Weekend Pictures, Running Eats and Lessons From Marathon Training

  Sep 7, 2016  |  #Fitness

Hi there! Happy Wednesday!

Sorry for disappearing on you on Monday. I spent the long weekend in Charleston, soaking up some final beach weather and yummy eats, and I didn’t get around to finishing my most recent nutrition post! I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend.

Here are some pictures..

Charleston weekend Charleston weekend Charleston weekend Charleston weekendCharleston weekend

Sorry for that sensory overload.

I figured it was time to check in with my marathon training. While I still have about 8 weeks left of training, I’m having fun learning more about myself, my preferences, and what is and isn’t working for me. And, why not share these wonderful thoughts and epiphanies with you all.

Well…I don’t hate running yet….Actually, this training cycle has been really fun. I think getting tired is natural with the higher distances, but I’m really enjoying it.

Cold bowls are my best friend

Smoothie bowls and ice cream are necessities right now. The body wants what the body wants. Cold and sweet.

Smoothie Bowl ice cream bowlice cream

I have NUUN every day

Love these little guys and it’s so important to not just rehydrate with water! Electrolytes are essential (More info here).

And also, they have great flavors and sometimes water gets boringggg. We all know.


Speedwork isn’t that bad

Actually, I look forward to my weekly speed sessions. While I didn’t love the week of 800’s, I’ve loved the tempos, negative splits, and pyramid workouts. I feel the benefits shortly after in my subsequent runs and feel I can keep a quicker pace without putting as much effort in. So far, my body has adjusted to speedwork pretty well.

speedwork, intervals

I’m loving the Mizuno Wave Riders

I’m set on buying a new pair before the race.

I can’t run on an empty stomach 

No way no how. If I’m running in the morning, I need at least an hour for a snack and some coffee. While I’ve read some of the research about being fat adapted for running longer distances, that’s not me right now. I need my carbs. My preference is actually not to run in the morning, but, I think I need to teach my body to do my longer runs in the morning to simulate race day.


I’m overly cautious with my fuel 

Knowing all I know about nutrition and the body, I’m extra cautious about making sure I’m fueling enough. I’ll always have some fuel in my Fitletic belt, even if I don’t use it. Lately, I’ve been loving huma gels. I also had success with yogurt covered raisins during a long run.

marathon training, huma gel

I did not have success with this date with peanut butter before a run. It gave me some bloating and cramps, but now is the time for me to figure these things out, far before the race.

marathon training

My glutes and hamstrings are constantly sore

Sorry to complain <— but so true. When you’re training, you’re always in recovery mode – from a long run or from speedwork. This also reminds me that I need to be more consistent with foam rolling.

I hate running in sleeves

They just get in the way. Tank tops all the way, baby.


Speaking of clothes, I have considered bringing an extra pair of clothes during my long runs to change at the halfway point. I didn’t realize a person could sweat so much.

If I’m not working, I’m either eating or running. Or eating smoothie bowls.

smoothie bowl

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And, my favorite:

You can change your mindset.

I used to be psyched out at the idea of spending 2.5+ hours with my thoughts on a long run. It’s not that bad guys. I think it’s important to break through that mental mindset, and I feel like I’m on the edge of that point. Mind over matter, I suppose.

Thank you to the Running Coaches Corner hosts, Suz,  Rachel, Debbie, and Lora, and Wild Workout Wednesday, hosts AnnMarie, Nicole, Michelle, Jen

Did 26 miles seem less and less insurmountable the deeper into training you got?

Smoothie bowls or ice cream?


48 responses to “Weekend Pictures, Running Eats and Lessons From Marathon Training

  1. You’re really making me consider a half marathon. I’m no where near the mindset of a full one, but a half one I think I could do. I think one of my barriers is thinking I don’t have enough time to put all the training in or longer runs. If other people who work full time can do it, I don’t see why I couldn’t give it a try!
    And yay for ice cream!

    1. I think it’s great to start with a half. It’s still a really long distance but good to work up to! Training does take time, but I use it as a way to catch up on podcasts.

  2. Okay, your food shirt game is SO STRONG. I love them all, especially that quinoa one you have. I recently just decided to not run in the half marathon I am signed up for in October. The running mentality is just not there and I don’t want to push it. I am trying to focus on getting out of this slump!

  3. This reminds me so much of my first marathon training cycle! Nuun all day every day and being very cautious about fuelling. It’s interesting, I definitely find I don’t need as much food during long runs now – I think maybe I’m eating more before and after so that helps too? I also crave cold smoothie bowls post-run!

    Once I did a 20 mile long run, the 26.2 miles still seemed long – like how am I going to want to run another 10 km – but it definitely seemed achievable!

  4. My first marathon training cycle was tough. But when I decided to 2 #2, #3, and #4, I knew what to expect and I actually looked forward to those long slow training runs! Plus you can eat ALL THE ICE CREAM! The hard part is cutting back after the training is over.

