Kyra’s Gluten-Free Cupcakes

  Nov 10, 2015  |  #Portland

The crazy thing is…In all of the research I’ve done about top restaurants, coffee shops and dessert places here in Portland, SADLY, I had not heard of Kyra’s. The outlet in which I heard of Kyra’s was actually on the Balanced Bites podcast because Diane Sanfilippo had used them for her wedding cupcakes. They are entirely 100% gluten free.

BUT what everyone in Portland needs to know about Kyra is that she is a THREE-TIME Cupcakes Wars winner! Naturally, once I heard this, I scooted my butt over to her bakery in Lake Oswego, just a short 15 minute drive from Portland.


I’m already planning my return visit because I have to try one of their cinnamon buns.

Kyras cinnamon buns

My friend and I went later in the afternoon (HINT: go early because cupcakes run out fast!). I was fortunate enough to snag their cupcakes wars winner: The African Yam with an espresso buttercream frosting inside and mascarpone whipped cream. It was delicious – especially the frosting – always my favorite part! You honestly wouldn’t know these are 100% gluten free though.


My friend got the Hot Chocolate cupcake, which was almost like a smores (just needed graham cracker topping! Although that wouldn’t be gluten free..)


I hope to be back before I leave Portland 🙁

They also have a full lunch menu and some tasty homemade soup options (Butternut squash and homemade tomato soup scream fall and are the key to my heart). Homemade syrups for coffee too. They brew Sister’s coffee, for those of you who have been to the quaint shop in the Pearl!

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