Last Long Run Before Austin

  Feb 12, 2017  |  #Charlotte

Goooood morning!

I was sad to see this weekend go because it was GORGEOUS here. We’re talking 75 degrees and sunny both days! Last week turned out to be a busy week, plus we were trying to include some extra rest in our house to fight off colds. So, here are some of the top exciting things (and eats) from last week!

1. Touring Lenny Boy Brewing

I met with the owner of Lenny Boy and toured their brewing space. They brew beer but they also brew Kombucha and serve the varieties on tap! I’d love to start every morning off with kombucha on tap.

Lenny Boy Kombucha

2. Had coffee and lunch at 7th Street Public Market

This is a cool little “indoor food mall” in uptown Charlotte. There are various local vendors and tons of delicious tasty food options! I grabbed an espresso from Not Just Coffee and a Seabass Caesar Salad from Local Loaf. The yellow grit croutons were so good!

Not Just Coffeelocal loaf

3. Girl Scout Cookie Deliveries!

Enough said. Ed ordered these a few months ago from a sweet neighbor, but I was sad to learn that there is a new S’mores flavor that he didn’t order! Must get my hands on that box.

girl scout cookies

4. A Night at the Ritz Carlton

I was invited to an intimate night in at the Ritz along with several other food bloggers. We toured their new Hidden Wine Room, got a mini cooking class with Chef Juan Pablo, and then tried the food we made at the new Kinship Lounge. It was a great night with great company!

Hidden Wine RoomCooking Class, Ritz Carlton

I was even in charge of cutting the octopus! Who knew Octopi (plural of Octopus; I had to look it up) were so pretty?

Ritz Carlton

Cooking Class, Ritz Carlton

Cooking Class, Ritz Carlton

5. Last Long Run Before the Austin Half Marathon

Well, I haven’t felt great about my running lately. I took it easy last week and I’m starting to feel better so hopefully that will help! I did my last long run of 11 miles on Friday. While I didn’t even get up to 13 miles in my training cycle (the last 13 miler was my last half marathon), I’m just aiming to run for fun. And eat all of the tacos in Austin!

Davidson trails

6. Attended my first HIIT Workout in a While

It was 30 minutes, build around 10 stations. You would do 42 seconds at each station and then rest for 12 seconds. I woke up the next morning SO SORE from using muscles I haven’t used regularly. We focused a lot on core, upper body and things like squats, ladders and other plyometric moves. I loved it and made a mental note that I need to do this more regularly.

7. Learned a little bit about making Food Videos

This was another awesome event put on  by the Charlotte Food Bloggers. We learned from one of our members’, Feast and West, who is a pro! I hope to do a video sometime soon!

video workshop video workshop

8. Celebrated Valentine’s Day with a 4 Course Meal at Heirloom

Heirloom is a restaurant that has gotten a lot of buzz in Charlotte and has been on my bucket list for a while! We made reservations months ago to go with another couple. They are known for everything being farm to table, and if it can’t be sourced in North Carolina, they won’t include it on the menu. They put a HUGE emphasis on local food. Even all of the spirits and alcohol (aside from wine) are local to NC.

We left feeling full and happy. They even do a 6 course meal, which I have to try at some point. It’s one of those things where “you only live once.”

The crab cakes and sumac rice were my favorite dish.  Look at the delicious melted butter!


We also enjoyed homemade scones on Sunday, took Tater to the dog park, went for  a long walk, and knocked out some meal prep. I made two muffin recipes from Run Fast, Eat Slow. I’m obsessed with the superhero muffins and I also made the egg ones. Making snacking easy this week!

Superhero muffins Superhero muffins

I hope you had a great weekend! I’m linking up with Hoho Runs and Misssippipiddlin for the Weekly Wrap!

Have you ever had, or cooked with, octopus?

What’s your favorite girl scout cookie?

Any Austin food recommendations?

28 responses to “Last Long Run Before Austin

  1. Fun weekend!
    75 and sunny? Jealous! It was 45 and sunny here yesterday and it felt glorious 😉 But of course it’s 20 degrees and snowing again today.

  2. I made another batch of Super Hero muffins this week too. But, instead of baking them as individual muffins — I cooked a pan of bread. It turned out great that way too! I love crab cakes. Those look delicious. I was not expecting the octopus to look that way. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten that either. Is the meat flaky like fish or more dense? Good luck at your half marathon. Thanks for linking, Sarah!

  3. My cousin lives in Charlotte and has texted me food pics from Heirloom! He’s always trying to make me jealous. 😉

    That is my exact Girl Scout purchase from this weekend. Sans S’mores because they sold out! I’m devastated.

  4. I’m not sure how long you will be in Austin, but there is so much great food. 24Diner is a great place for brunch, Uchiko is awesome if you want to try new things (like the best Brussels Sprouts ever) [I recommend going for their ‘Social Hour’). Obviously tacos everywhere! I’m not a big racer, but the last time I ran the Austin (half) Marathon, they had food trucks galore at the finish line, so make sure you have some cash in your post-race bag. Good luck and hope you have a great race and eat tons of awesomeness 🙂

  5. That weather sounds amazing!! Can you send some this way?! That food blogger tour and cooking class sounds so fun–I actually really like squid but Im not sure if I’ve ever tried octopus before! Probably when I Was in korea and I didnt even know it haha!
    Favorite girl scout cookies were the pb ones but Ive recently discovered there are GF cookies too! Must.Find.Them.

  6. What a week, oh my goodness 🙂 ! I could use that on-tap booch right now; I’ve been totally hooked 😉 . My favorite Girl Scout Cookies were always Thin Mints and Trefoils (pretty sure they changed the name), especially dipped in hot chocolate. You’re braver than me! I would be totally scared to cook that octopus, I’ve never made anything like that. Hope you have an amazing week this week too 🙂 !


  7. Those Charlotte Food bloggers looks so fun! 🙂 And I absolutely love that you got to see where they brewed kombucha. 🙂 That would be a foodie bloggers dream.

  8. Girl scout cookie season is the best. I love the peanut butter ones or the shortbread cookies! Also love latte art like that. Hope you have a great Monday Sarah!

  9. I’ve never had octopus,, but I’d totally try it. It looks like the texture would weird me out though. My favorite Girl Scout cookie? It depends on what my mood is! I like Samoas, tag a longs, and Thin mints (cold) all at different times!
    Austin sounds like it’ll be awesome! I’ve never been to Texas, so I’m excited to hear your report!

    1. The texture is a little weird but all the octopus I’ve had has been cooked and seasoned very well so I like it! We alwyas keep our thin mints in the freezer – way better that way!

  10. You have done so many fun things lately! I make the Superhero muffins every weekend but really need to try some of the other recipes. Good luck in your race and have fun in Austin!

  11. Hey there good lookin – you rock the chef hat!! Cutting octopus…. that’s crazy!! That thing is huge! I have to know… was it tough to cut? Slippery? Not that I imagine I’ll ever have to know myself but why not…
    Charlotte has so many awesome opportunities for food bloggers. Not to mention endless amazing places to eat. You guys really know good food.

    1. I actually cut it once it was cooked, so it was less slippery! It was still “chewy” if you know what i mean by cutting! I think you must come to Charlotte and visit !!

  12. Octopus? (gulp) Don’t know if I could even try it…just knowing what it is kind of creeps me out LOL We just got our Girl Scout cookies today! I love the shortbread and peanut butter patties 😉

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