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How to Maintain Healthy Habits While Moving

Hello there! I hope your week is going great so far! I’m linking up for What I Ate Wednesday today to talk about my incessant appetite during moving these last few days. Make sure to check out the rest of the party too!

Most of my eats have either been out, or out of tupperware or plastic bowls and plates lately.  Such is life with moving. After advice from some of you guys and just accepting that life is going to be hectic through this move, I’ve totally come to terms with this temporary lifestyle. It’s actually quite freeing – you don’t think about any of your meals and you  just eat what’s in front of you.

I really have no idea where certain things are, and it would be a scavenger hunt to try and find things. So now, we’re just eating what we find when we find it. It’s sustainable for the short term.

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Smoothie bowl made with spinach, protein powder, frozen banana, frozen blueberries, flax, and topped with hemp seeds, cocoa nibs (affiliate link), Nikki’s Cake Batter Coconut Butter (I AM ADDICTED), banana and granola. Luckily, I kept all my breakfast essentials in one bag for easy toppings like this.

smoothie bowl

Snack #1:

After loading the car, getting my sweat on and burning through that fuel, it was time for my morning snack, a little earlier than usual.

Toast, PB, banana, hemp seeds, more cocoa nibs <– because they are full of antioxidants, fiber and healthy fat. 


Snack #2:

And shortly later, snack #2 on one of the car rides over – a peach I grabbed from a hotel a couple nights ago and a Coconut Square Bar I found in my car that was half melted. It was there for a reason, right?

healthy habits while moving

After a few hours of unloading and organizing, I took a break for lunch. Actually, Ed so kindly brought lunch to me. There’s a great salad bar grocery store nearby, so he graciously decorated it similarly to how I would have myself (chicken, three types of beans, beats, tomatoes), alongside a Ginger Kombucha. Awesome husband points awarded.

Salad bar, healthy habits while moving

Eventually, I declared my work was done for the day (the carpets were being cleaned so I couldn’t walk on them anyway). Just chillin’ on our back porch (which I am IN LOVE with). Be still, my heart. Dinner parties coming!

healthy habits while moving

I asked Ed if he wanted to grab a nice cold beer, seeing as I was dripping in sweat and that’s what sounded good to me on a sunny Monday at 5pm. So, we headed to Bad Daddy’s because shocking, I was once again starving. In my opinion, Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar has some of the best sweet potato fries around, so I got those as a side to my turkey burger. Topped the turkey burger with feta, avocado, grilled onions and mushrooms. Match made in heaven. Ed opted for the tots over the fries and I told him he was missing out.

Bad Daddy's Burger Bar Bad Daddy's Burger Bar

We then went on a fun scavenger hunt. We are the most clueless homeowners. We tried to find curtains. Let me inform you that I have no idea about decor or anything curtains. If there was a House Hunters or Decorating Show for Clueless Home Buyers, we would be their prime target.

We did buy some curtains, which I literally have no idea if they will even fit the measurements (or if I even did the measurements right). It’s a 50/50 shot. I’ll send updates. We also were on a mission to find couches. We got to one store at 8:02pm after they closed at 8, and then raced across town to another store. Not having much luck there (this is 8:46 pm), we sought out another store nearby that closed at 9, slipped on in, and kept searching. Alas, no luck. We plan on ordering from Wayfair, but we were trying to get a low down on the material and color we like!

I also feel like this time with Ed helped me stay sane throughout the process, especially making the couch searching into a fun game or scavenger hunt. My advice to those looking to move: Make it fun. That may sound crazy, but there are a lot of things that are obviously going to be out of your hands and out of your control. You can either internally resist them or roll with the punches and lean in. I opted for the second one, and despite my type A personality, I don’t think I would have survived with the former.


The most logical thing to do when we got home for our last night in our current home was to eat a makeshift dessert out of a plastic cup. I needed something to quench the sweet tooth, so I had a couple cups of cereal with milk before calling it a night because that’s all I could find. But, I went to bed with a happy heart and happy belly, and while I still have slight anxiety about all the unpacking there is to do, keeping my snacks consistent and blood sugar stable has really helped me remain sane and on task!

