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Gift Ideas for Endurance Athletes

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2020 has been a weird year for all of us, and I think most of us are excited about the prospect of 2021. However, if there have been any positives of 2020 (well, I had a VBAC home birth so that was pretty cool), it’s been neat for me to personally see many people getting more interested in running and endurance exercise in general.

Yes, I know, many races have been canceled or postponed, which can make motivation tough. But on the flip side, with gyms closed and when people were/are on lock down, we’ve seen many people taking up running, walking and cycling. And not just for the physical benefits, but for the mental and mental health benefits as well. 

So, as I do every year, here are some of my favorite gift ideas for runners. I have some new ones on the list this year so I hope you enjoy!

Creative Running Gifts

I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for the fun and unique running gifts. I find a ton of stuff on ETSY, and have asked for and given many of these types of gifts. 

I got my marathon medal holder from Etsy.

wooden marathon medal holder

Other neat Etsy ideas:

black framed photograph of NYC marathon course

For women, I love jewelry. I really love these inspirational bracelets from Gone for a Run. Camryn tries to wear them too. 

They wear really well with my Alex and Ani bracelets

gone for a run inspirational bracelet

Foods and Fuels for Runners

If you haven’t seen my Amazon storefront for running and nutrition products, check that out for some of my favorites!

All runners need a good protein powder, in my opinion. It’s an essential pantry staple for runners, especially if you struggle meeting your daily protein needs.

I really love Orgain and the Garden of Life varieties for plant based athletes. For a whey based powder, I recommend this one.

smoothie in bowl with toppings

One of the newer brands I’ve really come to love is Generation UCAN. Not only are they cool because they’re used by athletes like Meb and Sara Hall, but their product is superior for long lasting energy due to the superstarch content. 

UCAN energy bars

The chocolate almond energy bar is great pre run because it’s not a protein bar but instead high in carbohydrates, so great for a quick snack or pre run, especially if you have runners gut symptoms

They also have their own almond butter enhanced with superstarch, which is super cool. And the watermelon electrolytes are so so good!

Also – they are offering 30% through December 2nd, and there are special product giveaways each day!

Watermelon UCan electrolytes

Gels and Chews

Gels and chews make for great stocking stuffers! And you may be able to get a great discount if you stock up now. Personally, I love Huma Gels, Honey stinger chews and just dried mango. I’ll pair with the UCan electrolytes and those are my fuel choices on repeat for long races. 

Huma plus gel with running sneakers

Collapsible Water Bottle

This STOJO collapsible water bottle is great for on the go! And having a good handheld or hydration vest is crucial for distance running. 

girl running on the C&O Canal

Prime Pantry Subscription 

Have you tried Amazon Prime Pantry yet? Super easy way to have groceries delivered right to your door, for less. I use it occasionally for pantry staples and non toxic cleaning products.

Physio, Stretching and Functional Products

If you’re looking for some help with flexibility and toe pain, these yogatoes look relaxing! They fit by your shoe size. I have a client who swears by them. Plus, with over 5,000 reviews, the feedback is very positive. 

Soft tissue release tool on toes of runner

Epsom salt baths are vital for marathon recovery and endurance recovery. 

The running stick is always a good stocking stuffer, although most runners (including myself) are notorious for not foam rolling or doing this. 

running stick

The trigger point products are also helpful for recovery!

If you run with your dog a lot (like I do and my husband does), this dog leash is hands off. We use it for walks a lot, too. 

Running and Exercise Apparel

If you’re someone going out for runs in the snow and ice, consider something like these traction cleats for safety to help you better grip the terrain. They just slip on to the bottom of your running shoes!

yaktrax traction cleats for running

I haven’t tried these stabilizers but they follow the same idea and are lightweight and durable!

Tracksmith is the new running gear on the market! I haven’t personally tried it but I love the way the attire looks. 

