Jazz’d Tapas Bar

  Mar 8, 2016  |  #Uncategorized

One of my top recommendations for good food in Savannah. Upon entering, it seems more upscale with a trendy, dimly lit bar area with fabulous cocktails, though the prices are actually pretty reasonable. We ended up waiting 25-30 minutes for a table, which wasn’t an issue because we camped out at the bar. They have an impressive cocktail/martini list – I tried the watermelon cooler, and my husband had a cucumber martini. They have options for a cookies and cream and double espresso martini – which are on the list for next time!

cucumber martini

The servings are actually a little larger than your typical tapas servings. They fall between smaller tapas and a normal sized meal. We enjoyed all of the dishes we tried. The service was prompt and the food delivery was quick.  We enjoyed the caprese flatbread, chicken piccata, and honey bourbon pork tenderloin. All were delicious! The flavoring was outstanding for the honey bourbon pork, and the caprese flatbread was also amazing. The balsamic reduction on top really sets this apart from other caprese flatbreads, and binds all of the flavors so well. It was the perfect size too!

pork tenderlin caprese flatbread

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