Sidenote – I’m always a hungry kid, but dangggg, moving had me hungry out of my mind. Can you relate?

Have you had any luck couch shopping?

Would you order sweet potato fries or tots?


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  1. Very timely post since today is actually exactly 2 weeks to the day that my parents and I will be driving out of California to our new home in Colorado Springs! As a Marine brat, I’m used to moving but we haven’t moved since I was diagnosed with celiac disease and need to follow a gluten free diet…so it should be interesting! (AKA lots of surprises for better or worse) 😛

  2. That Nikki’s Cake Batter Coconut Butter sounds so amazing! Does it really taste like cake batter? And OH MY GOODNESS those fries!!! I’m obsessed with sweet potato fries. Anytime I go out to eat, my first question is “Do you have sweet potato fries?”. I’d order them over tots any day.

  3. I highly recommend the free interior design services that some stores offer. I know Pottery Barn, Ethan Allen and Restoration Hardware all offer it. They will come out to your house, look at the space, take all the measurements and help you choose the right options for you at your budget. And it’s free! I am building and used them to buy all my furniture..its been seamless and takes a lot of pressure off! Good luck!

  4. I need to try that coconut butter! I just got a square bar from whole foods and I’m super excited to give it a try. Also turkey burger or veggie burger and sweet potato fries is my go to meal. SO good. And cereal does make for a great make-shift dessert 🙂 Have a good day girl!

    1. IT’s so good! I didn’t think I would be into coconut butter but when it tastes like this, definitely 🙂 Which flavor did you pick up? Have a great week, Alyssa!

  5. You’ve been getting in delicious eats while moving. I love night time cereal snacks. I think cereal sometimes gets a bad rap, but it is such a good, filling snack. And sweet potato fries are my favorite, because they have such depth of flavor. That porch on your new house? WOW, that’s beautiful. I can’t wait to see all the lovely dinner parties you set up on there.

    Square bars are the best + Perfect Bars. 🙂

    1. A lot of cereal does have a lot of sugar, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t ever have it. I like it as a night time snack! Thanks Emily – I wish you could come to some!!

  6. Whenever something shoots up in my life – I never let it affect my healthy lifestyle. I always make that work because it’s my life, and I don’t see living any other way! Moving, traveling, (god forbid) getting sick – I will ALWAYS eat my salmon and work out! 😉

  7. Oh my godddd your burger. We seriously have the same taste buds. Those would be the exact toppings I would go running to.
    Your house!! Look at that deck!! This is so exciting. You are going to have ALL the dinner parties and nice relaxing cups of coffee out on that beautiful deck in the sunshine. So jealous and happy for you!
    Also. Love your shirt.
    Good luck with the remaining couch searching and other fun scavenger hunts. Your hubby is truly a winner.

  8. Ahhhh now I want to go to Bad Daddy’s! My one time there was a meal to remember. I loved the sweet potato fries, but terry got the tots and those were yummy too!
    I think any kind of all day, physical labor job is tough. I’d be hungry all day too!!

  9. i definitely have those endless hunger days, but sounds like you were super busy with moving, so all that fuel was put to good use ! ;D and oh my gosh, i have been craving savory like no other. mostly hummus, but those sweet potato fries– mhmm!!
    (also, i had the WORST veggie burger yesterday– went to what looked like an amazing place, but out came a greasy potato patty and frozen fries. ew. sadness 🙁 )

  10. Ugh I really hate furniture shopping! Its like you really want to see it in the store to know it you will like it but there usually aren’t big selections in the stores. We have been looking for outdoor furniture for our deck and its been a nightmare. Especially this time of year there is like nothing left!

  11. Your eats look seriously good despite the craziness of moving! Couch shopping is definitely frustrating for me as I feel like I know what I want but struggle to find exactly what I want? Luckily we don’t need a couch right this second but as we’re looking to move I know I’ll soon have to commit to something 😛