Long Runs, Yoga Parties and Homemade Brunch

  Dec 21, 2015  |  #Weekend recap

Hello there. I hope you all had a great weekend! Mine included some long runs, a yoga and cocktail party, a dinner date and lots of good food. Here are the best parts:

13 mile long run with a lookout view.  PS: I ran 45 miles last week! That’s the highest mileage I’ve hit in a while. 

latta lookout

Friday night sweet treats.


My friend is in yoga teacher training and she and some other teachers in training hosted a holiday yoga flow session, followed by cocktails.

yoga party

yoga teachers

It was so fun! It was just what I needed after my long run the day before.



yoga snacks

Dinner date at Carpe Diem. I had the scallops with brussel sprouts and the hubs had the duck confit over pumpkin waffle. His dish won – it was crispy yet fall off the bone amazing! The duck fat was so so tasty and somehow the kale works really well, though I wouldn’t think of adding it to that combo. Good thing we always go halfsies!

duck and waffles


Then, we went driving through neighborhoods to see Christmas lights and we came across this. This is the most impressive house I’ve seen this year. Do you all decorate this hard core?

christmas house

Homemade Sunday Brunch because I was feelin’ it – veggie quiche, gluten free banana chocolate pancakes (recipe to come tomorrow!) and more energy bites. 

sunday brunch

And, then Sunday ended on a high note as both the Patriots and Panthers won. It was a nail biter but the Panthers remain undefeated!



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What’s your go-to at home brunch dish?

Have you seen any insanely decorated houses?

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19 responses to “Long Runs, Yoga Parties and Homemade Brunch

  1. 45 miles is awesome! There are quite a few go-all-out houses in our city. We usually drive around on Christmas night and check them out. Anything made with eggs and cheese is always a favorite. I like to make quiche for supper. Yoga and cocktails sounds very interesting. Thanks for linking with us Sarah. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. 45 miles for the week! That is awesome! How cool was your Yogi party too! I think I’d continue my yogi class if it could be like this each time lol. There are a few houses in our area that go all out for decorations. It’s really neat to see, I can’t imagine how much their power bill is!

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!!

  3. Yoga and cocktails. Seriously – what could be better!? Congrats on your run and making a higher mileage!! And I’m glad you got to enjoy it where there was such a look out – beauty! Those houses just astound me. I wonder if this one flashed on and off to a christmas carol?

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