Life Lately and Marathon Training Updates

  Jun 26, 2016  |  #Charlotte

Hi there!

I hope you had a great weekend! 80% of our weekend consisted of packing. We have boxes everywhere in our house right now, but for good reason! We close on our new house in less than two weeks so we needed to get work done! I also feel so relieved that we’ve been able to throw out so many unnecessary things, donate bags upon bags to Goodwill, including old kitchen appliances and plate sets, and get organized. I will be a happy camper once this move is over and we are all unpacked.

In between the chaos, we went to the White Water Center for an evening trail run on Saturday night. I love running on trails. It’s so much easier for me to just get lost in my head and thoughts, and focus less on the time remaining, but just enjoy the beauty around me.

trail running, life lately

There was also live music playing for River Jam, so we hung out for a little bit after the run.

White Water Center, life lately

Marathon Training:

I’m starting to slowly up my mileage. Coach Ed has me running three consecutive days (Tues, Wed, Thurs), then a day off (Fri), in which I usually do yoga, streching. Then I’ll run both weekend days, followed by a day off (Monday). For the most part, I like the system, except this weekend I was completely exhausted. Since we ran our longer run on Saturday night, I was pretty exhausted doing my second longer run Sunday morning. I definitely can’t do back to back long runs with that little recovery, so that was a lesson learned. I spent the rest of Sunday foam rolling and icing like crazy to nurture my body.


Life is crazy right now with our upcoming move. I’ll spare you the photos of the mess we are currently living in, but it’s a beautiful mess 🙂

We’re heading up to Rhode Island for the 4th of July to visit friends and family. We will be on Block Island, which is such a patriotic place to spend the holiday. They do a fabulous parade, and we usually have a brunch on a hotel balcony overlooking the parade with cousins and aunts and uncles. I didn’t make it to Block Island last summer because i was doing my clinical rotations for my internship here in Charlotte, and then we got married, so I’m really looking forward to being reunited this year!  This is from a few years ago.


That being said, the posting on the blog may be a little less frequent in the upcoming weeks. I don’t want to sacrifice vacation time with friends and family, or sightseeing opportunities. I’ll plan to share recaps of my adventures through Instagram and on the blog at a later date!

Last week, I got to go to a food photography class hosted by Charlotte Food Bloggers, where we took pictures of lovely things like this charcuterie board. I think I’m slowly getting the hang of DSLR cameras but I still have a long way to go!


I did get to spend a day on Lake Norman celebrating my friend’s birthday! And we had donuts from Duck Donuts for the trip – what makes boating and sunshine any better?


lake norman

Recent Eats:

These Red Grouper Tacos from 131 Main were everything I had hoped they would be. I think fish tacos are so summery, and I pretty much order them anytime I have the opportunity, which is interesting, because years ago when I was first introduced to fish tacos in Blacksburg at Cabo Fish Taco, I thought it was the weirdest idea that did not sound the least bit appetizing. But, that was before I developed a true appreciation for food.

fish tacos

This Sweet Potato Berry Smoothie Bowl from Victoria over at diehaRD foodie hit the spot after a hot run! This was meant to be a snack but turned out to keep me full for a few hours, thanks to the wonderful toppings. I added hemp seeds, sunflower seeds, coconut maple cinnamon granola, banana, cocoa nibs (affiliate link) and peanut butter. PS – did you know that 1 oz of cocao nibs gives you 9 grams of fiber and tons of healthy fats?! Cheers to chocolate.

smoothie bowl

A quiche that I ended up eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Don’t you love meals that are so versatile?


I’m linking up with Hoho Runs and Tricia for the weekly wrap! How was your weekend?

Do you have any summer trips planned?

Do you like fish tacos?


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36 responses to “Life Lately and Marathon Training Updates

  1. I need to move if nothing but to get rid of some junk! Then I could move back, lol.
    I think I’m still in the boat you were in about the fish tacos. I need to bite the bullet and try them…
    Whao that smoothie bowl looks wonderful and would be awesome after a run! Thanks for linking up, we’re headed to the beach for July 4th Weekend and I see a few pina coladas in my future!

