Nov 10, 2015  |  #Portland

This may be one of those restaurants that is overly hyped – at least in my opinion. They do have an excellent happy hour though, with bountiful menu options. I really appreciate when places offer options on their regular menu for reduced prices during happy hour because it provides a fabulous opportunity for trying them.

Upon walking in and without knowing it, I was greeted by and seated by the manager, David. I appreciated that customer service and do give points for the small details here. I was solo and took a seat at the bar for happy hour. I ordered the $6.00 Bartenders Choice Cocktail, which turned out to be made with with spiced vodka, lime juice, syrup. It was decent but no taste that resonated with me. I was kind of expecting it to be spicer (and hoping) so it didn’t really quench my palate, and it was a sadly small portion.


I started with the open faced sandwich with has cheddar, Apple, and brown butter. This was by far my favorite of what I ordered – Cheesy and salty but sweet from the apple. The Melted cheese over the bread is amazing, with a drizzle of balsamic to add some acidic flavors and really reel in all of your tastebuds. I would eat this every day if I could.

Next, I ordered the pig ear, which was not my favorite. It was too fried for me and too chewy. All I tasted was oil. The combo just didn’t work.  The plate itself was rather boring; there was no presentation to decorate it which made the dish look even more unappealing.

My last happy hour taste tester was the baked eggs, after hearing that they have been a consistent favorite on the menu. It comes with two eggs baked in a skillet with a cream sauce and olives and topped with breadcrumbs. The olives were interesting. While there were bread crumbs on it, I think it would go better with a side of bread toast to dip in the dippy eggs. The baked eggs were a 7/10 for me. Good but not incredible. I think they needed some more herbs and spices for a unique flavor.



The unique options on the menu I still want to try, if I did return are:

  • Carrot hummus and labneh mint, toasted lentils, orange
  • pumpkin cavatelli with gorgonzola dolce, hazelnuts

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