Personally, I’m a big fan of Underarmor running stuff. Particularly, this running vest, no bounce sports bra and this cold gear hoodie

Underarmor Cold Gear Hoodie

Winter Running Beanie

This is great for women with long hair and pony tails to keep warm in the cold winter running weather. 

A Ponytail Headband is also great for keeping hair out of your eyes and great for cooler weather!


We’re a Knockaround sunglasses family! They are budget friendly enough that if you lose a pair it’s not the end of the world, but they are cute and super stylish, too!

Grab 40% your sunglasses!

Knockaround sunglasses

Feetures Socks

These socks are supposed to last a lifetime! In fact, if you get a hole in them, they’ll send you a new pair for free. While they are a little pricier than other socks, they are built to last.

Love these for stocking stuffers. They are offering 20% from 11/25-12/7!

Plus, they are a family-owned North Carolina based company and we really love them. They have compression options and socks that can help with plantar fascia too!

Other Gift Ideas for Runners

Spin Bike/ Cross training equipment

Looking for some cross training ideas for this winter weather? You can get a spin bike: a peloton or Schwinn. I personally went for the Schwinn model and use it with the peloton app! 

riding Schwinn spin bike

I am LOVING it and it’s such a great way to have access to a variety of workouts (cycling, running, strength, yoga, walking, meditation, stretching, barre, etc). 

Speaking of cross training, resistance bands are great for stretching, flexibility and even strength work!

purple, pink and green resistant bands

GPS Watch

If you haven’t bought a Garmin GPS watch yet, you can get some of the older models for a reasonable price! I pair my apple watch to my spin bike to track my heart rate for peloton workouts, but when I start running again, I’ll go back to using my Garmin. 

Nail Your Nutrition Course

If you have a runner in your life who has everything, or loves to learn, consider our Nail Your Nutrition course! We are a small business so if you’re into supporting small businesses, we appreciate it!

For a limited time we’re offering $100 off the course, so you can get it all for just $197 – lifetime access! Use the code, “BLACKFRIDAY100”

nail your nutrition logo

The course has 10+ modules all about fueling for endurance exercise, from pre run fueling, to post run recovery, to vegan and vegetarian diets, to supplements, injuries, non training days and more!

Hunger Ebook

If you’re interested in trying intuitive eating, I’m offering my Ebook for 50% OFF! That means it’s yours for just over $11! Use the code “blackfridayblt” at checkout.

This is active now, so order yours today, or even for a family member who has struggled with dieting or eating habits. This is a 50+ page ebook that teaches you how to get in touch with your hunger and fullness and learn the basic of intuitive eating. It can help you UNLEARN the basics of dieting.

learn how to honor your hunger Ebook

Audible Subscription

Know a runner who LOVES to read, but doesn’t have time? Or someone who loves to listen to audiobooks on long runs?

An audible membership may be perfect for them. I kid you not, I am pretty proud of the number of books I’ve “read” this year, and most of them is through listening. Favorite running ones? Deena Kaster’s Let Your Mind Run and Haruki Murakami’s What I Talk about when I Talk about Running

Fab Fit Fun

Not specifically for runners, but I love the Fab Fit Fun boxes. One was sent to me as a gift years ago and since then, I’ve always gifted them to others! For just $49.95, you get over $200 worth of cool seasonal products, bags, etc.

For Black Friday, you get a free mini box if you subscribe to a seasonal membership! Use the code YOURMINI! And you get a free bonus box if you subscribe to the annual membership with the code YOURBONUS. 

Fab Fit Fun Box

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  1. You have so many great gift options on this post! I love the idea of putting a basket of energy bars, and health food together. It’s such a nice, practical gift because food is essential and expensive!

  2. Thanks for suggestions, Sarah.
    We use Freshly (and love them) and my favorite socks are Feetures for my left foot Plantar Fascitis…

  3. Feeture socks are so comfortable! I got them as a gift a year or so ago and they are awesome. Keeps my toes warm in winter but also cool in the summer. Love them!