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Highlights of Summer Time + GIVEAWAY

This post is sponsored by JORD watches. Thanks for helping me keep track of time this summer!

I’ve always loved summer. School’s out, sleeping in, eating later on the patio at night, corn on the cob, beautiful sunsets, summer beers, dinner at the country club growing up, 4th of July fireworks, little league games, my birthday, summer activities and travels, summer camps.

I especially love eating al fresco.

homemade dinner eating outside

And spending more time outside.

husband and wife standing on a rock with canadian mountains and water in background

Now that I’m an adult, there’s obviously not three months out of school, but I still do take advantage of the summer for traveling! As I’ve mentioned before, we planned a bunch of travel this summer.

In late May, we checked out Utah (see this Salt Lake City Travel Guide), and ran the Ogden Marathon. In June, we headed to a wedding in Indianapolis and then explored Chicago with my sister. 

We’re heading up to my home state, Rhode Island, later this month, and a few more short trips between now and then.

Chicago beach view with city buildings in background

So, when JORD watches reached out to me for collaboration, I immediately hopped on board. I’ve always wanted a stylish watch, especially for traveling. I love my running watch, but there’s something about a good watch when you’re not running and you’re out and about. I ALWAYS notice watches on other people, but I’ve just never invested in one of my own. I love the way they look and can complement outfits.

JORD watch on wrist

On a more sentimental note, I think that watches are more of a sentiment and symbol that life is short. It’s easy to look at the time and think about the next thing you should be doing, but to me, they’re a memory that life moves quick!

If you’ve never checked out JORD’s watches, they have both classy men’s watches and beautiful women’s watches.  Their watches are made out of various types of wood (maple, bamboo, ebony, olive, rosewood, walnut, etc). They are so classy!

After looking through the watches, I loved the Frankie 35 the most. I’m such a teal/mint girl (can you tell by my teal Garmin?!), so as soon as I saw the Dark Sandalwood and Mint colors, I knew I wanted them.

men's watch, unique watch, engraved gift

My favorite part about the watch is that it’s very comfortable and you can wear it all the time. It truly is a daily watch that can complement everything! I got so many complements from clients when wearing it to work. The materials are very high quality, the look is sleek, and the colors are eye catching!

men's watch, unique watch, engraved gift, #sponsored #jordwatch #myjord #summerstyle

Your Turn!

Now, JORD watches is giving a Bucket List Tummy reader a chance to win $100 towards their stylish watches! One person will win the $100 offer, but everyone who enters will get $25.00 to spend. Great deal!

Fill out this form for a chance to win $100 towards one of JORD’s beautiful watches. One winner will be chosen randomly at the contest’s end. Additionally, every person that enters will receive a code worth $25.00 towards once of JORD’s cool watches.

Leave a comment below telling me which style is your favorite!

Do you have any travel planned this summer, or have you already traveled somewhere fun?

Do you have a fun, non running watch?

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  1. That watch is awesome! I have really small wrists and watches always look really odd on me (so does my mama so she too doesn’t wear a watch!) but I’ve recently bought a watch band for my fitbit that looks like an actual watch and somehow it looks good! 😛

  2. These really are beautiful watches – wow. I got one (a super cheap one) a few months ago so that I didn’t have to carry around my phone all the time, and I absolutely love it. I wish more people still wore watches.

  3. I love seeing other people wear really fun stylish pretty watches, but I’m so bad at taking it on and off. Maybe it’s a nervous habit? I’m not sure. 🙂 But I love how it looks Sarah, and I totally agree that summer is such a fun time to be outside and explore and enjoy the summer heat and sunshine.

  4. Love that watch, Sarah! The turquoise face is so fun. I actually don’t have a watch other than my Garmin haha- but I definitely should invest in one at some point!