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I Signed Up For a Second Marathon…

Hi, friends!

I ran the Austin Half Marathon yesterday (review to come). In short, it was a really tough race! The course was super hilly and there was 95% humidity at the start. I felt pretty blah throughout the whole race. Maybe it wasn’t smart to walk 10 miles the day before? Needless to say, I didn’t PR but I had as much fun as I could. My husband though, is an animal and placed 4th out of nearly 8,000 runners. #STUD. Now we’re off exploring Austin!

Austin Half Marathon Austin Half Marathon

While we’re on the topic of running, I’ve signed up for my 2nd Marathon!

Which Marathon Am I Running?

I’ll be running the Ogden Marathon in Utah in May. Since I’m from Rhode Island, I really thought the Providence Marathon would be my next one, but with Ed’s work and travel schedule, he had Utah on the docket and I figured it would be a great trip for me to join since I’ve never been! And Salt Lake City is on my bucket list, which is about 30 minutes away. Sooo, yeahh…

Plus, the Ogden Marathon is supposed to be one of the fastest and most scenic Boston Qualifiers in the nation. Alot of it is downhill, which will hopefully cancel out some of the elevation change. I’m excited to experience a new place.


So, I’m digging back into marathon training. Ed has changed my training plan a little bit since my first go around.

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What Are my Goals This Time Around?

Well, first and foremost, I want to stay healthy and injury free. I’m going to eat pretty much the same way I did through my first marathon training cycle – eat as much as I need to, when I need to, but not overeat.

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I want to include a little bit more strength training this time around. Possibly more circuit workouts and hot yoga.

I want to do more consistent speed work. While I would love to shave 7 minutes off my first marathon and qualify for Boston, I’d love to improve in any way, even if it’s a few seconds or minutes.

Marathon Training, First Marathon Recap, Rock n Roll Marathon

Most of all, I want to have fun, feel free running, and remember the experience.

I’m linking up with Hoho Runs and Misssippipiddlin for the Weekly Wrap!

Ever been to Utah? What can you tell me about it?

How do you set goals for races, aside from time?

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  1. Oh I forgot I had read where the Auston Medal was also a belt buckle. How cool is that!!! I come from barrel racing and getting to win buckles so it was so important.
    I’d love a buckle from a running race.!

    I’ve been trying to make Utah work but so far I just can’t seem go get everything in line. Still crossing my fingers though.

  2. Hi ! I’m dropping in from the weekly wrap so it’s my first time here.

    Congrats on your race Sunday (and also to your husband WOW!!!) – sometimes it’s about experience and not PRíng, am I right?

    How exciting to have signed up for a second marathon!!! I have only run three events in the US (two of them RnR coincidentally!) so I’ve never run in Utah, but I bet it’s gorgeous!

    as far as goals, quite often my goal is just to finish strong. every once in a while I train for a PR. That’s really my focus now this year – to train smarter, get to my ideal running weight, strengthen my core and work towards a 10K and Half Marathon PR. Hopefully that goes well and next year I can run another marathon. But I won’t do that until I fix a few things first.

    1. I absolutely agree that the experience can be much more important than the PR! Which races have you run in the US? My first Marathon was a RnR. I think training smarter is a great goal, and you learn so much about yourself!

      1. I actually ran 4 races! I forgot about the first! It was a 10K Turkey Trot that I ran with one of my best friends from school, in Albuquerque, NM (I’m from NM originally). I also ran a 10K trail with the same friend, I think a year later in Los Alamos. I ran the Chicago RnR Half (and 5K for the bling of course) 1 +years ago and Brooklyn RnR Half this past October. I would love to do all the RnR races but if I can only make one a year (in the US) I certainly hope I live long enough to do so! haha! The next RnR on my list is actually Philly but unfortunately (for me) my husband is running Chicago marathon this year and we can only afford one US trip so I’ll have to wait for next year!

  3. What a pretty medal you received at the Austin race. Congrats to your husband on his stellar performance too. How exciting you’ve signed up for your 2nd marathon! I too will be running in Utah this year (not sure yet if half or full) on a mostly downhill course. I can’t wait! I’ve never visited that state but the pictures look so beautiful. Good luck with your training. I’ll be following along. Thanks for linking, Sarah!

    1. Thank you! What race is Utah will you be doing? I suspect I’ll have to do some downhill training too. I can’t wait to visit the state in person and see its beauty!

  4. My biggest goal for most races is to try as hard as I can. Sometimes that doesn’t mean I do well or whatever. But I give it a good effort. That goal keeps me sane and from nerves. Good luck!

  5. Austin’s course is a fun one but so tough with those hills and the unpredictable weather. Your husband was 4th?! That is incredible!!

    How exciting to be gearing up for another marathon! I’ve never run a race in Utah but I did Steamtown which was net downhill… you definitely want to train on some downhill as your quads will be screaming at you by the end… but it will be super fun!

  6. Can’t wait to see the race recap from this one! And how exciting, what a gorgeous setting for your second full marathon. Might have to add that to a bucket list for me, I love traveling out west no matter what the reason is. Enjoy the training and wishing lots of healthy happy miles before then!

  7. Ahh congrats on finishing your half yesterday! Humidity is my least favorite weather factor to run in.. I can’t stand it! And ahh so exciting! I’ve been to Utah once and it’s SUCH a beautiful state! There’s so many national parks there on my bucket list. When I was there we were closer to St. George but I’ve heard Salt Lake City is beautiful!