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Initial Impressions of Portland

Well..this is my first post!

Here I am out on the west coast in Portland, OR, for the last stretch of my graduate degree, doing my final internship. To learn a little bit more about me and this blog, head on over to the About page.

From the moment I landed in Portland, I’ve been continuously impressed by the people here. Everyone seems genuinely nice and happy. People really seem to enjoy their lives, and from what I’ve learned, have a fine work-life balance.

People are patient, they sit in traffic (happily?) and they wait. Boy do they wait. People wait 2-3 hours for brunch.

It’s crazy and I just don’t understand it. I love food just as much (actually, more) than the next person, but 2-3 hours? I could have eaten 2 meals and 2 snacks in that time.

Brunch is a daily thing at many restaurants here – huge perk. My favorite one so far is at Tasty ‘N Sons. If you ever come to Portland, you MUST eat here.

Cast iron frittata with a chocolate potato donut at Tasty n Sons

Aside from brunch, what else does Portland do great? Happy hours. Daily. Everywhere. They know how to sell me. I’ve enjoyed yummy happy hours hereherehere, and here, and a few more.


I’m glad you asked. Voodoo, Blue Star and Pips are pretty cool. Voo Doo is the well-known option here, known for their variety of flavors and inappropriate names and shapes. They aren’t the best tasting donuts (in my opinion) but it’s just something you have to try in Portland. I tried them. I liked the frosting, and oreos and toppings.

But Pip’s…is my favorite. The donuts are so tiny so I can eat errrrr all 12 and feel okay about it. They only have six flavors, but they specialize in each little guy (blackberry lavender/seasonal, cinnamon sugar, honey and sea salt, candied maple bacon, Nutella and a honey sea salt with Nutella).

Also, there’s an ice cream place I’ve been to 3 times already – Ruby’s is amazing! Their cookies and cream and caramel is da bomb. I still need to try Salt N Straw though. They are next on the bucket list.

Just a little sample of these mini donuts from Pip’s.
A butterfinger, chocolate/Pb/oreo (aka Old Dirty Bastard), and Strawberry marshmellow from Voo Doo.
Many choices!
Many choices at Voo Doo!

Bottom line, Portland is hip. I feel like I’m living in the future with the food trends here that haven’t yet reached the East coast. They have got it going on. To say the city has me wrapped around its finger would be an understatement.

I’m so excited to keep checking things off my bucket list and exploring the food scene. Sooooo, this is my blog of the yummy food I eat here in Portland and wherever I go after that, and alllll of the other food I want to eat in my BLT (bucket list tummy).

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