Hazel Room

  Nov 1, 2015  |  #Portland

The Hazel Room is a cozy little breakfast/brunch spot in Southeast Portland. If you come with a larger group, expect to wait. Fortunately, it was just me so I snagged a seat at the bar in no time. I spent way too much time pondering what to order and was stuck between the biscuit sandwich I eventually decided on, and the pumpkin pancake roll. I think I made the wrong choice.

I ordered the BYOB biscuit sandwich with a fried egg, bacon, gruyere cheese and apple butter spread. They do give you ample bacon, which I appreciate. And the apple butter is realllly good – I asked for extra. But I couldn’t even taste the cheese – there needed to be more of that. The homemade biscuit was pretty good – not amazing but good.

Hazel Room biscuit sandwich

I also ordered the caramelized grapefruit because it sounded so unique. It was pretty good for something new and different that not many other brunch places offer in Portland. This is worth ordering!

Hazel room caramelized grapefruit

I’m not sure I would come back here for brunch – there’s just too many other places to try!


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