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I’ve heard many great things about Intermezzo and I’m surprised I didn’t make it in earlier. They are known for their handcrafted pizzas with handmade dough and are one of the only places in Charlotte to serve Serbian food. Their website boasts that they have no microwaves and freezers, and only serve fresh food, which is very admirable!

Intermezzo menu
We grabbed a seat on the patio – it was fairly quiet for a Tuesday night.

We started with the portabella mushroom tower. It was somewhat of a disappointment in portion size. For $9, you get a tiny serving with maybe 2 mushrooms. The goat cheese was overly creamy and delicious, but there just wasn’t enough! I don’t think this was worth the money.

portobello mushroom, Charlotte, Intermezzo mushroom tower 2, Intermezzo, Charlotte

We wanted to try true Serbian cuisine, although next time I need to try the homemade pizza dough.

I got the Becka Snicla (Wienerschnitzel) – Breaded Pork Tenderloin, Skillet Potatoes, Creamed Spinach. I found the spinach to be a little too peppery, and the pork tenderloin was rather dry. I think it needed a slice of cheese or some marinara sauce. The roasted potatoes were delicious.

pork tenderloin

We also tried the the Piroska (Balkan Style Stuffed Pizza), which was the winner of the night.

It is very similar to a calzone, and stuffed with ricotta and mozzerella cheese, and has  sour cream on top.

Piroska, Intermezzo Piroska, Intermezzo

If you like Serbian food or are looking for some authentic dishes, this may be your spot. If I return, I will have to try the pizza!


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