    1. Food cravings are a real thing during marathon training. I’m interested to see if/how it changes after. I guess after the first one, things are easier when you know what to expect. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Please don’t take this the wrong way. I love following your blog but sometimes I feel like you go so against the signals of your body. I have heard you talk so many times about trying to push through different signals it’s sending you to relax and when it needs recovery. I know marathon running is a sport and you’re pushing through to train, but do you think that is healthy? Even if you are properly fueling. It seems so normal in today’s world if we are abusing and being disordered with thoughts and behaviors surrounding running if it’s for a marathon. I haven’t wanted to comment because I don’t want to offend you (or anyone else). It just sometimes seems like you’re in agony when I read your posts and I know I’m seeing the best part of it-the yummy eats that you get to fuel with and what not. I love your blogs. Look forward to them.

    1. Hi Dee, I appreciate you sharing and thank you for your honest comment. As I mentioned in the post, I’m really happy with my marathon training and it’s going well. I have made a few adjustments to training, like ramping down my weekly mileage, from listening to my body, and taking more days to cross train. I agree with you that it’s important to listen to our bodies.

  6. Honestly, I could not believe that I could run 26.2 miles until I actually did it hahahahaha
    What works for me on long runs is dried figs

  7. I just can’t really imagine it. Running for 2.5 hours. I think i’m okay with knowing it will never be something I do. I can, however, understand the excitement and feeling of accomplishment you must get through the training process, and Im sure the actual act itself can be really… therapeutic.. in a sense. Definitely gives you some good time to get to know yourself!

    1. After running for 10 years, I guess I’m used to long runs, though these are just a bit longer. I think it provides a sense of calmness and clear headedness for me that yoga or meditation provides for others. Definitely therapeutic!

  8. Yes to all of these things. I feel like I spent half my day eating when I was marathon training– especially ALL the ice cream. I remember when I first started marathon training, I dreaded the long runs, but then I remembered how much I love running and started thinking of the fact that I “get” to run, and I was so much happier and enjoyed the runs a lot more.

  9. OMG I hate workout out in sleeves. As a soccer player our uniforms are always baggy and the sleeves hang to my elbows. DRIVES ME BONKERS! Im always pulling them up. I would so cut them off if I could! haha

  10. So much to say about this!
    First that brunch shirt you have is amazing. And that brunch you ate, oh my!
    NUUN and Mizuno shoes are the best. Now I just need to get you in Pro Compression socks and we’ll really be twinning!
    The soreness never goes away, that’s soooo true. Epsom salt baths are a life saver.

  11. It’s so true that you can change your mindset about running; I love hearing that this training cycle has been so much fun for you. I really hope someday that my body can be healed enough to do another long race, because I love the long morning training and runs. It’s also fun thinking up huge smoothie combos afterwards. 🙂 And I love that you are experimenting with different fuels now; that’s always smart to do it before race day. I don’t think you’re being overly cautious. And I totally agree with you that when you’re not running for marathon training, eating and sleeping and resting take up a lot of the other time.

  12. It sounds like your training is going so well! I also hate running in short sleeves. I pretty much go from tank tops to long sleeved t-shirts once it gets cooler out.
    I love both smoothie bowls and ice cream, but ice cream is definitely a treat for later in the day while a smoothie can be post-run or for a snack.

  13. smoothie bowls or ice cream? Too hard to pick- I love them both!

    Sounds like you are handling training so well girl, so go you!!

    Also love that brunch so hard shirt. Breakfast/brunch is my fav so I neeeeed that!

  14. I have at least 1 Nuun every single day–during my marathon training I’d seriously drink grape Nuun out of a wine glass just to feel a little fancy haha!

    For me when I ran 20 miles for the first time I felt so much better about going the full 26.2. I actually ran 20 miles 5 times and 22 miles once just to drill it into my head that I could finish the whole race!

  15. I’m totally digging Huma as well. My friend doesn’t really like it. I like it better than any other gel because I don’t gag when I eat it! Other gels seem to thick for me to handle.

  16. Those smoothie bowls look sooo yummy! I love Huma Gels also, they are so good and don’t give me issues on a run.
    Marathon training is definitely a lot of trying out this and that, especially for your first 26.2. I tend to do well with a Vega bar before a long run and then gels/chews as well as a Bonk Breaker and possibly pretzels during the run. I need to carry more than just gels and chews as I tend to want something that seems more like food. Bonk Breaker bars are definitely good nutrition-wise too.
    As far as the miles go, you will get more comfortable with the really longer mileage the more you do it. It’s never “easy’ necessarily, but I’ve learned that it doesn’t seem as bad after you’ve done runs in the 20s a bit. For me, I run up to 26 miles in training which makes me more confident even after 5 marathons now. How far are you going in your training?

    1. I think I may get to that point where I can’t stomach gels any more once my runs get to 20 miles and above. So far, my longest has been 16 miles. Thank you so much for sharing, Shannon!

  17. I love all of this! I’m training for my first marathon right now, so I can totally relate! I have heard about Nuun and how people love it but I haven’t tried it yet! My calves and shins are making me grumpy lately so I need to increase my foam rolling too! All of your food looks amazing…makes me want to take another trip to Charleston!

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