Little Spoon Eatery

  Feb 14, 2016  |  #Charlotte

Little Spoon is a great spot for breakfast, lunch, or what they’re most known for: brunch. It’s in the Selwyn neighborhood, near Mellow Mushrooms, and across from Reid’s and Nolen Kitchen. I absolutely adore the neighborhood, and if you have some time to wait, there are some beautiful houses and neighborhoods to walk around. Selwyn Pub is across the street too.

We arrived at prime brunch time on a Sunday, with no reservation. We sort of expected a bit of a wait, but they do have a neat little app system that texts you how long you’ve been waiting and how much longer you have. The wait went much faster than anticipated and we were able to buy coffees while we waited.

Note: the coffee prices are a bit steep. $3.50 for a regular drip coffee was a little over the norm for me.

Once we were seated, we started out with the cinnamon toast brulee. The cinnamon sugar was nicely caramelized, and we dipped ours in coffee to make it extra enjoyable. (Pro tip: you should do the same).

cinn toast

I had the shashuka for my meal. It was just ok – I tasted alot of spice, but ultimately, I think it still lacked flavor. They do give you ample bread for dipping in the tomato sauce, which I did appreciate.


They have different menus for the weekday and the “freakin’ weekend,” which adds a nice bit of variety. They have unique offerings, like slab bacon, bison/parmesan meatballs, 8 minute cookies with marshmellows and graham crackers, sweet potato hash, and jalapeno egg white brioche. And some yummy sounding cocktails.

Also a neat touch? The coffee cups don’t have handles. Use two hands!


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