Kombucha FYIs and Friday Favorites #16

  Mar 17, 2017  |  #Charlotte

Yay, it’s Friday! And Happy St. Patricks Day! If you are in need of an Irish recipe, may I suggest these crockpot potatoes!

St Patricks recipe, Crockpot Recipes, Potatoes

So, about a month ago, I went down to Lenny Boy Brewing in Charlotte to learn a little bit more about kombucha. If you want to read more details, you can check out this article, but I’m going to recap a little bit about what I learned.

I really just did this on my own because I love kombucha, I want to brew my own some day, and I love to support local businesses. So my curiosity got the best of me, I guess you could say. And then I submitted the write up to one of our local papers.

So, the owner started by making meads and beers and then delved into kombucha. He even attended a holistic herbalism program to learn more about herb combinations and properties, which I think is so fascinating. No wonder their flavors taste so good!

What’s the Mainstream Kombucha Process like?

Most of the base kombuchas ferment for 30-35 days, though some can be up to 6 months. The process involves constant monitoring, specifically the temperature and oxygen levels. The base cultures are fermented with sugar, green tea, and whatever herbs are chosen to maintain the culture. Then, the secondary fermentation process includes adding the various flavors.  The four things to focus on are time, temperature, pH and quality of product.

What kind of flavors can you make?

As I’m sure you’ve seen in the store, there are so many flavor combinations that can work. Lenny Boys flavors are inspired by the season and the network of local farmers they work with. They source North Carolina strawberries and blueberries throughout the summer that they keep and freeze throughout the winter months. Love that they support the local farmers!

Kombucha brewing

The winter flavors are Sweet Potato Pie, Good ‘ol Ginger, Strawberry, Berry Hoppy, Turmeric Sunrise, Lost Rose, and Mint Condition.

They showed me their gigantic juicer. And look at all this GINGER. Hello, immune booster!

Kombucha brewing

Personally, I love the beet and ginger flavors.


Highlights from the week

These straws! I recently went to the dentist and they told me to start using a straw to drink my coffee, because it is less likely to stain your teeth that way. Say no more. These are amazing.

Friday Favoritesa

Goodies from the Blueberry Council. I love this t-shirt and blueberry holder. Hurry up, summer!!

Blueberry Council

PIZZA!!! Because Pi day is a real thing!

Pi day

The Nike Training Club App! I’ve been using this for some cross training workouts at home and I love it!

Nike Club

I shared this on my Instagram yesterday and it absolutely cracks me up.

Marathon Training

64 days and counting until Marathon number 2! Speaking of, 17 miles tomorrow. I forget what it’s like to run that far so this will be a test. It’s supposed to warm up slightly here this weekend, which I’m looking forward to.

I hope you’re up to something fun this weekend and have plans to eat something extra delicious!

Favorite kombucha flavors?

Any St. Patrick Day plans?

14 responses to “Kombucha FYIs and Friday Favorites #16

  1. Sounds like a fun event! I have so much love for ginger, and those straws sound pretty awesome! I don’t drink coffee, but I imagine tea has kinda the same effect.

  2. My mom has made kombucha before, and I think the process of making it was super cool to watch. Also, your new shirt is so cute. And that pizza looks amazing!

  3. This is my HEAVEN! Oh man. One more reason to visit Charlotte. What an awesome company – I love how they support local farms. And their flavors! Sweet potato pie? Tumeric? Be still my scoby loving heart. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  4. I love kombucha with ginger–it’s a little spicy but so warming too. I haven’t done the hot coffee with a straw thing before. I feel like it would burn my throat more going down–do you like it?

  5. Not sure how I would feel about the beet flavor but the others sound really good! How do you like drinking coffee with a straw? I feel like it just wouldnt be the same! Have a great weekend!

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