Grain and Gristle

  Oct 14, 2015  |  #Portland

Come here for the burger! That’s strictly why I came. I’m a hugeeee burger fanatic and I’m on a quest to find one of the best in Portland. I wasn’t overly impressed by my first bite – you have to do something to make your burgers stand out, whether it be the way you cook/marinade them, the bun, a certain cheese, toppings/sauce, etc. For this burger, it’s the brioche roll and aioli that stood out for me. The burger was perfectly juicy and the combination of juicy meat, melty cheese, creamy aoili on a toasted brioche bun was delicious. So far, its in my top 3 burger places in Portland. {Note: I did not get an egg on mine, though I’m sure it would be

My picture does not do the burger justice so I borrowed one from the website. I definitely recommend this burger!

grain and gristle burger

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