  2. Love me some tacos! Of any kind! I’m a little picky about fish tacos though. I don’t like fried fish. I feel like it makes the taco too heavy. But a fresh or blackened fish. Mmm. Mouth watering.

    Also, heart eye emojis at that charcuterie board.

  3. hahaha, I’m with you on the beautiful mess thing right now. I hate moving. ;_; A food photography class sounds like a lot of fun–I want an awesome fancy camera someday! 😛

    That sweet potato smoothie bowl looks and sounds amazingggg. *-*

  4. Fish and shrimp tacos are my absolute favorite right now! And always too:) Ahh that’s so exciting about your move! And your vacation sounds like a lot of fun too. I have a trip to Portland and possibly Denver in the works for the end of summer/early fall which I’m super excited for!

  5. yayyy! i’m glad i’m not the only blogger who is feeling the pressure of posting and enjoying summer to it’s fullest! that chacuterie board looks delicious and your photography is already great! it took me like 15 months to really figure out the best way to use my DSLR. I’m sure you’ll be able to figure it out in 1% of that time haha.

  6. Woah, how did I miss that you were moving? Moving is CRAZY! It almost felt like we were moving this last 2 weeks, because we were getting our floors re-finished, so we had to move all the furniture off and then move it back onto the floor. And trail runs are AMAZING! The first one I went on I fell about 2 or 3 or 4 times, but once my brother encouraged me to pick up my feet more, I didn’t fall as much. 😀 I haven’t had very many fish tacos, but I would love to try some fresh fish tacos. And you live in the prettiest place! <3

    1. Trail running definitely takes some practice. I’m pretty much always tripping on roots. I haven’t talked about moving too much on the blog but it is approaching quickly! I bet your floors look sparkling now 🙂

  7. Block Island is such a cute and pretty place. That will be so much fun! Sounds like you are doing awesome with marathon training. That smoothie bow looks SO yummy! Same with those fish tacos. Fresh fish in the summer is the besttt 🙂 Happy Monday girl!

  8. I’ve only had fish tacos once and I don’t think they were anything special, but THOSE guys look satisfying. I really need to try them again and get on the fad train..
    So exciting about your move – though a lot of work that’s for sure! I’m glad you’ll have your getaway this weekend to break up the work load and get you away from the mess for a little while. You definitely deserve the getaway and it sounds like it will be a blast!

  9. How exciting about your new home! Will you still be in the same area?
    I’m glad you’re getting some time away with your fam. The Fourth of July has always been family oriented for me too. Can’t wait to follow along.
    I seriously love cacao nibs. I need to restock!

  10. Congrats on your upcoming move! I hate moving, but I love getting organized in a new place. It’s a fresh start! That trail looks beautiful. I could definitely zone out and enjoy the scenery. Sounds like you have a fun weekend coming up! I hope you enjoy all your family time. That’s the best. Oh and I love love love fish tacos! Those look so good! A food photography class sounds like so much fun! I can’t wait to read your recaps of all your adventures! I’ll be following along on Instagram!

  11. I adore fish tacos! Around here they are never served with sour cream. Which unfortunately I also adore!! I know you are excited about your move and getting settled in your new place. Historically I’ve rested on Monday’s and Friday’s too. Lately though 5 days of running is getting too much for my aging body. That trail run looks lovely. Thanks for linking Sarah!

  12. That trail is beautiful and looks like it’s got some nice tree coverage. Congrats on the new house. Yes, moving is such a huge lot of work but once you’re in, it’ll be so nice I am sure! My summer trip this year will be Chicago in July for both a 3 day rock festival and the RnR Half Marathon. I totally used to think fish taco were odd. I never wanted seafood in my Mexican dishes or my Italian dishes. I still won’t do lobster ravioli but I have begun to like fish tacos a bit more now. Everybody’s doin’ it….

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