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Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies and Runners

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Hi loves!

How’s your week going? It’s been rainy and BLAH here in Charlotte. Tater doesn’t want to spend time outside but then she comes in soaked and muddy. But you can’t get mad at a face like this, can you?

Tater puppy

And I find myself just wanting to curl up in bed with a book. But, I’m doing the Huntersville Half this weekend so I need to get out and run!

I find rainy weather rather appropriate for online shopping as well. So I figured it would be perfect to share with you some of the things on my list and things I’m hoping to buy for others this year.

The Bucket List Tummy inaugural gift guide:

Food Apparel

I mean, how cute is this I EAT tank and this one.

Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies

For running, I love this tank! Seems like it would be perfect for a brewery run.


Essentials, right? Love this bamboo travel mug.  It even comes with a tea infuser!

Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies

Kitchen Tools

I have a handheld spiralizer, but I’m eyeing this one with 5 blades. Upgrade.

Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies

Also, it’s a great time to ask for or give a waffle maker, donut pans, or espresso machine (my personal favorite).

Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies

Standing Desk

A standing desk is certainly on my list. With all the sitting I do for blog stuff and meeting with clients, I can’t wait to be able to stand more. Decrease some of the leg cramps, stretch out my muscles and improve posture!

Charlotte peeps – there’s a local company, X stand, that makes standing desks, and you can personalize it!

Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies

Magazine subscriptions

Women’s Running and Eating Well (available for kindle!) are my two favorites.

Eating Well, Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies


It seems that I have slippers on my list every year. I love warm slippers and there’s nothing better to mosey around the house in while I drink my coffee. For cute, affordable ones, I’m loving these and they have amazing reviews.

Moc slippers, Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies

If you’re looking for a more all-purpose slipper, Mahabis are great too and so easy to slip on and off.

Running Related

Feetures Socks. Well, not only for us runners, but for life itself! Feetures have a lifetime guarantee, meaning if you get a hole in one at any point, they will ship you a new pair for free!

Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies

Running Gloves.  Now that winter is upon us, a sturdy, reliable pair of running gloves is important for the cold or rainy weather. These are made with wool so super warm and very breathable! I also just found these gloves, which are cute, wind resistant and reflective!

Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies

Mini Foam Roller. I’ve always had the big one, but I’m eyeing a mini one for some of my specific cramps and sore spots. Plus, they are so cute!

Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies

GPS Watch. The Garmin 235 is probably the number one gift on my list. Plus, I saw from a friend on instagram that you can put pictures on it with the Face it App!

Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies

Stretching Bands. These were great for recovery and stretching during marathon training.


Fitbit Accessories. There are so many cute things on Funktional Wearables if you’re looking to spruce up your fitbit! I just heard of these guys through a random email but what a fun idea!

Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies

Self Care Items

I love this candle and these Epsom Salts! Treat yourself to a nice relaxing bath, and don’t forget the wine.

Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies

Dependable Water Bottle

This one is on my list, probably because I love the color!

Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies

Hydration people! We underestimate how important water is for our bodies but it is a NUTRIENT! We NEED it to live. Plus, it helps us feel good, look good, and delivers nutrients to our bodies.

Massage gift card or membership

Also, Anything from Uncommon Goods! They have the most unique personalized gifts.

Foodie Books

Run Fast, Eat Slow

You are a Badass

Intuitive Eating

Will Write For Food

Meal subscriptions!

Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, or even local ones like The Produce Box. These are healthier meals that can make your life easier and more convenient. Remember that post about processed foods? Embrace the convenience, the pre-made, and the pre-measured options.

Hello Fresh, Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies

Or, if you’re more of an experience lover or giver, here are some of my favorite experience ideas…

Food Tour

Normally, cities have a bunch of tour options. They may have brew tours too!

If you’re here in Charlotte, try the Feast Food Tours or the Tour de Food options. You can try different neighborhoods, including uptown, Noda, Southend and Plaza Midwood.

Nutcracker, A Christmas Carol, or other plays/shows

Ed knows I am dying to go to the Nutcracker but I’m not sure it will work out with our schedules this year. These are classics worth seeing and great for a night out!

nutcracker, gift guide

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What’s one thing you’re looking forward to giving or getting this year?

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  1. I’m pretty sure I have that spiralizer, it’s great! Love all of these ideas. I had plenty of running gear on my Christmas wish list but I love giving and receiving gifts that are more experienced based like cooking classes or the food tours you mention above.

  2. When I was in med school, I DIYed a standing desk out of uh…two giant storage boxes stacked on top of each other + another stack of textbooks. :D… (Times were tough, haha. Was trying to save money.) A legit one would be pretty nice! I definitely wouldn’t say no to warm + fuzzy slippers either!

  3. That X stand is so clever if you don’t want to commit to a standing desk but kind of want to suss it out! We’ve been looking at buying a laptop standing table from ikea for that exact reason!

    I am so excited to give Jesse this year’s Christmas bauble as well as a bunch of other fun gifts.

  4. You totally have me pinned. Completely. Like, bullseye. I seriously want every single thing! Well, other than the spiralizer and coffee, because I have that. But I want all the other things. RIGHT MEOW

  5. A food tour sounds so fun! And I think I need to get some slippers; my feet are seriously cracked because of the winter dryness. :o) And Tater’s face. So cute. <3 I hope your half goes so well this weekend; I just started kind of training for one, SO EXCITED. You've been one of my inspirations.

    1. My feet are cracked and dry too. That time of year! Thanks Emily, you are so sweet. I’m SO EXCITED FOR YOU! Oh my gosh, I look forward to following along your training journey!!

  6. Oh man I just clicked on the bamboo thermos as it would be perfect for my brother but they don’t send to Canada. BOO. But thank you for the idea, as well as the idea of a really nice candle and mini foam roller and maybe some sort of cooking class. Going to look into them all. Oh, and I have one of those kinds of spiralizers (though one that was still only $25) and seriously it is SO fun and easy to use. I literally get giddy every time I use it, haha. Thanks for this!

  7. Those mittens look like the bomb! I have lived in cold places that I needed good gloves and those look like great running gloves. Here in Florida, we buy the 2 pack for $3 at Target and throw them away when our hands start sweating! GREAT, GREAT idea on the spiralizer…why didn’t I think of that???!!!!

    1. I think I need numerous pairs of those mittens! It’s always great to have throwaway mittens for races and long runs, too. I highly recommend the spiralizer, it makes cooking fun 🙂

  8. I put a donut pan on my list this year and all the workout clothes but I’m having a hard time coming up with anything else…. this is a great list for some more creative ideas!

  9. Wow that spiralizer looks so amazing! I have a small handheld one too! These are all really good ideas–I saw theres a lot of food tours in and around my city which would make such a fun gift. I like to give and receive experience gifts where you go out and do something with a loved one rather than just getting an item.