I love kiwis and weekend recap

  Dec 7, 2015  |  #Weekend recap

Hey guys!

Can I just say I am totally in a kiwi phase right now? They are just so amazing, and full of so many good things! Like fiber, Vitamin C (273% of your recommended daily amount!), Vitamin K (for your blood coagulation), potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and they are a fat-free source of Vitamin E! I need more of them in my life.


And, they are so so pretty on the inside!



I admit, the skin kinda used to freak me out. But now I prefer to just eat them straight up like an apple – the skin has so many nutrients and most of the fiber!  I want to try this and this.  Droooool.

Now that you know all about my love for kiwis, let’s recap the weekend. My weekend was pretty low key and involved lots of coffee, per usual.

anthropologie mugs
New mugs! They are my new initials, although I still have to get around to changing my last name officially. Life goals, post thesis.


PB choc tofu
I made Chocolate, Peanut Butter Tofu. I don’t think my sauce was “saucey” enough so I’ll have to work on that next time, but pretty darn delicious and a great way to hide the tofu texture if that’s not your thing!
Chilly mornings = comfy, running ear warmer! Stylish?


Time glued to my computer, writing my thesis, which I present on THURSDAY. Eeeek! Coffee and snacks necessary.


fig and brie
Fig, brie and arugula sandwich on rosemary bread (+ I added egg, which was a protein bonus) from Sunflour, my fave. Look at that drippy cheeseeeee.


brick oven
Brick. Oven. Pizza. Oh mylanta.

We had a mini pizza party this weekend and celebrated a friend’s birthday! My friend, Deb, has a brick oven, and hosted us for some tasty weekend treats.

mediterranean dip
Ed made this delicious Mediterranean dip. It was a huge hit. We used this recipe.

All of the pizzas came out so good! We had a balsamic roasted apple one, with caramelized onions, mushrooms and blue cheese (my favorite!), a potato pizza with red onions and a spicy chipotle drizzle, a meat lovers’, and an alfredo cheese with steak, brie and peppers. Naturally, I had one of each. 

4 pizzas

And the hosts let us try some of their home-made wine. Score!


I snapped a picture with the lady of the night – the mind behind the pizzas and the birthday gal.


And, to top the weekend off, we were able to live-stream one of my brother’s live performances. He is in a band in Nashville, so I can’t make many of his shows, unless he is in the Charlotte area. We were able to email in requests, and watch his show live out by the campfire. Perfection.


You should check him out on Youtube, iTunes or spotify! 

I’m joining the Weekly Wrap link-up with HoHo and Tricia, and weekend recap with Katie and Erin. Thank you for hosting, ladies!

weekly wrap


What’s your favorite homemade pizza to make?

How was your weekend?

29 responses to “I love kiwis and weekend recap

  1. I love kiwis, but I haven’t tried to eat the skin. I don’t know if I could get past the hairy texture. Those pizzas look yummy! Good luck presenting your thesis on Thursday! Have a great week!

  2. Wow – so much! First off – you can eat the skins of kiwis!?! and Chocolate Peanut Butter tofu!? You are blowing my mind right now. I can’t believe you rfriend has a brick oven for pizza making – I am beyond jealous. All those pizzas look ridiculous (ly amazing). So awesome you got to see your bro play. This is one truly wonderful aspect of todays’ technology. Good luck presenting your thesis on Thursday!! So soon and then its done!!

  3. Loved my shout out !!! I totally feel famous ::sigh:: my day in the spotlight has finally come!! Favorite type of homemade pizza?? I’m sure I’m still in the process of creating it as new ingredients come across my table. Up to date though I love the balsamic apple and potato chipotle ones we made this weekend mmm mmm good !!

  4. I totally eat the skin- mostly because whenever I try to peel them I basically take out most of the flesh! They are sooo good.
    That sandwich is the REASON I need to go to Sunflour. You had me at brie!

    I know you are going to kick butt at your thesis presentation!

  5. When I read the post title, my thought was Kiwi = someone from New Zealand haha! For some reason, I tend to forget about kiwi fruit. I made a fruit salad last week for a Friendsgiving celebration that included kiwi and it was SO good, though!

  6. Wait, so you eat the skin of the kiwis too?! How is that? I thought the tofu was a dessert thing, but when I clicked on the link she actually ate it with supper, that is really interesting. That sandwich looks so amazing!

  7. I’m with Jessie, I did not know you could eat the peel of a kiwi. Hummm interesting. How cool is that your brother is in a band! I’m going to Nashville in April and can’t wait to run in the RnR but also to be entertained by plenty of music! We were in Memphis this past weekend and had a ball listening to a band play in one of the bars! Spent 2 hours in there so it was that good! Thanks for linking and good luck in winning the $75 gift card. We still have one week left! 🙂 Have a great week!

    1. Yes, it just makes life that much easier! I didn’t realize there was a RnR in April, I may have to join you for that! Live music makes any bar so much better!

  8. Pizza, fire, and tunes… my kind of night for sure!

    I’ll have to try eating the skin of a kiwi now!

  9. I love kiwi but don’t like to peel them. I need to learn to eat the peel/ I didn’t know people did that! How cool your brother is in a band in Nashville. It’s fun to go and listen to the great bands playing on Broadway. That is an awesome song on YouTube! I’m going to check out more of his songs. You can’t have too many ear warmers to run in. Brick oven pizzas sound delicious. I’d visit her house often! I appreciate you linking with us, Sarah! I hope you’ll make it a habit.

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