Why (And How) I Treat Myself Often

  Mar 17, 2016  |  #Healthy Living

HAPPY ST. PATRICKS DAY, YA’LL! Are you Irish? Are you celebrating? Tell me how in the comments.

In all my years (of wisdom), I’ve learned  I’m still learning to not take life so seriously and to treat myself every so often. I’m definitely getting better at it, but it’s easy to have the mentality that we shouldn’t treat ourselves unless we do something “good,” achieve a goal, meet a deadline, or have an occasion to celebrate.

Well my friends, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Treating ourselves reinvigorates a passion for life, and helps us appreciate and look forward to life’s little things. With so many stressors in our daily lives, it’s only natural to have little outlets to maintain our overall health. So to share those today, I’m linking up with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud and Jill for Fitness, Health and Happiness!

How I Treat Myself

I bought, downloaded and I’m reading “You Are a Bad Ass,” (<–affiliate link) and so many things are clicking. I really recommend this to all millennials, and really anyone who needs a confidence booster or some provoking outlooks for life. I have a running list of quotes that I’ve taken from it that I love and have saved on my phone for quick life boosters.

  • “Raise your frequency to match the vibration of the one you want to tune into”
  • “All of us are connected to limitless power  and we’re not using more than a fraction of it”
  • “If you’re depressed, you’re living in the past. If you’re anxious, you’re living in the future. If you’re at peace, you’re living in the present”

The author, Jen Sincero, talks about doing things we love because when we deny ourselves the people, the food, things and experiences that make us feel the most alive, we’re sending ourselves negative vibes. Think about it – there are people at yoga retreats right now, hiking the Appalachian Trail, enjoying the ocean vibes, tanning on beaches, seeing the world — all because it makes them happy and boosts their spirits. We should be making conscious efforts to increase our joy, meaning going out of our way to chase the things that we enjoy.

oak island beach, how I treat myself

Here are some ways I’ve followed these pursuits to lift my spirits – they aren’t all indulgent, but just ways to recognize the little things in life:

If you have free time, embrace it, rather than trying to fill it. Every second of every day doesn’t have to be full.

Always make sure to take some time for yourself – being social is great, but we all need alone time to recharge, whether we realize it or not. Take a walk, listen to a podcast, have a cup of coffee before anyone else is up.

Find what you’re passionate about and pursue it. And continue to pursue it. Don’t stop.

Have dinner nights with friends. Food is meant to be shared with others. It’s a social gathering. Me and one of my gal pals like to have cooking lesson nights. This past week, she made her homemade meat sauce (SO GOOD), and I made polenta fries, which also turned out so good!

pasta sauce and polenta fries

Explore and appreciate the food that nourishes you. Try a new recipe, or treat yourself to lunch when you have the chance. When things get busier, you’ll look back and wish you did that more!

lunas living kitchen, how I treat myself

Prioritize sleep. Your body will thank you. You don’t realize how much you need it until you’re deprived of it.

Buy yourself flowers (I can’t say I’ve done this but I want to!) Bright colors = brightened moods.


Reach out to your support system when you need them. There’s a reason you have them, use them. Chances are, they’ll need you at some point too. Friends and family truly are blessings – let’s appreciate them all we can, and lean on each other when we need a friend.


Keep learning. It’s one of the greatest opportunities we have.

Call your parents or grandparents, for no reason other than to say hi and tell them you love them. I called mine yesterday and it just makes you feel better, no matter the circumstance. They’ve known you from early on, they know how to cheer you up and excite you. <3

Read a book. Outside or in nature.

you are a badass

park bench

Exercise when you can, but don’t stress about exercising every day. It’ll always be there. Our muscles won’t recover without time off, and sometimes extensive time off is what they need. It’s what our minds and souls need too. Rest.

Spend $5.00 on a fancy coffee and don’t feel bad about it. Alternatively, drop $4 on a kombucha because you want one, and because you know those probiotics are good for ya.

latte, not just coffee, how I treat myself

Practice breathing and consider meditation, even for just 2 minutes a day (that’s about where I am). I went to a 15 minute meditation class at my yoga studio, and I zoned out after 7 minutes. But at least I made it 7 minutes, and I opened my mind to something new. Just try it – practice makes perfect. Cora’s new series can teach you all about breathing and why it’s so important.

Watch netflix with a bowl of ice cream. It’s good for the soul – I promise!

ice cream, how I treat myself

These are just some of many ways that I’ve found happiness in treating myself. Some require you to actually “take yourself out,” but others you can do for free, and guess what – they just require being present and enjoying your time here!

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What are your favorite ways to nourish your body, soul and mind?

How are you celebrating St. Patty’s? Any cornbeef?

38 responses to “Why (And How) I Treat Myself Often

  1. Love this post–it’s so very true! I used to get myself a little something or cook something especially tasty after getting through an especially difficult exam in the first two years of med school, and that definitely helped to keep me going!

  2. Runs are typically the way I nourish my body and mind – such good anxiety relief. For the soul, there’s nothing like an inspiring book and some downtime (something I don’t get enough of and need to prioritize more!)

  3. Best line in this post Sarah, at least for me, is: Living in the present brings PEACE. So true!
    Everyone has their own way to “seize a day” and I think this blog really hi-lites that. Books and meaningful quotes can be triggers and can really work for us in the sense that they connect us with our own ability to think about the things in life that bring us joy, happiness…and peace.

  4. I really enjoyed reading this post and I think needed to hear (or read) a lot of the things you said. Nourishing our minds, bodies and souls is such a personal thing and after reading this I will definitely be getting to bed earlier and letting myself be in the present more without having to “fill” the time. I was actually flicking through some books at the book store yesterday and my partner picked one up that was about eating to feel good and there were several pages of tables that literally dictated which foods “felt good” and which foods didn’t. Some of them were ridiculous, for example, pancakes, according to this book, feel bad. I don’t know about you but when I am at my kitchen table with my best friend and fiancee eating homemade buttermilk pancakes on a lazy sunday morning, I feel pretty darn good! It’s all about getting to know yourself and finding your personal happy place and I think for those who are a little lost in the self-love department, this post is a GREAT place to start

    1. Hi Aubrey, welcome, thanks for reading! I totally agree with you = pancakes on Sunday mornings make me feel like all is right in the world! It takes some time to learn what makes us happy and display self-love but it’s truly worth it!

  5. My favorite relaxing treat is when I have time over a weekend (or sometimes just a single day) to read an ENTIRE book. I read before bed anyway, but it’s somehow more satisfying to get the whole story at once.

  6. Love this! I realized a few weeks ago that I needed to ‘treat myself’ more often! I’ constantly making a list of things that fill my soul and make me happy and try to do more of those things! I love treating myself to a manicure or kombucha!!

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