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Marathon Reveal and Top 3 Friday

Hey there!

How is it Friday already? This week has completely flown by. I can’t even figure out where it went! On Memorial Day, Ed and I spent the morning at Sunflour Bakery where I ordered this delicious breakfast sandwich.


And then, the rest of the week has been a blur with client meetings, office organization, house papers, starting my marathon training, etc. Exciting but I’m looking forward to having some time to just breathe this weekend. This weekend is Ed’s birthday though, so I’m not sure how much time to breathe I’ll have. We don’t really have much planned, although he requested a homemade lemon meringue pie, so I may be attempting that for the first time..EVER.

This shot popped up on my timehop a few days ago – we celebrated his birthday 5 years ago at Capital Grill. I’m pretty sure we both look the exact same.

Capitol Grill

Anyway, let’s get into the Top 3. 

Top 3 High’s:

Charlotte Knights baseball game to round out Memorial Day weekend. It was a beautiful night!


My running-loving husband officially made my Marathon Training plan. My life is about to change. My cross training days are my rest days – I will not be working out 7 days a week!

I’m running the Savannah Rock ‘n Roll in November, so if you’re in that area, you should come say hi!

marathon training

I am all about these Hemp Hearts! These bad boys arrived. I probably order them off Amazon every other week. I made another batch of my no bake peanut butter cherry trail mix bites so I need lots of Hemp Hearts! Speaking of that recipe, they were featured in this delicious cherry round up in Fitness Magazine!

Summer is totalllly the season for cherries and I need to get my hands on some fresh ones.

hemp hearts

As far as low’s, Ed was out of town all week for work, so things were a little quiet and lonely around here! I don’t think I’ve been drinking enough water, so lesson to myself: Stay hydrated better. I stress this with every single client and I need to do better myself.

nike bottle

I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with blogging. I am participating in the Food Entreprenour Summit, which is providing AMAZING information and so so much useful business knowledge from bloggers.

While it’s giving me so many ideas for the future, at the same time, it’s more information than I can handle right now. It’s fun to think about future ideas, but I have to focus on the present right now, trying to write to you guys consistently, creating more yummy recipes, and working on my BA nutrition counseling skills.

Oh, and planning a trip to Vancouver this summer! NBD. But if you’ve been or have recommendations, please send them my way!

Top 3 Yum’s:

S’mores fondue and cocktails at Crave with some girlfriends (horrible photo quality – it was so dark in there!)

s'mores_fondue s'mores_fondue

Lots of ice cream!


By the way, first time trying coconut ice cream and I’m a huge fan! Especially the large chunks of cookie dough.

coconut milk ice cream

Top 3 Reads: 

I’m so behind on my reads this week, guys. My apologies. I have a lot of catch up to play!

When a Brownie is the Healthiest choice via Delish Knowledge

Please watch this –> It speaks to my fellow RD’s and our challenges.

The important thing you can do with a negative experience via Erin’s Inside Job

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Follow me on snapchat (@thehurdbird) to spend it with me and watch me try to make meringue. I’m already envisioning so many fails.



What screams summer to you? To me, it’s baseball, ice cream, and the smell of sunscreen!

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  1. That coldstone ice cream looks so good! I love so delicious ice cream. You should try the cashew milk snickerdoodle flavor…. it is just amazing! Hope you are enjoying your weekend!!

  2. We have season tix to the Padres, so are all over the baseball. Even if they do suck. LOL!

    I heard the SAV marathon is a fun one! iIt’s a great town. There’s an amazing ice cream place there too – Leopold’s. 🙂

  3. Yay for the Savannah marathon! I have heard it’s a great one. Mornings at Sunfliour are always the best! Crave is such a fun atmosphere and their s’mores fondue is the best! have a great weekend, Sarah!

  4. Im feeling overwhelmed with blogging too–its hard to keep up with everything! Especially when you have your day job too like so many of us have. Lately Im trying not to stress about long term stuff.

    Smore fondue…omg! That looks amazing! You should try cashew milk ice cream. I cant have dairy so ive tried just about all of them, Cashew milk is by far the creamiest of non dairy ice cream.

    1. Blogging takes a lot of time, and I really enjoy it overall, but there are definitely ups and downs, like anything. Thanks for the suggestion, I may have to give it a try 🙂

  5. That Food Entrepeneur summit is SO Good, and it is overwhelming to think how big blogging can be, so I’m thankful you reminded me to stay in the present and just be faithful in the little things. And S’mores fondue sounds super yum. That’s really exciting that you’re doing the Rock n’ Roll. I’ve thought that would be a fun one to do.

  6. I am very much looking forward to seeing how this lemon meringue pie adventure turns out – you are a braver woman than I for even giving it a try.
    Vancouver – cool! Wish I wasn’t on the other side of the country 🙁
    Man I just had cool whip on a dessert that was given to me last week – that stuff is so good. My brother and I used to just eat it out of the tub.
    Oh and I hear you on getting overwhelmed with blog stuff. I think its great, and most important, that you know you need to just focus on the present first and the other long term goals will come.
    Have a wonderful weekend lady!

    1. Eating cool whip out of the carton is the only way I know. Focusing on the present takes so much of the pressure off, it’s something I’m working diligently on.

  7. Omg, you would be coming up to Canada?! Yay!! I’ve never been to Vancouver but I’m supposed to be going next summer so I’ll get to check that off my list too!
    How you can train 7 days a week is beyond me, could you send some motivation this way?? :p
    You’re quite the busy woman, I’m sure you will all balance it out, don’t feel too stressed!

    1. I will NOT be training 7 days a week, ha. My body needs rest. I’m getting better and better with balance with time. And I am soooo excited to come to Canada!

  8. Totally understand you with feeling overwhelmed with blogging sometimes… No wonder people have it as their full time job! When you’re less busy I hope we can catch up- I’m super inteested to hear about your job.
    S’mores fondue sound like a fun experiment… And yes to cool whip!