Luna’s Living Kitchen

  Jan 1, 2016  |  #Charlotte

What a yummy place! The inside is gorgeous; very white, natural light heavy and beautiful wooden tables. Easy to fall in love with. Having spent time in Portland, this is as close as Charlotte comes to the Portlandia, vegan, all natural/organic food trends.

I did not sit at a table; I opted for my salad to go. It was very busy around 2pm on a Saturday afternoon for lunch; always a good sign! Things are pricey, but that is to be expected because they are using such fresh + local ingredients. There’s so much I want to try upon coming back in.

I got the sprout it out salad (sans Brazil nut Parmesan) which was tasty. Avocados are nice and creamy, and the spiralized  root vegetables are a nice compliment. I loved the hemp seed dressing; that was the real winner in my opinion. I love hemp seeds to begin with so creating a dressing with their extra protein is a huge plus.

sprout it out_lunas living kitchensprout 2_lunas living kitchen2

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