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Last Week’s Workouts and Weekend Recap

Hi friends!

I hope you had a great weekend with lots of yummy food. My sister was in town for the weekend! After picking her up on Friday, we headed to a brewery for some live music. We each got flights so we could try a little bit of everything.

beer flights

We were very hungry upon leaving the brewery so headed home to make some pizzas. The best way to spend a Friday night, am i right?

pizza night

pizza night

We also decided what numbers we each were on the Enneagram – have you all ever done this? Fascinating listening to each personality trait.

I think I’m a 5 with hints of 7. Although I’m pretty sure we all have a little bit of each number. My sister is really into these kind of tests so we talked about how to understand people with different numbers. I learned so much!



Saturday was a slower morning (we all slept in), and then I headed out for my long run of 11 miles. Two weeks until the Austin half marathon – it has definitely snuck up on me! I’d love to PR but I really haven’t been strict about my training this month, so I’m gonna have the mindset to just have fun.

Then, we headed downtown with some friends for some early afternoon drinks and appetizers. We went to Stoke for cocktails, and then split a bunch of small plates at Dandelion Market. Everything was so good, ranging from potatas bravas, chorizo dip, prosciutto crostinis and brussel sprouts.

Dandelion Market Dandelion Market Dandelion Market

Then, we did a comedy bus tour around the city of Charlotte that included some Queen City history and funny rambles. It was fun to experience Charlotte in a new way! We ended the night with dinner at Davidson Street Public House in the “noda” neighborhood of Charlotte. I gushed over this juicy burger and fries and ate every last bite. It was a small spot, but a great hangout. I would definitely go back to Davidson Public House.

sarah and bec


We ended the weekend with a Sunday morning stop at Sunflour, my absolute favorite bakery in Charlotte. Their cheddar biscuits are the best in the city.

Sunflour bakery

And, the rest of the day involved a trip to Costco, some meal prepping, yard cleaning, and watching the Superbowl. Even Tater watched!


And on to last week’s workouts:


20 minute strength training session + 5.5 mile run.


5 miles total with some speedwork thrown in between. I did this on the treadmill at work. I did a mile warm up, followed by three negative split miles, which were around 7:50, 7:30, 7:15. Then 1 mile cool down .


It was a GORGEOUS day in Charlotte. I was itching for a little bit longer of a run. I did 8 miles while listening to podcasts and checked out a new greenway close by.

Running workout


30 minute run nice and easy. I felt a little sore so stretched really good after and did some light yoga before bed.


1 hour hot yoga


11 mile long run. I ran for about 90 minutes – it was chilly so I had on layers but warmed up quickly. At least it was sunny, and overall, an enjoyable long run.

2 weeks out from Austin!

Linking up with Hoho Runs and MissSippiPiddlin for the Weekly Wrap.

Have you ever taken the Enneagram or other personality test/psychological theory?

Best thing you ate this weekend?


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  1. It looks like you had a wonderful visit with your sister. I love it when I can spend time with mine. Unfortunately that is only once or twice a year. You certainly enjoyed a week of delicious food. The best thing I ate this weekend was a Mexi Cali Burrito with lots of sour cream. I’m going to have to check out that personality test. I’ve never even heard of such. I hope I like my results. LOL. Thanks for linking, Sarah!

    1. It’s a great test, I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts. That’s too bad you don’t get to see your sister more often, but I bet it makes those visits count!

  2. Man this post is sure making my mouth water as I type this! All this food and fun with your sister! I have to say I was in New Orleans and the very best thing of the weekend was the homemade biscuits at Mother’s Restaurant!
    Talk about fall apart goodness!

  3. SO MUCH GOOD FOOD! And I love that little thing you shared about what kind of a person you are; I think I would be a bit of a peacemaker, reformer, and enthusiast? Also, nice job on the 11 mile run. I think of you often on my long runs. 🙂

  4. My mom is actually a trained enneagram leader and does workshops in my hometown. I find it fascinating, not only to learn more about yourself and understand “why” you may do things – but even more importantly to learn more about your partner or family members, and thus, how to respond to them and their needs more compassionately. It can also just be entertaining to talk about with friends.
    What a weekend!! I love how when a friend or family member comes to visit you end up being more of tourist in your own city than you normally would and find new places and restaurants. You guys chose very well in the food department!!

    1. That is so fascinating about your mom! I’d love to pick her brain. Like you, I’m most intrigued about using it to understand others. It is really fun to be a tourist in your own city – sometimes it takes company to help you do that!

  5. I found the enneagram test last year thanks to my friend and found it to be really helpful, especially the parts about weaknesses and relationships. I’m a type 1. I like those kinds of tests too.
    Those pizza look amazing- what a fun night!

  6. A comedy bus tour is such a fun idea! I need to see if they have something similar here!

    I have taken the enneagram test – I’m a helper/giver and it was actually SO in line with my personality in so many ways.

  7. All your food this weekend looks delicious! I am not a big beer person but I do like trying different craft beers. Sounds like you and your sister had a wonderful wkend together.

  8. That potato + bacon + chipotle glaze pizza = pizza inspiration. Definitely going to try that combo soon! And I love personality tests like the Enneagram test! I feel like they really help me understand other people and their perspectives better.