We obviously HAD to order seafood. To start, I had a squash salad with goat cheese and dried raisins and my mom had butternut squash soup. I am a supporter of butternut squash anything and both were delicioussss. Goat cheese + butternut squash is my favorite new combo – they work really well together. For entrees, I then ordered the salmon and mom got the seabass. We also split a yummy pumpkin risotto.squash salad

squash soup


After dinner, we walked around downtown and checked out the original Starbucks, which was neat to see. Check out the logo from 1971!

Sarah starbucks

Saturday, we got up and headed to Pike Place market for our Savor Seattle Food Tour. I highly recommend this company for food tours in Seattle – they have more than 5 different ones of various Seattle neighborhoods, including a chocolate tour one and a brews and food one. Yum! Our tourguide was great, and we got 6-7 samples at vendors where we could skip right ahead of the long lines people were waiting in (being in a food tour has major perks!) Pike Place Chowder is a huge hit, and people wait in line for 45 minutes to an hour. The chowder was very good, but I’m pretty spoiled growing up with RI Clam Chowder. I tried to snap pictures of most of the samples we tried but sometimes I ate too quickly – stops included Daily Dozen Doughnuts, Pike Place Fish (the guys who throw fish!!), Pike Place Chowder, Beecher’s Cheese (an amazingly creamy Mac ‘N Cheese), Etta’s Seafood, Chukar Cherries, Piroshky Piroshky (Russian breads and baked goods – we tried a savory cheesy herb one and a sweet apple cinnamon).Food tour2
Foodtour4 Foodtour6 Foodtour7 foodtour9 foodtour10


After the tour, we checked out the gum wall (gross!), and then headed to the waterfront and rode the ferris wheel to get some great city and water views. Mom and I got over 7 miles of walking in throughout the day!

gum wall

Seattle skyline

Sunday started with a delicious brunch at Tillikum Place Café, which I found as a top-rated brunch place via yelp. I went for a little run in the morning and realized how close it was to where we were staying, so that was a lucky win. We were able to get in early (usually you need a reservation!) and I’m so glad we did. It was my favorite meal all weekend!!

We started with French press coffee, and then I ordered the baked eggs with carmelized onions, goat cream cheese, squash (yep – again) and bread crumbs, which was amazing. I also ordered a side of pumpkin pancakes with whip cream because..come on, how can you not? It was probably the best pancake ever.

brunch3 Seattle Brunch1

We actually ended up leaving earlier than planned – the weather was yucky and there was a Seahawks football game so we figured traffic would only get worse. All in all, it was a short and sweet trip to Seattle, but it was fun! I now have a list of new restaurants and experiences for my bucket list for next time.

Hope you had a fabulous weekend!

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