Kitchen Aid Shout-out, Obstacle Courses and Top 3 Favorites #2

  Apr 15, 2016  |  #Favorites

We made it to Friday, guys. How was your week? I’m participating in my second Friday Top 3 Favorites, thanks to Kate!

Top 3 Things I ate:

You may have seen this on instagram, but this oatmeal bowl took a little more time to make pretty, but it definitely paid off.

jacked up oatmeal

Have ya’ll ever tried the veggie pizza burgers from Trader Joe’s? They have 9 grams of protein and they are SO GOOD. I made a “pizza burger” in a pita and even topped it with blue cheese, avocado and marinara sauce, and it was amazing. You should go buy some STAT.

Trader Joes pizza burger

Cora’s Sweet Potato Breakfast Pizza – As soon as I saw this, I was salivating. My favorites – sweet potato, eggs, avocado – I die. I topped half of mine with honey goat cheese and half with avocado spread. And then an egg (obviously) and some blue cheese crumbles. Alongside my favorite veggies.

sweet potato pizza crust

Top 3 New Products: 

EPSOM SALTS! I have been soaking in Lavendar epsom salt baths since after my race in Charleston where I realized my legs were just dead. Not only do theses salts smell amazing, they are so calming and relaxing and (I think) have made a difference in my soreness!

Epsom salt

Compression socks! They are marketed to reduce swelling, fatigue, aching and tightness, and I think they’re helping? Legs feel fresh!

Altra compression socks

This new Keurig espresso/latte maker – a late wedding gift – LOVE. This has already saved me so much money from ordering my Americano’s and latte’s out.

keurig rivo

Top 3 workouts: 

Rock Climbing!

rock climbing2 IMG_5482

White Water Rafting! (more on that below)

white water center

10 Mile Run on the Davidson trails in the sunshine, just ampin’ up my Vitamin D!

davidson run

(PS – you can follow me on Snapchat: @hurdbird)

And the shoutout of the week goes to…

KITCHEN AID! I’ve had their 9 cup food processor for about a year, and it mysteriously STOPPED working about a month ago. It was a bridal shower gift so I didn’t have the receipt. I contacted them and they agreed to send me a NEW replacement one, so long as I send the old one back. Great customer service. This made my week!

Kitchen Aid Food Processor

3 High’s:

I finally framed my graduate diploma! Better late than never? Although it has my maiden name…

UNC diploma

A business meeting at the White Water Center. My boss is awesome and we spent a day white water rafting, ziplining, doing obstacles courses and having fun for “team building” and chatting about our business model and moving forward. There were also some yummy appetizers (buffalo chicken nachos and fried pickles) and craft beers. I love my job.



obstacle courseappetizers

Finding out my Resting Metabolic Rate – so cool!


Favorite Reads:

5 common nutrition myths

Burning calories on food labels – This is going to be very controversial.

How cool is this?! A restaurant with a 10 year waiting list 


Favorite Blog Posts: 

The Runner’s Body via Lean, Clean and Brie

Advice I’d give to my new runner self via Misssippipiddlin

How to adult when you don’t feel qualified via The Acquired Sass

Satisfy Food Cravings, Don’t Kick Them via Avocado a Day

Abstainers vs Moderators via Fannetastic Food. (I did a post on this months ago and I love reading other peoples’ perspectives on it)


Tell me some of your top 3’s – best food? Workout? Ultimate shoutout?

16 responses to “Kitchen Aid Shout-out, Obstacle Courses and Top 3 Favorites #2

  1. omg i luuuuurve pizza. but not cheese (i love the marinara, sweet and savory, with all the herbs! mhmm!) so sadly i cant have the pizza burger because it sounds so gooood!! jealz. those veg you served it with also look delish!
    i realy need to get my hands (feet?) on some compression socks. some long ones at least. ughhh.

  2. First off, umm, sooooo excited to see my name & shoutout! Thank you!

    Second of all. I’ve been avoiding buying compression socks because of the high price tag, but I think I just need to bite the bullet. So many times after a long run I’ve got a hike planned the next day (esp when the weather is nice) & it would be great to have fresh legs so I’m not lagging behind the BF. I get emails with coupon codes from time to time, guess the next time I get one I’m buying some!

  3. Looks like a great week! I just started using Epson salt again. My husband uses it when marathon training for soaking Rock climbing looks fun my girls have gone a few times in the recent weeks and I was jealous. Oh and who doesn’t need coffee. 😉

  4. Yay!!! What did you end up using as a substitute? How was it?
    So I am crazy jealous of your Keurig. Though, knowing me, I’d still spend as much money out at cafes if I had one… but this would at least make my mornings extra wonderful.
    Pizza burger? Like, the burger tastes like pizza? Wow.
    Nice buy with the epsom salts. So good for your body.
    Your boss is incredible. That’s got to be the best work trip “meeting” I’ve ever heard of. Damn that would have been SO FUN.

    1. Cora, your sweet potato pizza recipe was SO GOOD! I ended up just buying some tapioca starch because I really wanted to make sure it worked, haha. I’m glad I have it on hand now anyway, so win! And yes – imagine a burger that tastes like pizza, it’s heaven in your mouth.

  5. Ah I realllly don’t like the burning calories on food labels. I think it could give the misperceptions that you have to exercise to burn calories, while really you are burning calories just sitting there.
    I need to go rock climbing- I haven’t been in a long time. I am am always amazed at how fast I get worn out when doing it!
    Those are some serious work perks too, by the way!!
    Have a great weekend!

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